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Out of the Park 20 Review - Scouting the Stats

Out of the Park is the best simulation baseball game out there each and every year. It gets critical acclaim from everyone who reviews it and it is always improving. You can read how great the game is anywhere. You can't find analysis like I do with prospects.

It has been years since I've really torn into the game with analysis. I decided to do something a little different than a standard review this year.
What I did was ran a 5-year simulation. I exported the stats after the 2023 season and ran an analysis on them. I also ran the same analysis on the 2018 stats in the game for a control set.

I broke down the data by year of birth and position. I ranked them based on a proprietary formula which gives each player a 20-80 score. That is the "O" column. The % column is a percetage of likelihood the player will make it to the majors based on his skillset and similarly productive players. The "P" column is the players skillset. I did not print this portion, as i…