Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Sleepers

These are players I really expect to have good seasons and break out. Some have recieved praise from other outlets, some have received none but these are guys I think will jump up this year.

Name POS Pro Team
Oscar De La Cruz RHP Cubs
Dinelson Lamet RHP Padres
Adonis Medina RHP Phillies
Peter Fairbanks RHP Rangers
Bryan Hudson LHP Cubs
Genesis Cabrera LHP Rays
Pabel Manzanero C Reds
Corey Zangari 1B White Sox
Miguel Flames 1B Yankees
Jonathan Arauz 2B Astros
Kenny Hernandez 3B Mets
Francisco Medina SS Giants
Ivan Castillo SS Indians
Adrian Rondon SS Rays
Ricky Aracena SS Royals
Estevan Florial OF Yankees
Ronald Acuna OF Braves
Randy Ventura OF Braves
Wadye Ynfante OF Cardinals
Ryan McKenna OF Orioles
Randhi Balcazar OF Rays
Lamonte Wade OF Twins
Jhonny Rodriguez OF Athletics

Others I think will break out...some are rated high by other outlets.

Franklin Perez RHP Astros
Agapito Barrios RHP Astros
Dakota Chalmers RHP Athletics
Anthony Guardado RHP Braves
Franyel Casadilla RHP Cardinals
Wei-Chieh Huang  RHP Diamondbacks
Tommy Bergjans RHP Dodgers
Matt Milroy RHP Marlins
Lazaro Leyva RHP Orioles
Enyel De Los Santos RHP Padres
Emmanuel Ramirez RHP Padres
Yeudy Garcia RHP Pirates
Brandon Koch RHP Rays
Javier Medina RHP Rockies
Victor Diaz RHP Brewers
Pedro Avila RHP Nationals
DeMarcus Evans RHP Rangers
Jake Drossner LHP Brewers
Darren Shred LHP Reds
Josh Rogers LHP Yankees
Dalton Blumenfeld C Angels
Ismerling Mota C Mariners
Lenin Rodriguez C Phillies
Keibert Ruiz C Dodgers
Gersel Pitre C Dodgers
Juan Uriarte C Mets
Angel Molina 1B Angels
Tyrone Perry 1B Brewers
Curtis Terry 1B Rangers
Devin Davis 1B Rays
Roberto Ramos 1B Rockies
Eliezer Alvarez 2B Cardinals
Kristian Trompiz 2B Astros
Luis Rengifo 2B Mariners
Alejo Lopez 2B Reds
Gilbert Lara 3B Brewers
Dermis Garcia 3B Yankees
Nelson Gomez 3B Yankees
Jose Brizuela 3B Athletics
Rafael Mejia 3B Cubs
Kevin Vicuna SS Blue Jays
Ignacio Otano SS Brewers
Jermaine Palacios SS Twins
Amado Nunez SS White Sox
Hyo-Jun Park SS Yankees
Leonardo Rivas SS Angels
Moises Perez SS Dodgers
Daniel Brito SS Phillies
Mylz Jones SS Rockies
Yeltsin Encarnacion SS Twins
Jahmai Jones OF Angels
Kyle Survance OF Angels
Brayan Hernandez OF Mariners
Juan Evangelista OF Nationals
Carlos Machado OF Astros
Beicker Mendoza OF Giants
Ranfy Adon OF Mets
Edwin Ventura OF Nationals
Miles Gordon OF Reds
Juan De Leon OF Yankees
Jonathan Amundaray OF Yankees
Frederick Cuevas OF Yankees

Out of the Park Baseball 17

OOTP17 is a phenomenal game. The best baseball sim available.

I have been playing OOTP since OOTP 13 and each and every year, the game gets better and better.

This year, the visual improvements are apparent. The fact they now have MiLB teams in the game gives it another layer of authenticity. The biggest improvement in my eyes is the addition of historical minor leaguers. I haven't dug too deep into it, but being able to play with minor leaguers in the early 1990's is fantastic. It's what I grew up paying attention to, so being able to go back and play through this era with real players from top to bottom is great.

I haven't put a ton of time into the game yet but what I'm playing is the GM of the Colorado Rockies as a startup franchise. From Chipper Jones, taken in the amateur draft, down to late round expansion pick, Bernardo Brito, the game excites me. It'll be fun to see if Brito can accomplish more in my OOTP franchise than he did in real life. I was always impressed by his power potential when he was a Twins prospect.

I love OOTP and highly recommend it to anyone. If I didn't have as much going on as I do, I could see spending 100's of hours playing it.

The learning curve for the game is steep. That is it's biggest downfall but when a game is so in-depth, it is hard to make everything easy to get to.