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Current Follow list for 2016-2018 drafts

I haven't put in the time to rank these guys yet, but I have culled down my enormous draft database to this. These are the top prospects that are currently worth drafting, in my opinion, over the next three years. I will continue to add to my spreadsheet and post updates as we lead up to the draft. I intend to rate these guys similar to how I have the minor league guys rated. This is very preliminary but I've broken it down by draft year, region, college or HS and then by position.
It is just a big list right now, not much more than just names but it's a start.

Here is a spreadsheet if you want to sort it differently.

Updated Prospect Lists - Version 2

Every year I do prospect lists but only post once, usually. Well, I am trying to add transparency to my process. The first run thru was off the cuff. I went thru using just stats and what I had in my head. This update shows the new information I have taken in since the last update as well as further documenting each players value. I am sure I have a lot of these guys off from even what I think. Some have had improvements that I am unaware of. I don't talk to many scouts and I put in less time this year than past seasons, mostly because I don't have the time. This at least shows how I do what I do. I will have another update in another month or so, I think.