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2015 top prospect lists: version 1

I have not spent a lot of time on these but I have been asked a few times about my prospect lists for this off-season. I may have some far too low. I may have missed some guys. Prospect lists are no longer a priority for me but I wanted to still give insight as to who I like. I know if I'd look this over tomorrow, I'd change a bunch of them in small ways. I may update them later this winter and into spring but for now, this is how it stands.

Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Joe Gatto P Angels
2 Victor Alcantara P Angels
3 Taylor Ward C Angels
4 Jahmai Jones OF Angels
5 Greg Mahle P Angels
6 Trevor Gott P Angels
7 Nate Smith P Angels
8 Kyle Kubitza 3B Angels
9 Natanael Delgado OF Angels
9 Roberto Baldoquin SS Angels
10 Julio Garcia SS Angels
11 Hunter Green P Angels
13 Jared Foster OF Angels
14 Brendon Sanger OF Angels
15 Jonah Wesely P Angels
16 Kaleb Cowart 3B Angels
17 Harrison Cooney P Angels
17 Grayson Long P Angels
18 Alex Yarbrough 2B Angels
19 Jake Jewell P Angels
20 Kody Eaves 2B Angels
22 Jeremy Mcbryde P Angels
22 Tyler Deloach P Angels
22 Jeremy Rhoades P Angels
22 Kyle Mcgowin P Angels
22 Jose Suarez P Angels
22 Dalton Blumenfeld C Angels
23 Christopher O'Grady P Angels
23 Austin Robichaux P Angels
24 Edward Santos P Angels
24 Angel Molina 1B Angels
25 Drew Rucinski P Angels
25 Kurt Spomer P Angels
26 Danny Reynolds P Angels
26 Joey Krehbiel P Angels
27 Caleb Adams OF Angels
28 Eduar Lopez P Angels
29 David Fletcher SS Angels
30 Leonardo Rivas OF Angels
31 Franklin Torres 2B Angels
32 Erick Salcedo SS Angels
33 Todd Cunningham OF Angels
37 Austin Adams P Angels
39 Eduardo Paredes P Angels
40 Gabriel Santana 1B Angels
40 Tanner Lubach C Angels
40 Garrett Nuss P Angels
41 Sherman Johnson 2B Angels
42 Kyle Survance Jr OF Angels
44 Keynan Middleton P Angels
45 Jeans Flores C Angels
46 Gleyvin Pineda SS Angels
47 Darlyn Mota 3B Angels
48 Miguel Hermosillo OF Angels
49 Johan Sala OF Angels
50 Yefry Santana OF Angels
51 Ayendy Perez OF Angels
52 Carlos Perez DH Angels
53 Crusito Mieses P Angels
54 Cal Towey OF Angels
55 Eric Stamets SS Angels
56 Chad Hinshaw OF Angels
57 Jared Ruxer P Angels
58 Angel Rosa SS Angels
59 Michael Fish OF Angels
60 Jake Yacinich 2B Angels
61 Argenis Diaz OF Angels
62 Deyvi Castillo OF Angels
63 Chris Curley 1B Angels
64 Pedro Ruiz 3B Angels
65 Kenny Towns 3B Angels
66 Bo Way OF Angels
67 Andres Heredia P Angels
68 Brian Hernandez 1B Angels
69 Eric Aguilera 1B Angels
70 Zach Wright C Angels
72 Kramer Sneed P Angels
73 Wade Hinkle 1B Angels
74 Andrew Daniel 2B Angels
75 Zach Houchins 3B Angels
76 Kevin Johnson P Angels
77 Ryan Seiz 1B Angels
78 Alex Abbott OF Angels
79 Junior Pedie OF Angels
80 Alan Busenitz P Angels
81 Jordan Kipper P Angels
82 Ricky Martinez OF Angels
83 Michael Snyder 1B Angels
84 Mark Shannon OF Angels
85 Fran Whitten 1B Angels
86 Keinner Pina 1B Angels
87 Hutton Moyer 2B Angels
88 Adam Hofacket P Angels
89 Tim Arakawa 2B Angels
90 Jimmy Barnes OF Angels
91 Nathan Bertness P Angels
92 Nathan Bates P Angels
93 Samuel Pastrone P Angels
94 Travis Herrin P Angels
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Alex Bregman SS Astros
2 Daz Cameron OF Astros
3 Kyle Tucker OF Astros
4 Francis Martes P Astros
5 A.J. Reed 1B Astros
6 Derek Fisher OF Astros
7 Riley Ferrell P Astros
8 Mark Appel P Astros
9 Michael Feliz P Astros
10 Joe Musgrove P Astros
11 J.D. Davis 3B Astros
12 Tony Kemp OF Astros
13 Colin Moran 3B Astros
14 Thomas Eshelman P Astros
15 Miguelangel Sierra SS Astros
16 Brady Rodgers P Astros
17 Akeem Bostick P Astros
18 Jason Martin OF Astros
19 Franklin Perez P Astros
20 Christopher Lee P Astros
20 Danry Vasquez OF Astros
21 Trent Thornton P Astros
22 Bryan Radziewski P Astros
23 Kevin Martir C Astros
24 Michael Freeman P Astros
25 Devonte German P Astros
26 Reymin Guduan P Astros
27 Teoscar Hernandez OF Astros
28 Chris Devenski P Astros
29 David Paulino P Astros
30 Asher Wojciechowski P Astros
30 Brian Holmes P Astros
31 Patrick Sandoval P Astros
32 Nolan Fontana 2B Astros
33 Andrew Aplin OF Astros
34 Jandel Gustave P Astros
35 Brandon Benavente C Astros
36 Tyler Heineman C Astros
37 KYLE SMITH P Astros
38 Brock Dykxhoorn P Astros
40 Carlos Machado OF Astros
41 Tyler White 1B Astros
42 Kevin Comer P Astros
44 Kevin Mccanna P Astros
45 Johnny Sewald OF Astros
46 Ozziel Sanchez-Galan 2B Astros
47 Joan Mauricio SS Astros
48 Austin Nicely P Astros
49 Kent Emanuel P Astros
50 James Ramsay OF Astros
51 Austin Wates OF Astros
52 Andy Pineda OF Astros
53 Bobby Wernes 3B Astros
54 Garrett Stubbs C Astros
55 Ronny Rafael OF Astros
56 Conrad Gregor 1B Astros
57 Kristian Trompiz SS Astros
58 Roberto Pena C Astros
59 Leo Heras OF Astros
60 Wilson Amador OF Astros
61 James Hoyt P Astros
62 Gonzalo Sanudo P Astros
63 Juan Minaya P Astros
64 Kyle Westwood P Astros
65 Joe Sclafani 2B Astros
66 Telvin Nash DH Astros
67 Nestor Tejada OF Astros
68 Thomas Shirley P Astros
69 Oscar Campos C Astros
70 Nick Tanielu 3B Astros
71 Felix Lucas 1B Astros
72 Dean Deetz P Astros
73 Jake Bowey C Astros
74 Anthony Hermelyn C Astros
75 Nestor Muriel OF Astros
76 Zac Person P Astros
77 Scott Weathersby P Astros
78 Matt Bower P Astros
79 Myles Straw OF Astros
80 Brooks Marlow 2B Astros
81 Kolbey Carpenter 2B Astros
82 Ross Seaton P Astros
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Franklin Barreto SS Athletics
2 Matt Olson 1B Athletics
3 Sean Manaea P Athletics
4 Renato Nunez 3B Athletics
5 Matt Chapman 3B Athletics
6 Dillon Overton P Athletics
7 Richie Martin SS Athletics
8 Jacob Nottingham C Athletics
9 Dakota Chalmers P Athletics
10 Chad Pinder SS Athletics
11 Jesus Lopez 2B Athletics
12 Casey Meisner P Athletics
13 Skye Bolt OF Athletics
14 Dylan Covey P Athletics
15 Jaycob Brugman OF Athletics
16 Daniel Mengden P Athletics
17 Bobby Wahl P Athletics
18 Chris Kohler P Athletics
19 Daniel Gossett P Athletics
20 B.J. Boyd OF Athletics
21 Tanner Peters P Athletics
21 Branden Kelliher P Athletics
22 Brett Graves P Athletics
23 Dustin Driver P Athletics
24 Sean Nolin P Athletics
25 Mikey White SS Athletics
26 Rangel Ravelo 1B Athletics
27 Iolana Akau C Athletics
28 Bowdien Derby P Athletics
29 Kevin Duchene P Athletics
30 Trace Loehr 2B Athletics
31 Joey Wendle 2B Athletics
32 Raul Alcantara P Athletics
33 Yairo Munoz SS Athletics
34 R.J. Alvarez P Athletics
35 Ryon Healy 3B Athletics
36 Jose Torres P Athletics
37 Seongmin Kim C Athletics
38 Brett Siddall OF Athletics
39 Branden Cogswell 2B Athletics
41 Sandber Pimentel 1B Athletics
42 Bruce Maxwell C Athletics
43 Aaron Kurcz P Athletics
44 Argenis Raga C Athletics
45 J.P. Sportman OF Athletics
46 Brendan Mccurry P Athletics
47 Jose Rivas C Athletics
48 Jean Carlo Rodriguez OF Athletics
49 Ronald Herrera P Athletics
50 Oscar Tovar P Athletics
51 Koby Gauna P Athletics
52 Kyle Finnegan P Athletics
53 Christopher Jensen P Athletics
54 Tucker Healy P Athletics
55 Edwin Diaz 2B Athletics
56 Carlos Hiciano 2B Athletics
57 Heath Fillmyer P Athletics
58 Jordan Schwartz P Athletics
59 Vicmal De La Cruz OF Athletics
60 Tyler Marincov OF Athletics
61 Kris Hall P Athletics
62 Chris Lamb P Athletics
63 Beau Taylor C Athletics
64 Anthony Aliotti 1B Athletics
65 Seth Frankoff P Athletics
66 Mike Fagan P Athletics
67 Jeff Urlaub P Athletics
68 John Whitaker OF Athletics
69 Matt Stalcup P Athletics
70 Justin Higley OF Athletics
71 Jose Chavez C Athletics
72 Max Kuhn 1B Athletics
73 Jose Brizuela 3B Athletics
74 Luis Barrera OF Athletics
75 Nick Collins C Athletics
76 Boomer Biegalski P Athletics
77 Kyle Friedrichs P Athletics
78 Steven Pallares OF Athletics
79 Jared Lyons P Athletics
80 James Terrell OF Athletics
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Jon Harris P Blue Jays
3 Anthony Alford OF Blue Jays
4 Sean Reid-Foley P Blue Jays
6 Richard Urena SS Blue Jays
7 Rowdy Tellez 1B Blue Jays
8 Connor Greene P Blue Jays
9 Clinton Hollon P Blue Jays
10 Mitch Nay 3B Blue Jays
11 Juan Meza P Blue Jays
12 D.J. Davis OF Blue Jays
13 Ryan Borucki P Blue Jays
14 Dwight Smith OF Blue Jays
15 Matt Smoral P Blue Jays
16 Justin Maese P Blue Jays
17 Matt Dean 1B Blue Jays
18 Thomas Robson P Blue Jays
19 Lane Thomas 2B Blue Jays
20 Travis Bergen P Blue Jays
21 Shane Dawson P Blue Jays
22 Danny Jansen C Blue Jays
23 Carl Wise 3B Blue Jays
24 Reggie Pruitt OF Blue Jays
25 Jose Espada P Blue Jays
26 Evan Smith P Blue Jays
27 Andy Burns 2B Blue Jays
28 Roemon Fields OF Blue Jays
29 Owen Spiwak C Blue Jays
30 John La Prise DH Blue Jays
31 John Stilson P Blue Jays
32 Angel Perdomo P Blue Jays
33 Ryan Mcbroom 1B Blue Jays
34 Norberto Obeso OF Blue Jays
35 Jeremy Gabryszwski P Blue Jays
36 Sterling Guzman 3B Blue Jays
37 Kevin Vicuna SS Blue Jays
38 Yeltsin Gudino SS Blue Jays
39 Yeyfry Del Rosario P Blue Jays
40 Tim Locastro SS Blue Jays
41 Jesus Navarro 2B Blue Jays
42 Antony Fuentes OF Blue Jays
43 Guadalupe Chavez P Blue Jays
44 Jackson Mcclelland P Blue Jays
45 A.J. Jimenez C Blue Jays
46 Justin Shafer P Blue Jays
47 Michael De La Cruz C Blue Jays
48 Christian Lopes 2B Blue Jays
49 Matt Morgan C Blue Jays
50 Gabriel Cenas 1B Blue Jays
51 Dickie Thon 2B Blue Jays
52 Jacob Anderson DH Blue Jays
53 Tyler Ybarra P Blue Jays
54 Taylor Cole P Blue Jays
55 Kevin Nolan 2B Blue Jays
56 Grayson Huffman P Blue Jays
57 Chase Mallard P Blue Jays
58 Derrick Chung C Blue Jays
59 Jack Murphy C Blue Jays
60 Yennsy Diaz P Blue Jays
61 Gunnar Heidt 3B Blue Jays
62 Marcus Knecht OF Blue Jays
63 Wil Browning P Blue Jays
64 John Anderson P Blue Jays
65 Derrick Loveless OF Blue Jays
66 Brady Dragmire P Blue Jays
67 Jimmy Cordero P Blue Jays
68 Freddy Rodriguez OF Blue Jays
69 Daniel Lietz P Blue Jays
70 Carlos Ramirez P Blue Jays
71 Joel Espinal P Blue Jays
72 Jonathon Berti 2B Blue Jays
73 Dan Barnes P Blue Jays
74 Emilio Guerrero 3B Blue Jays
75 Alvaro Galindo P Blue Jays
76 Christian Williams 1B Blue Jays
77 Ryan Hissey C Blue Jays
78 JC Cardenas SS Blue Jays
79 Daniel Young P Blue Jays
80 Connor Panas OF Blue Jays
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Hector Olivera 2B Braves
2 Kolby Allard P Braves
3 Sean Newcomb P Braves
4 Ozhaino Albies SS Braves
5 Chris Ellis P Braves
6 Touki Toussaint P Braves
7 Tyrell Jenkins P Braves
8 Austin Riley 3B Braves
9 MAX FRIED P Braves
10 Lucas Sims P Braves
11 Mike Soroka P Braves
12 Manny Banuelos P Braves
13 Ricardo Sanchez P Braves
14 Rio Ruiz 3B Braves
15 Braxton Davidson OF Braves
16 Carlos Salazar P Braves
17 Zach Bird P Braves
18 Jason Hursh P Braves
19 Randy Ventura OF Braves
20 Mallex Smith OF Braves
21 Alec Grosser P Braves
22 Lucas Herbert C Braves
23 Mauricio Cabrera P Braves
24 Dustin Peterson OF Braves
25 Chad Sobotka P Braves
26 Andrew Thurman P Braves
27 Johan Camargo SS Braves
28 Rob Whalen P Braves
29 Sean Mclaughlin P Braves
30 Wesley Parsons P Braves
31 Matt Withrow P Braves
32 Patrick Weigel P Braves
33 Chase Mullins P Braves
34 John Gant P Braves
35 Jose Briceno C Braves
36 Dan Winkler P Braves
37 Jordan Edgerton 3B Braves
38 Steve Janas P Braves
39 Max Povse P Braves
40 Luke Dykstra 2B Braves
41 Ronald Acuna OF Braves
42 Tanner Murphy C Braves
43 Edward Salcedo OF Braves
44 Evan Phillips P Braves
45 Anthony Guardado P Braves
46 Jaret Hellinger P Braves
47 Gilbert Suarez P Braves
48 Matt Lipka OF Braves
49 Josh Elander OF Braves
50 Collin Yelich C Braves
51 A.J. Minter P Braves
52 Elmer Reyes SS Braves
53 Yean Carlos Gil P Braves
54 Joseph Daris OF Braves
55 Nate Hyatt P Braves
56 Brady Feigl P Braves
57 Dylan Manwaring 3B Braves
58 Ryne Harper P Braves
59 Tyler Brosius P Braves
60 Connor Oliver OF Braves
61 Kyle Kinman P Braves
62 Justin Black OF Braves
63 Bryan De La Rosa C Braves
64 Ian Hagenmiller 1B Braves
65 Josh Graham P Braves
66 Grayson Jones P Braves
67 Taylor Lewis P Braves
68 Trey Keegan C Braves
69 Ryan Clark P Braves
70 Ryan Lawlor P Braves
71 Stephen Moore P Braves
72 Taylor Cockrell P Braves
73 Justin Ellison OF Braves
74 Robert Nesovic 1B Braves
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Orlando Arcia SS Brewers
2 Brett Phillips OF Brewers
3 Trent Clark OF Brewers
4 Tyrone Taylor OF Brewers
5 Gilbert Lara SS Brewers
6 Clint Coulter OF Brewers
7 Devin Williams P Brewers
8 Nathan Kirby P Brewers
9 Cody Ponce P Brewers
10 Kodi Medeiros P Brewers
11 Monte Harrison OF Brewers
12 Demi Orimoloye OF Brewers
13 Jacob Gatewood SS Brewers
14 Jorge Lopez P Brewers
15 Yadiel Rivera SS Brewers
16 Michael Reed OF Brewers
17 Zach Davies P Brewers
18 Victor Roache OF Brewers
19 Kyle Wren OF Brewers
20 Marcos Diplan P Brewers
22 Miguel Diaz P Brewers
23 George Iskenderian 2B Brewers
24 Josh Hader P Brewers
25 Tyler Wagner P Brewers
26 David Burkhalter P Brewers
27 Brandon Woodruff P Brewers
28 Joantgel Segovia OF Brewers
29 Troy Stokes OF Brewers
30 Hobbs Johnson P Brewers
31 Nicolas Pierre OF Brewers
32 Adrian Houser P Brewers
33 Jake Drossner P Brewers
34 David Goforth P Brewers
35 Tyler Cravy P Brewers
36 Andrew Gagnon P Brewers
37 Omar Garcia OF Brewers
38 Cameron Garfield C Brewers
39 Ignacio Otano SS Brewers
40 Franly Mallen 2B Brewers
41 Tyrone Perry 1B Brewers
42 Jose Cuas 3B Brewers
43 David Lucroy P Brewers
44 Eric Hanhold P Brewers
45 Tyler Alexander P Brewers
46 Nick Delmonico 3B Brewers
47 David Denson 1B Brewers
48 Blake Allemand 2B Brewers
49 Drake Owenby P Brewers
50 Jed Bradley P Brewers
51 Damien Magnifico P Brewers
52 Kaleb Earls P Brewers
53 Victor Diaz P Brewers
54 Jacob Barnes P Brewers
55 J.B. Kole P Brewers
56 Nash Walters P Brewers
57 Nate Griep P Brewers
58 Tucker Neuhaus 2B Brewers
59 Hunter Morris 1B Brewers
60 Mike Strong P Brewers
61 Jordan Yamamoto P Brewers
62 Carlos Belonis OF Brewers
63 Caleb Smith P Brewers
64 Brooks Hall P Brewers
65 Cy Sneed P Brewers
66 Angel Ortega SS Brewers
67 Steven Halcomb 2B Brewers
68 Gregory Munoz 2B Brewers
69 Brent Suter P Brewers
70 Austin Ross P Brewers
71 Clint Terry P Brewers
72 Adam Weisenburger C Brewers
73 Christopher Mcfarland 2B Brewers
74 Nick Ramirez 1B Brewers
75 Michael Ratterree OF Brewers
76 Eric Marzec P Brewers
77 Garrett Cooper 1B Brewers
78 Casey Medlen P Brewers
79 Shawn Zarraga C Brewers
80 Rafael Neda C Brewers
81 Zach Hirsch P Brewers
82 Greg Mccall C Brewers
83 Parker Berberet C Brewers
84 Mark Williams P Brewers
85 Tanner Poppe P Brewers
86 Manuel Barreda P Brewers
87 Stephen Peterson P Brewers
88 Harvey Martin P Brewers
89 James Gainey P Brewers
90 Mitch Meyer OF Brewers
91 Tristan Archer P Brewers
92 Trevor Seidenberger P Brewers
93 Tyler Linehan P Brewers
94 Juan Ortiz 1B Brewers
95 Kentrail Davis OF Brewers
96 Jose Pena OF Brewers
97 Johnathan Davis OF Brewers
98 Nick Shaw 2B Brewers
99 Francisco Castillo OF Brewers
100 Arcenio Leon P Brewers
101 Dustin Demuth 3B Brewers
102 Nathan Orf 2B Brewers
103 Sthervin Matos 3B Brewers
104 Michael Petersen P Brewers
105 Conor Harber P Brewers
106 Karsen Lindell P Brewers
107 Max Mcdowell C Brewers
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Alex Reyes P Cardinals
2 Jack Flaherty P Cardinals
3 Nick Plummer OF Cardinals
4 Marco Gonzales P Cardinals
5 Magneuris Sierra OF Cardinals
6 Charlie Tilson OF Cardinals
7 Edmundo Sosa SS Cardinals
8 Luke Weaver P Cardinals
9 Jake Woodford P Cardinals
10 Bryce Denton 3B Cardinals
11 Harrison Bader OF Cardinals
12 Carson Kelly C Cardinals
13 Tim Cooney P Cardinals
14 Luis Perdomo OF Cardinals
15 Ronnie Williams P Cardinals
16 Paul Dejong 3B Cardinals
17 Patrick Wisdom 3B Cardinals
18 Oscar Mercado SS Cardinals
19 Ian Mckinney P Cardinals
20 Jacob Wilson 3B Cardinals
21 Sam Tuivailala P Cardinals
22 Junior Fernandez P Cardinals
23 Christopher Perry P Cardinals
24 Corey Littrell P Cardinals
25 David Oca P Cardinals
26 Juan Herrera SS Cardinals
27 Breyvic Valera OF Cardinals
28 Malik Collymore OF Cardinals
29 Austin Gomber P Cardinals
30 Greg Garcia SS Cardinals
31 Trey Nielsen P Cardinals
32 Sandy Alcantara P Cardinals
33 Mike Mayers P Cardinals
34 Bryan Dobzanski P Cardinals
35 Aledmys Diaz SS Cardinals
36 Zach Petrick P Cardinals
37 Mike Ohlman C Cardinals
38 Anthony Garcia OF Cardinals
39 Chris Chinea DH Cardinals
40 Ian Oxnevad P Cardinals
41 C.J. Mcelroy OF Cardinals
42 Steve Bean C Cardinals
43 Luis Mateo 2B Cardinals
44 Vaughn Bryan OF Cardinals
45 Mike O'Neill OF Cardinals
46 Rowan Wick OF Cardinals
47 Nick Petree P Cardinals
48 Boone Whiting P Cardinals
49 Lee Stoppelman P Cardinals
50 Andrew Morales P Cardinals
51 Brian O'Keefe C Cardinals
52 Ty Kelly OF Cardinals
53 Luis Cruz P Cardinals
54 Blake Drake OF Cardinals
55 Kurt Heyer P Cardinals
56 Jimmy Reed P Cardinals
57 Kenneth Peoples-Walls OF Cardinals
58 Mariano Llorens P Cardinals
59 Tyler Waldron P Cardinals
60 Darren Seferina 2B Cardinals
61 Mason Katz OF Cardinals
62 Nick Thompson OF Cardinals
63 Bruce Caldwell 2B Cardinals
64 Landon Beck P Cardinals
65 Matt Williams OF Cardinals
66 Starlin Rodriguez OF Cardinals
67 Casey Turgeon 3B Cardinals
68 Eliezer Alvarez 2B Cardinals
69 Chris Rivera C Cardinals
70 Steven Farinaro P Cardinals
71 Jacob Evans P Cardinals
72 Jesse Jenner C Cardinals
73 Craig Aikin OF Cardinals
74 Ryan Helsley P Cardinals
75 Andrew Brodbeck 2B Cardinals
76 Paul Salazar P Cardinals
77 Jacob Schlesener P Cardinals
78 Ryan Mccarvel 1B Cardinals
79 Jordan Hicks P Cardinals
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Gleyber Torres SS Cubs
2 Billy Mckinney OF Cubs
3 Duane Underwood P Cubs
4 Albert Almora OF Cubs
5 Ian Happ OF Cubs
6 Eloy Jimenez OF Cubs
7 Donnie Dewees OF Cubs
8 Mark Zagunis OF Cubs
9 Dylan Cease P Cubs
10 Carl Edwards Jr. P Cubs
11 Pierce Johnson P Cubs
12 Jen-Ho Tseng P Cubs
13 Daniel Vogelbach 1B Cubs
15 Willson Contreras C Cubs
16 Justin Steele P Cubs
17 Jeimer Candelario 3B Cubs
18 Jake Stinnett P Cubs
19 Carson Sands P Cubs
20 Darryl Wilson OF Cubs
21 Bryan Hudson OF Cubs
22 Corey Black P Cubs
23 Christian Villanueva 1B Cubs
24 Victor Caratini C Cubs
25 Rob Zastryzny P Cubs
26 Dave Berg P Cubs
27 Jacob Hannemann OF Cubs
28 Kyle Twomey P Cubs
29 Ryan Kellogg P Cubs
30 Trevor Clifton P Cubs
31 M.T. Minacci P Cubs
32 Kevonte Mitchell OF Cubs
33 Daury Torrez P Cubs
34 Yeiler Peguero SS Cubs
35 Ryan Williams P Cubs
36 Dillon Maples P Cubs
37 Oscar De La Cruz P Cubs
38 Starling Peralta P Cubs
39 James Norwood P Cubs
40 Yovanny Cuevas OF Cubs
41 Juan Paniagua P Cubs
42 Gioskar Amaya 1B Cubs
43 Jordan Brink P Cubs
44 Jhonny Bethencourt 2B Cubs
45 Bijan Rademacher OF Cubs
46 Benjamin Wells P Cubs
47 Fidel Mejia 3B Cubs
48 Chesny Young 2B Cubs
49 Charcer Burks OF Cubs
50 Jeffrey Baez OF Cubs
51 Tyler Skulina P Cubs
52 Preston Morrison P Cubs
53 Tommy Thorpe P Cubs
54 Frandy Delarosa 2B Cubs
55 Jonathan Martinez P Cubs
56 Erick Leal P Cubs
57 Paul Blackburn P Cubs
58 Jeremy Null P Cubs
59 Wander Cabrera P Cubs
60 Armando Rivero P Cubs
61 Erling Moreno P Cubs
62 Stephen Bruno 2B Cubs
63 Barret Loux P Cubs
64 Shawon Dunston OF Cubs
65 Rashad Crawford OF Cubs
66 Trey Martin OF Cubs
67 Carlos Penalver SS Cubs
68 Ariel Ovando P Cubs
69 Zach Hedges P Cubs
70 Zack Cates P Cubs
71 Rubi Silva OF Cubs
72 Scott Frazier P Cubs
73 Andin Diaz P Cubs
74 Daniel Lockhart 2B Cubs
75 Roberto Caro OF Cubs
76 Mark Malave P Cubs
77 Joey Martarano 1B Cubs
78 Vimael Machin 3B Cubs
79 Matt Rose 1B Cubs
80 Kevin Brown OF Cubs
81 Scott Effross P Cubs
82 Craig Brooks P Cubs
83 Tyler Peitzmeier P Cubs
84 P.J. Higgins 2B Cubs
85 Casey Bloomquist P Cubs
86 Kyle Miller P Cubs
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Dansby Swanson SS Diamondbacks
2 Archie Bradley P Diamondbacks
3 Aaron Blair P Diamondbacks
4 Braden Shipley P Diamondbacks
5 Cody Reed P Diamondbacks
6 Marcus Wilson OF Diamondbacks
7 Gabriel Guerrero OF Diamondbacks
8 Alex Young P Diamondbacks
9 Yoan Lopez P Diamondbacks
10 Brandon Drury 2B Diamondbacks
11 Domingo Leyba SS Diamondbacks
12 Peter O'Brien OF Diamondbacks
13 Wei-Chieh Huang P Diamondbacks
14 Jack Reinheimer SS Diamondbacks
15 Stryker Trahan C Diamondbacks
16 Jake Barrett P Diamondbacks
17 Jimmie Sherfy P Diamondbacks
18 Dawel Lugo SS Diamondbacks
19 Sergio Alcantara SS Diamondbacks
20 Jeferson Mejia P Diamondbacks
21 Ryan Burr P Diamondbacks
22 Jose Herrera C Diamondbacks
23 Taylor Clarke P Diamondbacks
24 Brad Keller P Diamondbacks
25 Adam Miller P Diamondbacks
27 Jamie Westbrook 2B Diamondbacks
28 Socrates Brito OF Diamondbacks
29 Mitchell Haniger OF Diamondbacks
30 Isan Diaz SS Diamondbacks
31 Jared Miller P Diamondbacks
32 Yan Sanchez 2B Diamondbacks
33 Anthony Banda P Diamondbacks
34 Victor Reyes OF Diamondbacks
35 Zac Curtis P Diamondbacks
36 Daniel Gibson P Diamondbacks
37 Kevin Munson P Diamondbacks
38 Jose Martinez 3B Diamondbacks
39 Colin Bray OF Diamondbacks
40 Matt Railey OF Diamondbacks
41 Mason Mccullough P Diamondbacks
42 Francis Christy C Diamondbacks
43 Matt Mcphearson OF Diamondbacks
44 Anfernee Benitez P Diamondbacks
45 Juan Araujo OF Diamondbacks
46 Henry Castillo 2B Diamondbacks
47 Fernery Ozuna 2B Diamondbacks
48 Evan Marzilli OF Diamondbacks
49 Grant Heyman OF Diamondbacks
50 Kevin Cron 1B Diamondbacks
51 Elvin Soto C Diamondbacks
52 Andrew Barbosa P Diamondbacks
53 Kal Simmons 2B Diamondbacks
54 Jose Munoz 3B Diamondbacks
55 J.R. Bradley P Diamondbacks
56 Zach Borenstein OF Diamondbacks
57 Chuck Taylor OF Diamondbacks
58 Gerard Hernandez OF Diamondbacks
59 Michael Perez C Diamondbacks
60 Francis Martinez OF Diamondbacks
61 Sean Jamieson 3B Diamondbacks
62 Brent Jones P Diamondbacks
63 Wesley Rodriguez P Diamondbacks
64 Mailon Arroyo 3B Diamondbacks
65 Remy Cordero OF Diamondbacks
66 Cody Wheeler P Diamondbacks
67 Patrick Schuster P Diamondbacks
68 Blake Perry P Diamondbacks
69 Luis Castillo P Diamondbacks
70 Raul Navarro SS Diamondbacks
71 Will Locante P Diamondbacks
72 Yefrey Ramirez P Diamondbacks
73 Ronnie Freeman C Diamondbacks
74 Kaleb Fleck P Diamondbacks
75 Seth Simmons P Diamondbacks
76 Rudy Flores 1B Diamondbacks
77 Tyler Humphreys 3B Diamondbacks
78 Hector Hernandez OF Diamondbacks
79 Kevin Medrano 2B Diamondbacks
80 Dane Mcfarland OF Diamondbacks
81 Kirby Bellow P Diamondbacks
82 Austin Byler 1B Diamondbacks
83 Joey Armstrong OF Diamondbacks
84 Luke Lowery 1B Diamondbacks
85 Breckin Williams P Diamondbacks
86 Tyler Mark P Diamondbacks
87 Pierce Romero P Diamondbacks
88 Zach Hoffpauir OF Diamondbacks
89 Justin Donatella P Diamondbacks
90 Austin Mason P Diamondbacks
91 Adam Miller P Diamondbacks
92 Daniel Comstock 1B Diamondbacks
93 Jake Peevyhouse OF Diamondbacks
94 Quinnton Mack OF Diamondbacks
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Corey Seager SS Dodgers
2 Julio Urias P Dodgers
3 Grant Holmes P Dodgers
4 Alex Verdugo OF Dodgers
5 Jose De Leon P Dodgers
6 Walker Buehler P Dodgers
7 Jose De Leon P Dodgers
8 Jose Peraza 2B Dodgers
9 Cody Bellinger 1B Dodgers
10 Mitch Hansen OF Dodgers
13 Chris Anderson P Dodgers
14 Jharel Cotton P Dodgers
15 Scott Schebler OF Dodgers
16 Zach Lee P Dodgers
17 Austin Barnes C Dodgers
18 Brendon Davis SS Dodgers
19 Chase Dejong P Dodgers
20 Josh Sborz P Dodgers
21 Ross Stripling P Dodgers
22 Jordan Paroubeck OF Dodgers
23 Jacob Scavuzzo OF Dodgers
24 Willie Calhoun 2B Dodgers
25 Greg Harris P Dodgers
26 A.J. Vanegas P Dodgers
27 Garrett Kennedy C Dodgers
28 Logan Crouse P Dodgers
29 Kam Uter P Dodgers
30 Lucas Tirado 2B Dodgers
31 Jared Walker 3B Dodgers
32 Ralston Cash P Dodgers
33 Jairo Pacheco P Dodgers
34 Julian Leon C Dodgers
35 Kyle Farmer 3B Dodgers
36 Leonardo Crawford P Dodgers
37 Joe Wieland P Dodgers
38 Scott Barlow P Dodgers
39 Johan Mieses OF Dodgers
40 Jacob Rhame P Dodgers
41 Josh Ravin P Dodgers
42 Juan Jaime P Dodgers
43 Romer Cuadrado OF Dodgers
44 Devan Ahart OF Dodgers
45 Philip Pfeifer P Dodgers
46 Joey Curletta OF Dodgers
47 Victor Gonzalez P Dodgers
48 Keibert Ruiz C Dodgers
49 MJ Villegas P Dodgers
50 Chris O'Brien C Dodgers
51 Michael Medina OF Dodgers
52 Jarret Martin P Dodgers
53 Spencer Navin C Dodgers
54 Moises Perez SS Dodgers
55 Griff Erickson C Dodgers
56 Brock Stewart P Dodgers
57 Justin Chigbogu 1B Dodgers
58 Gersel Pitre C Dodgers
59 O'Koyea Dickson 1B Dodgers
60 Tyler Ogle 1B Dodgers
61 Noel Cuevas OF Dodgers
62 James Baldwin OF Dodgers
63 Brandon Dixon 2B Dodgers
64 Michael Johnson P Dodgers
65 William Soto P Dodgers
66 Jeremy Rathjen OF Dodgers
67 Ibandel Isabel 1B Dodgers
68 Andrew Sopko P Dodgers
69 Nolan Long P Dodgers
70 Isaac Anderson P Dodgers
71 Edwin Rios 1B Dodgers
72 Michael Boyle P Dodgers
73 Tommy Bergjans P Dodgers
74 Logan Landon OF Dodgers
75 Imani Abdullah P Dodgers
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Tyler Beede P Giants
2 Christian Arroyo SS Giants
3 Kyle Crick P Giants
4 Jalen Miller SS Giants
5 Phil Bickford P Giants
7 Samuel Coonrod P Giants
8 Adalberto Mejia P Giants
9 Mac Marshall P Giants
10 Mac Williamson OF Giants
11 Andrew Suarez P Giants
12 Chris Stratton P Giants
13 Aramis Garcia C Giants
14 Steven Okert P Giants
15 Josh Osich P Giants
16 Chris Shaw 1B Giants
17 Austin Slater 2B Giants
18 Ray Black P Giants
19 Clayton Blackburn P Giants
20 Johneshwy Fargas OF Giants
21 Manuel Geraldo 2B Giants
22 Hunter Cole OF Giants
23 Ty Blach P Giants
24 Ryder Jones 3B Giants
25 Joan Gregorio P Giants
26 Dylan Davis OF Giants
27 Steven Duggar OF Giants
28 Derek Law P Giants
29 C.J. Hinojosa SS Giants
30 Mikey Edie OF Giants
31 Cody Hall P Giants
32 Michael Santos P Giants
33 Mecky Coronado OF Giants
34 Logan Webb P Giants
35 Daniel Slania P Giants
36 Robert Antunez 2B Giants
37 Daniel Carbonell OF Giants
38 Martin Agosta P Giants
39 Joseph Biagini P Giants
40 Chase Johnson P Giants
41 Gustavo Cabrera OF Giants
42 Stetson Woods P Giants
43 Tyler Horan OF Giants
44 Nathanael Javier 3B Giants
45 Eduardo Encinosa P Giants
46 Carlos Diaz P Giants
47 DJ Snelten P Giants
48 Jose Vizcaino 3B Giants
49 Cory Taylor P Giants
50 Tyler Cyr P Giants
51 Domenic Mazza P Giants
52 Jean Angomas OF Giants
53 Brian Ragira 1B Giants
54 Javier Lopez 3B Giants
55 Christopher Johnson P Giants
56 Angel Villalona 1B Giants
57 Kelvin Beltre 2B Giants
58 Alilzon Rodriguez 1B Giants
59 Rodolfo Martinez P Giants
60 Stephen Johnson P Giants
61 Seth Harrison OF Giants
62 Juan Perez 2B Giants
63 Christian Jones P Giants
64 Matthew Gage P Giants
65 Eric Sim P Giants
66 Miguel Gomez 3B Giants
67 Skyler Ewing 1B Giants
68 Pat Young P Giants
69 Kendry Melo P Giants
70 Charles Jones OF Giants
71 Mitch Delfino 3B Giants
72 David Graybill P Giants
73 Matt Pope P Giants
74 Tyler Brown 2B Giants
75 Ronnie Jebavy OF Giants
76 Hector Santiago SS Giants
77 Cody Brickhouse 3B Giants
78 Cameron Avila-Leeper P Giants
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Clint Frazier OF Indians
2 Bradley Zimmer OF Indians
3 Rob Kaminsky P Indians
4 Brady Aiken P Indians
5 Bobby Bradley 1B Indians
6 Triston Mckenzie P Indians
7 Juan Hillman P Indians
8 Tyler Naquin OF Indians
9 Justus Sheffield P Indians
10 Erik Gonzalez SS Indians
11 Francisco Mejia C Indians
12 Mitch Brown P Indians
13 Sam Hentges P Indians
14 Micah Miniard P Indians
15 Mike Papi OF Indians
16 James Ramsey OF Indians
17 Greg Allen OF Indians
18 Adam Plutko P Indians
19 Luis Lugo P Indians
20 Sean Brady P Indians
21 Mark Mathias 2B Indians
22 Luigi Rodriguez OF Indians
23 Nelson Rodriguez 1B Indians
24 Yu-Cheng Chang SS Indians
25 Ivan Castillo SS Indians
26 Tyler Krieger P Indians
27 Mike Clevinger P Indians
28 Claudio Bautista 2B Indians
29 Shawn Morimando P Indians
30 Jesus Aguilar 1B Indians
31 Shawn Armstrong P Indians
32 Yandy Diaz 3B Indians
33 Luke Wakamatsu SS Indians
34 Dorssys Paulino OF Indians
35 Dace Kime P Indians
36 Anthony Santander OF Indians
37 Kieran Lovegrove P Indians
38 Emmanuel Tapia 1B Indians
39 Gabriel Mejia OF Indians
40 Alexis Pantoja 3B Indians
41 Casey Shane P Indians
42 Todd Isaacs OF Indians
43 Ryan Merritt P Indians
44 Thomas Pannone P Indians
45 Cameron Hill P Indians
46 Ben Heller P Indians
47 Willi Castro SS Indians
48 Ronny Rodriguez 1B Indians
49 Dylan Baker P Indians
50 Tony Wolters C Indians
51 Jonas Wyatt P Indians
52 Matt Esparza P Indians
53 Carlos Moncrief OF Indians
54 Silento Sayles OF Indians
55 LeVon Washington OF Indians
56 Eric Haase C Indians
57 Simeon Lucas C Indians
58 Jared Robinson P Indians
59 Julian Merryweather P Indians
60 Joe Colon P Indians
61 Justin Brantley P Indians
62 Leandro Linares P Indians
63 Li-Jen Chu C Indians
64 Bryson Myles OF Indians
65 Paul Hendrix 3B Indians
66 Sicnarf Loopstok C Indians
67 D'vone Mcclure OF Indians
68 Grofi Cruz 3B Indians
69 Daniel Salters C Indians
70 William Strode P Indians
71 Ryan Perez P Indians
72 Ka'Ai Tom OF Indians
73 Nathan Lukes OF Indians
74 Devon Stewart P Indians
75 Anthony Miller 1B Indians
76 Justin Garza P Indians
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Alex Jackson OF Mariners
2 Luiz Gohara P Mariners
3 Edwin Diaz P Mariners
4 Tyler O'Neill OF Mariners
5 Brayan Hernandez OF Mariners
6 Nick Neidert P Mariners
7 D.J. Peterson 1B Mariners
8 Ramon Flores OF Mariners
9 Luis Liberato OF Mariners
10 Tyler Marlette C Mariners
11 Gareth Morgan OF Mariners
12 Austin Wilson OF Mariners
13 Ryan Yarbrough P Mariners
14 Andrew Moore P Mariners
15 Daniel Altavilla P Mariners
16 Patrick Kivlehan OF Mariners
17 Trey Cochran-Gill P Mariners
18 Austin Cousino OF Mariners
19 Braden Bishop OF Mariners
20 Nick Wells P Mariners
21 Jacob Brentz P Mariners
22 Jordy Lara 3B Mariners
23 Ian Miller OF Mariners
24 John Hicks C Mariners
25 Jose Ramirez P Mariners
26 Dylan Thompson P Mariners
27 Tyler Pike P Mariners
28 Christopher Torres SS Mariners
29 Jabari Blash OF Mariners
30 Lukas Schiraldi P Mariners
31 Jio Orozco P Mariners
32 Julius Gaines 2B Mariners
33 David Rollins P Mariners
34 Mayckol Guaipe P Mariners
35 Rayder Ascanio SS Mariners
36 Luis Rengifo 2B Mariners
37 Marvin Gorgas P Mariners
38 Drew Jackson SS Mariners
39 Timmy Lopes 2B Mariners
40 Greifer Andrade 2B Mariners
41 Erick Mejia 2B Mariners
42 Dario Pizzano OF Mariners
43 Lachlan Fontaine 3B Mariners
44 Zack Littell P Mariners
45 Emilio Pagan P Mariners
46 Juan De Paula P Mariners
47 Joseph Rosa 2B Mariners
48 Carlos Herrera P Mariners
49 Dylan Unsworth P Mariners
50 Danny Hultzen P Mariners
51 Daniel Missaki P Mariners
52 Leon Landry OF Mariners
53 Wayne Taylor C Mariners
54 Hersin Martinez OF Mariners
55 Freddy Peralta P Mariners
56 Ismerling Mota C Mariners
57 Ji-man Choi 1B Mariners
58 Julio Morban OF Mariners
59 Stephen Landazuri P Mariners
60 Logan Bawcom P Mariners
61 Tyler Smith 2B Mariners
62 Joe Decarlo 3B Mariners
63 Stephen Kohlscheen P Mariners
64 Jordan Pries P Mariners
65 Guillermo Pimentel OF Mariners
66 Ronald Dominguez P Mariners
67 Jabari Henry OF Mariners
68 Rohn Pierce P Mariners
69 Nick Kiel P Mariners
70 Aaron Barbosa OF Mariners
71 Peter Miller P Mariners
72 Marcus Littlewood C Mariners
73 Tyler Herb P Mariners
74 Mike Dowd C Mariners
75 Daniel Torres C Mariners
76 Matt Anderson P Mariners
77 Matt Brazis P Mariners
78 Johan Quevedo C Mariners
79 Aaron Brooks P Mariners
80 Scott Dececco P Mariners
81 Arby Fields OF Mariners
82 Estarlyn Morales OF Mariners
83 Dan Paolini OF Mariners
84 Zach Shank 2B Mariners
85 Leurys Vargas 1B Mariners
86 Hawtin Buchanan P Mariners
87 Rafael Pineda P Mariners
88 Logan Taylor P Mariners
89 Conner Hale 3B Mariners
90 Dylan Silva P Mariners
91 Kyle Wilcox P Mariners
92 Cody Mobley P Mariners
93 Ryan Uhl 1B Mariners
94 Darin Gillies P Mariners
95 Ricky Eusebio OF Mariners
96 Ryne Inman P Mariners
97 Ljay Newsome P Mariners
98 Matt Walker P Mariners
99 Dalton Kelly 1B Mariners
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Tyler Kolek P Marlins
2 Jarlin Garcia P Marlins
3 Josh Naylor 1B Marlins
4 Brett Lilek P Marlins
5 Kendry Flores P Marlins
6 Stone Garrett OF Marlins
7 Austin Dean OF Marlins
8 Isael Soto OF Marlins
9 Brian Anderson 3B Marlins
10 Avery Romero 2B Marlins
11 Justin Twine SS Marlins
12 J.T. Riddle SS Marlins
13 Cody Poteet P Marlins
14 Colby Suggs P Marlins
15 Austin Brice P Marlins
16 Michael Mader P Marlins
17 Anfernee Seymour SS Marlins
18 Nick Wittgren P Marlins
19 Tomas Telis C Marlins
20 Casey Soltis OF Marlins
21 Miguel Del Pozo P Marlins
22 Jordan Holloway P Marlins
23 Isaiah White OF Marlins
24 K.J. Woods 1B Marlins
25 Andres Villalobos 2B Marlins
26 Brian Ellington P Marlins
27 Ivan Pineyro P Marlins
28 Justin Bohn 2B Marlins
29 Jeff Brigham P Marlins
30 Matt Milroy P Marlins
31 Blake Anderson C Marlins
32 Chris Reed P Marlins
33 Brian Schales 3B Marlins
34 Jorgan Cavanerio P Marlins
35 Humberto Mejia P Marlins
36 Chad James P Marlins
37 Grant Dayton P Marlins
38 Anderson Castro OF Marlins
39 Dillon Peters P Marlins
40 Ben Holmes P Marlins
41 Curt Britt P Marlins
42 John Norwood OF Marlins
43 Victor Araujo P Marlins
44 Austin Nola SS Marlins
45 Jose Lizarraga 1B Marlins
46 Sleyter Soto OF Marlins
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Steven Matz P Mets
2 Amed Rosario SS Mets
3 Dominic Smith 1B Mets
4 Marcos Molina P Mets
5 Brandon Nimmo OF Mets
6 Gavin Cecchini SS Mets
7 Gabriel Ynoa P Mets
8 Akeel Morris P Mets
9 Milton Ramos 2B Mets
10 Desmond Lindsay OF Mets
11 Wulimer Becerra OF Mets
12 Matt Reynolds SS Mets
13 Jhoan Urena 3B Mets
14 Chris Flexen P Mets
15 Robert Gsellman P Mets
16 David Thompson 3B Mets
17 Luis Carpio 2B Mets
18 Kenny Hernandez 3B Mets
19 Dario Alvarez P Mets
20 Ali Sanchez C Mets
21 Thomas Szapucki P Mets
22 Matt Bowman P Mets
23 Eudor Garcia-Pacheco 3B Mets
24 Blake Taylor P Mets
25 LJ Mazzilli 2B Mets
26 Luis Guillorme SS Mets
27 Ivan Wilson OF Mets
28 Jayce Boyd OF Mets
29 Yeffry De Aza SS Mets
30 T.J. Rivera 2B Mets
31 Seth Lugo P Mets
32 Champ Stuart OF Mets
33 Jeff Mcneil 2B Mets
34 Ricardo Cespedes OF Mets
35 Patrick Mazeika C Mets
36 Corey Oswalt P Mets
37 Cesar Puello OF Mets
38 Vicente Lupo OF Mets
39 Luis Mateo P Mets
40 Domingo Tapia P Mets
41 Raphael Ramirez OF Mets
42 Angel Manzanarez 2B Mets
43 Dash Winningham 1B Mets
44 Erik Manoah P Mets
45 Aderlin Rodriguez 1B Mets
46 Matt Koch P Mets
47 David Roseboom P Mets
48 Matthew Oberste 1B Mets
49 Miller Diaz P Mets
50 Andrew Church P Mets
51 Rainy Lara P Mets
52 Jeff Walters P Mets
53 Alfredo Reyes 2B Mets
54 Luis Silva 2B Mets
55 Enmanuel Zabala OF Mets
56 Darin Gorski P Mets
57 Darwin Ramos P Mets
58 Adrian Almeida P Mets
59 Brandon Brosher C Mets
60 Chase Bradford P Mets
61 Josh Prevost P Mets
62 Cory Vaughn OF Mets
63 Colton Plaia C Mets
64 Zack Thornton P Mets
65 Beck Wheeler P Mets
66 Julian Hilario P Mets
67 Timothy Peterson P Mets
68 Luis Ortega 3B Mets
69 Kevin Mcgowan P Mets
70 Ricky Knapp P Mets
71 Paul Paez P Mets
72 Jose Celas P Mets
73 James Duff P Mets
74 Dustin Lawley 3B Mets
75 John Mora OF Mets
76 Kyle Johnson OF Mets
77 Eudy Pina OF Mets
78 Phillip Evans 2B Mets
79 Jared King OF Mets
80 Tomas Nido C Mets
81 Joe Shaw P Mets
82 Vincent Siena 2B Mets
83 Corey Taylor P Mets
84 P.J. Conlon P Mets
85 Witt Haggard P Mets
86 Max Wotell P Mets
87 Chase Ingram P Mets
88 Kevin Kaczmarski OF Mets
89 Jake Simon P Mets
90 Dillon Becker P Mets
91 Sixto Torres P Mets
92 Jordan Humphreys P Mets
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Lucas Giolito P Nationals
2 Trea Turner SS Nationals
3 Reynaldo Lopez P Nationals
4 Victor Robles OF Nationals
5 Erick Fedde P Nationals
6 Wilmer Difo SS Nationals
7 A.J. Cole P Nationals
8 Jakson Reetz C Nationals
9 Andrew Stevenson OF Nationals
10 Austin Voth P Nationals
11 Rhett Wiseman OF Nationals
12 Drew Ward 3B Nationals
13 Anderson Franco 3B Nationals
14 Pedro Severino C Nationals
15 Osvaldo Abreu 2B Nationals
16 Austen Williams P Nationals
17 JUAN SOTO P Nationals
18 Edwin Lora SS Nationals
19 Max Schrock 2B Nationals
20 Rafael Bautista OF Nationals
21 Nick Lee P Nationals
22 Blake Perkins OF Nationals
23 Jefry Rodriguez P Nationals
24 Jake Johansen P Nationals
25 Koda Glover P Nationals
26 Dalton Dulin 2B Nationals
27 Matt Crownover P Nationals
28 Mariano Rivera P Nationals
29 Andrew Lee P Nationals
30 D.K. Carey OF Nationals
31 Drew Vettleson OF Nationals
32 Tony Renda 2B Nationals
33 Brett Mooneyham P Nationals
34 Spencer Kieboom C Nationals
35 Pedro Avila P Nationals
36 Matt Skole 1B Nationals
37 Chris Bostick OF Nationals
38 Brian Goodwin OF Nationals
39 Raudy Read C Nationals
40 Abel De Los Santos P Nationals
41 John Simms P Nationals
42 Robert Benincasa P Nationals
43 Kevin Keyes 1B Nationals
44 Jake Jefferies 2B Nationals
45 Bryan Mejia 2B Nationals
46 Luis Reyes P Nationals
47 Tomas Alastre P Nationals
48 Robbie Dickey P Nationals
49 Matt Purke P Nationals
50 James Yezzo 1B Nationals
51 Jason Martinson 3B Nationals
52 Tyler Moore C Nationals
53 Kelvin Gutierrez 3B Nationals
54 Stephen Perez SS Nationals
55 Drew Van Orden P Nationals
56 Dakota Bacus P Nationals
57 Wander Suero P Nationals
58 David Masters 3B Nationals
59 Narciso Mesa OF Nationals
60 Jeff Gardner OF Nationals
61 Carlos Lopez OF Nationals
62 Juan Evangelista OF Nationals
63 Austin Davidson 3B Nationals
64 Derek Self P Nationals
65 Isaac Ballou OF Nationals
66 Edwin Ventura OF Nationals
67 John Wooten 1B Nationals
68 Estarlin Martinez OF Nationals
69 Brandon Miller OF Nationals
70 Luis Guzman OF Nationals
71 Shawn Pleffner 1B Nationals
72 Oliver Ortiz 1B Nationals
73 Cody Gunter P Nationals
74 Luis Torres P Nationals
75 Israel Mota OF Nationals
76 Taylor Guilbeau P Nationals
77 David Kerian 1B Nationals
78 Taylor Hearn P Nationals
79 Kevin Mooney P Nationals
80 Dalton Dinatale 1B Nationals
81 Grant Borne P Nationals
82 Tommy Peterson P Nationals
83 Tyler Watson P Nationals
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Dylan Bundy P Orioles
3 Jomar Reyes 3B Orioles
4 D.J. Stewart OF Orioles
5 Christian Walker 1B Orioles
6 Mychal Givens P Orioles
7 Ryan Mountcastle SS Orioles
8 Chance Sisco C Orioles
9 Gray Fenter P Orioles
10 Jason Heinrich OF Orioles
11 Mike Wright P Orioles
12 Michael Yastrzemski OF Orioles
13 Parker Bridwell P Orioles
14 Tyler Wilson P Orioles
15 Branden Kline P Orioles
16 David Hess P Orioles
17 Tanner Scott P Orioles
18 Josh Hart OF Orioles
19 Trey Mancini 1B Orioles
20 Jason Garcia P Orioles
21 Adrian Marin SS Orioles
22 Jon Keller P Orioles
23 Drew Dosch 3B Orioles
24 Ryan Mckenna OF Orioles
25 Jonah Heim C Orioles
26 Tim Berry P Orioles
27 Brian Gonzalez P Orioles
28 Kirvin Moesquit 3B Orioles
29 Garrett Cleavinger P Orioles
30 Cedric Mullins OF Orioles
31 Joe Gunkel P Orioles
32 Jamill Moquete OF Orioles
33 Derrick Bleeker P Orioles
34 Ofelky Peralta P Orioles
35 Mitch Horacek P Orioles
36 Jean Cosme P Orioles
37 John Means P Orioles
38 Travis Seabrooke P Orioles
39 Seamus Curran 1B Orioles
40 Jaylen Ferguson OF Orioles
41 Glynn Davis OF Orioles
42 Alex Murphy C Orioles
43 Lazaro Leyva P Orioles
44 Ryan Meisinger P Orioles
45 Nick Vespi P Orioles
46 Chris Jones P Orioles
47 Jay Gonzalez OF Orioles
48 Anthony Caronia 2B Orioles
49 Jared Breen SS Orioles
50 Gregory Lorenzo OF Orioles
51 Matt Trowbridge P Orioles
52 Brian Ward C Orioles
53 Austin Wynns C Orioles
54 Jason Esposito 3B Orioles
55 Matthew Hobgood P Orioles
56 David Richardson P Orioles
57 Jimmy Yacabonis P Orioles
58 Dylan Rheault P Orioles
59 Garabez Rosa 2B Orioles
60 Johnny Ruettiger OF Orioles
61 Riley Palmer 1B Orioles
62 Conor Bierfeldt OF Orioles
63 Jeff Kemp 2B Orioles
64 Nigel Nootbaar P Orioles
65 Patrick Baker P Orioles
66 Rocky Mccord P Orioles
67 Jay Flaa P Orioles
68 Reid Love P Orioles
69 Robert Strader P Orioles
70 Branden Becker 3B Orioles
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Hunter Renfroe OF Padres
2 Jose Rondon SS Padres
3 Austin Smith P Padres
4 Colin Rea P Padres
5 Michael Gettys OF Padres
6 Jacob Nix P Padres
7 Rymer Liriano OF Padres
8 Ruddy Giron SS Padres
9 Travis Jankowski OF Padres
10 Tayron Guerrero P Padres
11 Cory Mazzoni P Padres
12 Fernando Perez 2B Padres
13 Enyel De Los Santos P Padres
14 Dinelson Lamet P Padres
15 Zech Lemond P Padres
16 Taylor Lindsey 2B Padres
17 Ryan Butler P Padres
18 Rafael De Paula P Padres
19 Franchy Cordero OF Padres
20 Alex Dickerson OF Padres
21 Nick Torres OF Padres
22 Jose Castillo P Padres
23 Austin Allen C Padres
24 Casey Kelly P Padres
25 Brad Wieck P Padres
26 Justin Hancock P Padres
27 Franmil Reyes OF Padres
28 Luis Urias 2B Padres
29 Josh Vanmeter 2B Padres
30 Walker Weickel P Padres
31 Ty France 1B Padres
32 Elliot Morris P Padres
33 Nelson Ward 2B Padres
34 Ricardo Rodriguez P Padres
35 Auston Bousfield OF Padres
36 Adrian De Horta P Padres
37 Jon Edwards P Padres
38 Michael Kelly P Padres
39 Mayky Perez P Padres
40 James Needy P Padres
41 Adys Portillo P Padres
42 Brandon Alger P Padres
43 Emmanuel Clase P Padres
44 Travis Radke P Padres
45 Nick Monroe P Padres
46 Brett Kennedy P Padres
47 Yeison Asencio OF Padres
48 Colby Blueburg P Padres
49 Marcus Davis 1B Padres
50 Trevor Megill P Padres
51 Yimmi Brasoban P Padres
52 Jeremy Baltz OF Padres
53 Jonathan Galvez 3B Padres
54 Gabriel Quintana 3B Padres
55 Aaron Northcraft P Padres
56 Jose Lezama C Padres
57 Yale Rosen OF Padres
58 Zach Risedorf C Padres
59 Kyle Lloyd P Padres
60 Jerry Sullivan P Padres
61 Thomas Dorminy P Padres
62 Ryan Miller C Padres
63 Carlos Belen 3B Padres
64 Luis Domoromo 1B Padres
65 Nick Mutz P Padres
66 Andrew Lockett P Padres
67 Eric Yardley P Padres
68 Kyle Bartsch P Padres
69 Benji Gonzalez SS Padres
70 Diego Goris SS Padres
71 Mason Smith OF Padres
72 Luis Asuncion OF Padres
73 Trey Wingenter P Padres
74 Kyle Overstreet 1B Padres
75 Jerry Keel P Padres
76 Josh Magee OF Padres
77 Aldemar Burgos OF Padres
78 Justin Pacchioli OF Padres
79 Peter Van Gansen SS Padres
80 William Headean P Padres
81 Brad Zunica 1B Padres
82 Alan Garcia OF Padres
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 J.P. Crawford SS Phillies
2 Nick Williams OF Phillies
3 Cornelius Randolph OF Phillies
4 Jake Thompson P Phillies
5 Franklyn Kilome P Phillies
6 Jorge Alfaro C Phillies
7 Alberto Tirado P Phillies
8 Roman Quinn OF Phillies
9 Ricardo Pinto P Phillies
10 Andrew Knapp C Phillies
11 Zach Eflin P Phillies
12 Carlos Tocci OF Phillies
13 Malquin Canelo SS Phillies
14 Scott Kingery 2B Phillies
15 Adonis Medina P Phillies
16 Ben Lively P Phillies
17 Nick Pivetta P Phillies
18 Tom Windle P Phillies
19 Matt Imhof P Phillies
20 Cord Sandberg OF Phillies
21 Alec Asher P Phillies
22 Elniery Garcia P Phillies
23 Jesse Biddle P Phillies
24 Deivi Grullon C Phillies
25 Darnell Sweeney OF Phillies
26 Nefi Ogando P Phillies
27 Kelly Dugan OF Phillies
28 Jonathan Arauz 2B Phillies
29 John Richy P Phillies
30 Sam Mcwilliams P Phillies
31 Lenin Rodriguez C Phillies
32 Luis Encarnacion 1B Phillies
33 Mark Laird OF Phillies
34 Gregory Brodzinski C Phillies
35 Brandon Leibrandt P Phillies
36 Daniel Brito DH Phillies
37 Dylan Cozens OF Phillies
38 Aaron Brown OF Phillies
39 Jesmuel Valentin 2B Phillies
40 Greg Pickett OF Phillies
41 Cam Perkins OF Phillies
42 Denton Keys P Phillies
43 Kenny Koplove P Phillies
44 Shane Watson P Phillies
45 Luke Leftwich P Phillies
46 Andrew Pullin OF Phillies
47 Rhys Hoskins 1B Phillies
48 Tyler Viza P Phillies
49 Joshua Tobias 2B Phillies
50 Willians Astudillo 1B Phillies
51 Ethan Stewart P Phillies
52 Mark Leiter P Phillies
53 Mitchell Walding 3B Phillies
54 Damek Tomscha 3B Phillies
55 Bailey Falter P Phillies
56 Will Stewart P Phillies
57 Nick Fanti P Phillies
58 Grenny Cumana 2B Phillies
59 Lucas Williams 3B Phillies
60 Angelo Mora 2B Phillies
61 Edgar Cabral C Phillies
62 Arquimedes Gamboa 2B Phillies
63 Victor Arano P Phillies
64 Edubray Ramos P Phillies
65 Yoel Mecias P Phillies
66 Chris Oliver P Phillies
67 Zachary Green 1B Phillies
68 Mitch Gueller P Phillies
69 Jose Pujols OF Phillies
70 Tommy Joseph 1B Phillies
71 Jan Hernandez 3B Phillies
72 Joely Rodriguez P Phillies
73 Drew Stankiewicz 2B Phillies
74 Jiandido Tromp OF Phillies
75 Colin Kleven P Phillies
76 Gabriel Lino C Phillies
77 Harold Martinez 3B Phillies
78 Michael Nesseth P Phillies
79 Art Charles 1B Phillies
80 Austin Davis 3B Phillies
81 Ranger Suarez P Phillies
82 Horace Stubblefield P Phillies
83 Skylar Hunter P Phillies
84 Tyler Gilbert P Phillies
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Tyler Glasnow P Pirates
2 Austin Meadows OF Pirates
3 Josh Bell 1B Pirates
5 Reese Mcguire C Pirates
6 Cole Tucker SS Pirates
7 Nick Kingham P Pirates
8 Alen Hanson 2B Pirates
9 Trey Supak P Pirates
10 Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B Pirates
11 Harold Ramirez OF Pirates
12 Willy Garcia OF Pirates
13 Mitch Keller P Pirates
14 Elias Diaz C Pirates
15 Chad Kuhl P Pirates
16 Kevin Newman SS Pirates
17 Luis Heredia P Pirates
18 Barrett Barnes OF Pirates
19 Clay Holmes P Pirates
20 Stephen Tarpley P Pirates
21 Gage Hinsz P Pirates
22 Jacob Taylor P Pirates
23 Yeudy Garcia P Pirates
24 Maxwell Moroff 2B Pirates
25 Tito Polo OF Pirates
26 Adrian Sampson P Pirates
27 Wyatt Mathisen 3B Pirates
28 Jhondaniel Medina P Pirates
29 Steven Brault P Pirates
30 Brandon Waddell P Pirates
31 Jordan Luplow 3B Pirates
32 Trevor Williams P Pirates
33 Jose Osuna 1B Pirates
34 Elvis Escobar OF Pirates
35 Casey Hughston OF Pirates
36 Edwin Espinal 1B Pirates
37 Adam Frazier OF Pirates
38 Gabriel Brito C Pirates
39 John Holdzkom P Pirates
40 Andrew Lambo P Pirates
41 Carlos Munoz 1B Pirates
42 Kevin Kramer 2B Pirates
43 Mitchell Tolman 2B Pirates
44 Jin-De Jhang C Pirates
45 Domingo Robles P Pirates
46 Ty Moore OF Pirates
47 Bret Helton P Pirates
48 Taylor Gushue C Pirates
49 Eddy Vizcaino OF Pirates
50 Yondry Contreras OF Pirates
51 Cody Dickson P Pirates
52 Michael De La Cruz OF Pirates
53 Connor Joe 1B Pirates
54 Stetson Allie OF Pirates
55 Billy Roth P Pirates
56 Mel Rojas Jr. OF Pirates
57 Buddy Borden P Pirates
58 Gift Ngoepe SS Pirates
59 Chris Diaz 3B Pirates
60 Tyler Filliben 2B Pirates
61 Jason Creasy P Pirates
62 John Kuchno P Pirates
63 Tyler Eppler P Pirates
64 Hector Garcia P Pirates
65 John Sever P Pirates
66 Frank Duncan P Pirates
67 Montana Durapau P Pirates
68 Chase Simpson 1B Pirates
69 Yoel Gonzalez C Pirates
70 Thomas Harlan P Pirates
71 Angel Sanchez P Pirates
72 Drew Maggi 3B Pirates
73 Eric Wood 3B Pirates
74 Erich Weiss 2B Pirates
75 Henrry Rosario OF Pirates
76 Jonathan Schwind OF Pirates
77 Daniel Gamache 3B Pirates
78 Jerrick Suiter OF Pirates
79 Trae Arbet 2B Pirates
80 Nick Buckner OF Pirates
81 Logan Ratledge 2B Pirates
82 Seth Mcgarry P Pirates
83 Jonathan Brubaker P Pirates
84 Logan Sendelbach P Pirates
85 Christian Kelley C Pirates
86 Scooter Hightower P Pirates
87 Ike Schlabach P Pirates
88 Ryan Nagle OF Pirates
89 Nathan Trevillian P Pirates
90 James Marvel P Pirates
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Joey Gallo OF Rangers
2 Nomar Mazara OF Rangers
3 Lewis Brinson OF Rangers
4 Luis Ortiz P Rangers
5 Dillon Tate P Rangers
6 Michael Matuella P Rangers
7 Yohander Mendez P Rangers
8 Eric Jenkins OF Rangers
9 Ryan Cordell OF Rangers
10 Luke Jackson P Rangers
11 Josh Morgan 3B Rangers
12 Jose Leclerc P Rangers
13 Yeyson Yrizarri SS Rangers
14 Michael De Leon SS Rangers
15 Ti'Quan Forbes 3B Rangers
16 Travis Demeritte 2B Rangers
17 Brett Martin P Rangers
18 Ariel Jurado P Rangers
20 Ronald Guzman 1B Rangers
21 Jake Lemoine P Rangers
22 Andrew Faulkner P Rangers
23 Tyler Ferguson P Rangers
24 Evan Van Hoosier 2B Rangers
25 Peter Fairbanks P Rangers
26 C.D. Pelham P Rangers
27 Jairo Beras OF Rangers
28 Frank Lopez P Rangers
29 DeMarcus Evans P Rangers
30 Yimmelvyn Alonzo OF Rangers
31 Jose Trevino C Rangers
32 John Fasola P Rangers
33 Juremi Profar 2B Rangers
34 David Perez P Rangers
35 Drew Robinson OF Rangers
36 Adam Parks P Rangers
37 Chad Smith OF Rangers
38 Lucas Lanphere P Rangers
39 Eduard Pinto OF Rangers
40 Xavier Turner 3B Rangers
41 Ashton Perritt P Rangers
42 Isaiah Kiner-Falefa 2B Rangers
43 Victor Payano P Rangers
44 Richelson Pena P Rangers
45 Starling Joseph OF Rangers
46 Yonny Hernandez 2B Rangers
47 Curtis Terry 1B Rangers
48 Adam Choplick P Rangers
49 Edgar Pineda 2B Rangers
50 Cole Wiper P Rangers
51 Cristian Encarnacion OF Rangers
52 Jose Almonte OF Rangers
53 Kellin Deglan C Rangers
54 Pat Cantwell C Rangers
55 Kelvin Vasquez P Rangers
56 Sam Wolff P Rangers
57 Luke Tendler OF Rangers
58 Jared Hoying OF Rangers
59 Brett Nicholas 1B Rangers
60 Preston Beck 1B Rangers
61 Kevin Matthews P Rangers
62 Collin Wiles P Rangers
63 Darius Day OF Rangers
64 Leon Byrd 2B Rangers
65 Dylan Moore 2B Rangers
66 Blake Bass P Rangers
67 Josh Altmann 3B Rangers
68 Ledarious Clark OF Rangers
69 Nick Kaye OF Rangers
70 Tyler Phillips P Rangers
71 Scott Heineman P Rangers
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Willy Adames SS Rays
2 Blake Snell P Rays
3 Brent Honeywell P Rays
4 Garrett Whitley OF Rays
5 Adrian Rondon SS Rays
6 Chris Betts P Rays
7 Taylor Guerrieri P Rays
8 Justin O'Conner C Rays
9 Garrett Fulenchek P Rays
10 Justin Williams OF Rays
11 Casey Gillaspie 1B Rays
12 Mikie Mahtook OF Rays
13 Richie Shaffer 1B Rays
14 Joe Mccarthy OF Rays
15 Daniel Robertson SS Rays
16 Chih-Wei Hu P Rays
17 Nick Ciuffo C Rays
18 Jake Bauers 1B Rays
19 Enny Romero P Rays
20 Cameron Varga P Rays
21 Boog Powell OF Rays
22 Andrew Velazquez 2B Rays
23 Hak-ju Lee SS Rays
24 Ryan Brett 2B Rays
25 Ryne Stanek P Rays
26 Jacob Faria P Rays
27 Tyler Goeddel OF Rays
29 Hunter Wood P Rays
30 Riley Unroe 2B Rays
31 German Marquez P Rays
32 Thomas Milone OF Rays
33 Devin Davis 1B Rays
34 Henry Centeno P Rays
35 Patrick Leonard 3B Rays
36 Porter Clayton P Rays
37 Benton Moss P Rays
38 Brandon Koch P Rays
39 Rene Pinto C Rays
40 Brandon Lowe P Rays
41 Mark Sappington P Rays
42 Kean Wong 2B Rays
43 Yoel Araujo OF Rays
44 Vidal Brujan 2B Rays
45 Jesus Sanchez OF Rays
46 Moises Gomez OF Rays
47 Oscar Rojas OF Rays
48 Angel Moreno OF Rays
49 Braxton Lee OF Rays
50 Bralin Jackson OF Rays
51 Johnny Field OF Rays
52 Kes Carter OF Rays
53 Cameron Seitzer 1B Rays
54 Jake Cronenworth 2B Rays
55 Orlando Romero P Rays
56 Randhi Balcazar OF Rays
57 Rafelin Lorenzo C Rays
58 Jose Alvarado P Rays
59 Cristian Toribio SS Rays
60 Jaime Schultz P Rays
61 David Rodriguez C Rays
62 Damion Carroll P Rays
63 Sandy Brito P Rays
64 Enderson Franco P Rays
65 Matt Lollis P Rays
66 Dylan Floro P Rays
67 Jose Mujica P Rays
68 Jesus Araiza C Rays
69 Michael Russell SS Rays
70 Isaac Gil P Rays
71 Taylor Motter OF Rays
72 Granden Goetzman OF Rays
73 Jace Conrad 3B Rays
74 Brock Burke P Rays
75 Angel Perez OF Rays
76 Hunter Lockwood OF Rays
77 Tommy Coyle 2B Rays
78 David Olmedo-Barrera DH Rays
79 Danny De La Calle C Rays
80 Ian Gibaut P Rays
81 Reece Karalus P Rays
82 Sam Triece P Rays
83 Justin Marsden P Rays
84 Ethan Clark P Rays
85 Mayo Acosta C Rays
86 Ty Morrison OF Rays
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Yoan Moncada 2B Red Sox
2 Rafael Devers 3B Red Sox
3 Andrew Benintendi OF Red Sox
4 Anderson Espinoza P Red Sox
5 Manuel Margot OF Red Sox
6 Brian Johnson P Red Sox
7 Javier Guerra SS Red Sox
8 Michael Kopech P Red Sox
9 Michael Chavis 3B Red Sox
10 Deven Marrero SS Red Sox
11 Trey Ball P Red Sox
12 Garin Cecchini OF Red Sox
13 Wendell Rijo 2B Red Sox
14 Logan Allen P Red Sox
15 Sam Travis 1B Red Sox
16 Luis Ysla P Red Sox
17 Edwin Escobar P Red Sox
18 Ty Buttrey P Red Sox
19 Teddy Stankiewicz P Red Sox
20 Nick Longhi 1B Red Sox
21 Pat Light P Red Sox
22 Marco Hernandez 2B Red Sox
23 Tzu-Wei Lin SS Red Sox
24 Yoan Aybar OF Red Sox
25 Austin Rei C Red Sox
26 Mauricio Dubon SS Red Sox
27 Sean Coyle 2B Red Sox
28 Christopher Acosta P Red Sox
29 Trenton Kemp OF Red Sox
30 Marcus Brakeman P Red Sox
31 Devon Fisher C Red Sox
32 Elwin Tejeda 3B Red Sox
33 Kyri Washington OF Red Sox
34 Jake Cosart P Red Sox
35 Carlos Asuaje 2B Red Sox
36 Mitchell Gunsolus 3B Red Sox
37 Josh Ockimey 1B Red Sox
38 Williams Jerez P Red Sox
39 Henry Ramos OF Red Sox
40 Tate Matheny OF Red Sox
41 Luis Alexander Basabe OF Red Sox
42 Jonathan Aro P Red Sox
43 Lorenzo Cedrola OF Red Sox
44 Yomar Valentin SS Red Sox
45 Roniel Raudes P Red Sox
46 Dedgar Jimenez P Red Sox
47 Daniel Mcgrath P Red Sox
48 Yorvin Pantoja P Red Sox
49 Kevin Mcavoy P Red Sox
50 Jamie Callahan P Red Sox
51 Jose Almonte P Red Sox
52 Kyle Martin P Red Sox
53 Jeffry Fernandez P Red Sox
54 Justin Haley P Red Sox
55 Danny Mars OF Red Sox
56 Simon Mercedes P Red Sox
57 Keith Couch P Red Sox
58 Luis Diaz P Red Sox
59 Reed Gragnani 3B Red Sox
60 Victor Acosta 3B Red Sox
61 Jordan Betts 1B Red Sox
62 Keury De La Cruz OF Red Sox
63 Jantzen Witte 1B Red Sox
64 James Shepherd P Red Sox
65 Joseph Monge OF Red Sox
66 Christian Vazquez 2B Red Sox
67 Josh Pennington P Red Sox
68 Tucker Tubbs 1B Red Sox
69 Travis Lakins P Red Sox
70 Jagger Rusconi 2B Red Sox
71 Ben Taylor P Red Sox
72 Nick Hamilton OF Red Sox
73 Kevin Kelleher P Red Sox
74 Jerry Downs 1B Red Sox
75 Andrew Noviello C Red Sox
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Jesse Winker OF Reds
2 Robert Stephenson P Reds
3 Keury Mella P Reds
4 Amir Garrett P Reds
5 Cody Reed P Reds
6 Tyler Stephenson C Reds
7 Salvatore Romano P Reds
8 Nick Travieso P Reds
9 Phillip Ervin OF Reds
10 Nick Howard P Reds
11 Tyler Mahle P Reds
12 Jonathon Crawford P Reds
13 Antonio Santillan P Reds
14 Alex Blandino SS Reds
15 Kyle Waldrop 1B Reds
16 Blake Trahan SS Reds
17 Aristides Aquino OF Reds
18 Yorman Rodriguez 1B Reds
19 Jackson Stephens P Reds
20 Jon Moscot P Reds
21 Ian Kahaloa P Reds
22 John Lamb P Reds
23 Jeremy Kivel P Reds
24 Wyatt Strahan P Reds
25 Garrett Boulware C Reds
26 Gavin Lavalley 3B Reds
27 Kevin Franklin 1B Reds
28 Taylor Sparks 3B Reds
29 Tanner Rainey P Reds
30 Mark Armstrong P Reds
31 Jimmy Herget P Reds
32 Alexis Diaz P Reds
33 Darren Shred P Reds
34 Carlton Daal 2B Reds
35 Miles Gordon OF Reds
36 Zack Weiss P Reds
37 Tejay Antone P Reds
38 Chad Wallach 1B Reds
39 Shane Mardirosian 2B Reds
40 Jacob Constante P Reds
41 Alejandro Chacin P Reds
42 Jake Turnbull C Reds
43 El'Hajj Muhammad P Reds
44 Wandy Peralta P Reds
45 Shedric Long 2B Reds
46 Luis Gonzalez SS Reds
47 Montrell Marshall 1B Reds
48 Sarkis Ohanian P Reds
49 Cory Thompson 2B Reds
50 Rock Rucker P Reds
51 Ryan Wright 2B Reds
52 Brantley Bell 3B Reds
53 Alejo Lopez 2B Reds
54 Jeffrey Gelalich OF Reds
55 J.D. Salmon-Williams 2B Reds
56 Beau Amaral OF Reds
57 Ty Washington 2B Reds
58 Ben Klimesh P Reds
59 Junior Arias OF Reds
60 Seth Mejias-Brean 3B Reds
61 Sebastian Elizalde OF Reds
62 Jose Ortiz C Reds
63 Jhonatan Reynoso OF Reds
64 Chad Rogers P Reds
65 Jose Diaz P Reds
66 Juan Silva OF Reds
67 Daniel Wright P Reds
68 Joseph Hudson C Reds
69 Drew Hayes P Reds
70 Jake Johnson P Reds
71 Sean Buckley OF Reds
72 Francis Azcona 2B Reds
73 Jordan Ramsey P Reds
74 Mitch Piatnik 2B Reds
75 Zach Shields OF Reds
76 Satchel Mcelroy OF Reds
77 Andrew Jordan P Reds
78 Blake Butler 2B Reds
79 Isaac Anesty P Reds
80 Connor Bennett P Reds
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 David Dahl OF Rockies
2 Jon Gray P Rockies
3 Brendan Rodgers SS Rockies
4 Jeff Hoffman P Rockies
5 Forrest Wall 2B Rockies
6 Ryan Mcmahon 3B Rockies
7 Mike Nikorak P Rockies
8 Raimel Tapia OF Rockies
9 Antonio Senzatela P Rockies
10 Kyle Freeland P Rockies
11 Trevor Story SS Rockies
12 Ryan Castellani P Rockies
13 Tom Murphy C Rockies
14 Peter Lambert P Rockies
15 Miguel Castro P Rockies
16 Jesus Tinoco P Rockies
17 Tyler Nevin 3B Rockies
18 Dom Nunez C Rockies
19 Cristhian Adames SS Rockies
20 Rosell Herrera OF Rockies
21 Parker French P Rockies
22 Pedro Gonzalez C Rockies
23 Jordan Patterson 1B Rockies
24 Alex Balog P Rockies
25 David Hill P Rockies
26 Kevin Padlo 3B Rockies
27 Luis Jean 2B Rockies
28 Carlos Estevez P Rockies
29 Max White OF Rockies
30 Peter Tago P Rockies
31 Matthew Carasiti P Rockies
32 Wes Rogers OF Rockies
33 Trey Killian P Rockies
34 Javier Medina P Rockies
35 Jairo Diaz P Rockies
36 Helmis Rodriguez P Rockies
37 Omar Carrizales OF Rockies
38 Sam Moll P Rockies
39 Correlle Prime 1B Rockies
40 Felix Osorio OF Rockies
41 Johendi Jiminian P Rockies
42 Zach Jemiola P Rockies
43 Carlos Herrera SS Rockies
44 Emerson Jimenez SS Rockies
45 Carlos Herrera P Rockies
47 Terry Mcclure OF Rockies
48 Jayson Aquino P Rockies
49 Max George 2B Rockies
50 Hamlet Marte C Rockies
51 Jack Wynkoop P Rockies
52 Mylz Jones SS Rockies
53 Yonathan Daza OF Rockies
54 Yeremi Rosario 2B Rockies
55 Sam Howard P Rockies
56 William Swanner 1B Rockies
57 Wilfredo Rodriguez C Rockies
58 Pat Valaika 2B Rockies
59 Ryan Casteel C Rockies
60 Rayan Gonzalez P Rockies
61 Sean Dwyer 1B Rockies
62 Nelson Gonzalez P Rockies
63 Austin House P Rockies
64 Harrison Musgrave P Rockies
65 Carlos Polanco P Rockies
66 Javier Palacios P Rockies
67 Dylan Craig P Rockies
68 Chris O'Dowd C Rockies
69 Robbie Perkins C Rockies
70 Konner Wade P Rockies
71 Shane Broyles P Rockies
72 Shane Hoelscher 2B Rockies
73 Trent Daniel P Rockies
74 Yoely Bello P Rockies
75 Mike Tauchman OF Rockies
76 Jayson Langfels 3B Rockies
77 Mike Benjamin 2B Rockies
78 Drew Weeks OF Rockies
79 Henry Garcia 1B Rockies
80 Colin Welmon P Rockies
81 Sam Hilliard OF Rockies
82 Brian Mundell 1B Rockies
83 Cole Anderson OF Rockies
84 Michael Zimmerman P Rockies
85 Justin Lawrence P Rockies
86 Sam Thoele P Rockies
87 Drasen Johnson P Rockies
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Raul Mondesi SS Royals
2 Ashe Russell P Royals
3 Bubba Starling OF Royals
4 Kyle Zimmer P Royals
5 Miguel Almonte 2B Royals
6 Scott Blewett P Royals
7 Chase Vallot C Royals
8 Josh Staumont P Royals
9 Foster Griffin P Royals
10 Jorge Bonifacio OF Royals
11 Nolan Watson P Royals
12 Hunter Dozier 3B Royals
13 Cheslor Cuthbert 3B Royals
14 Elier Hernandez OF Royals
15 Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado OF Royals
16 Marten Gasparini SS Royals
17 Alec Mills P Royals
18 Ryan O'Hearn 1B Royals
19 Eric Skoglund P Royals
20 Sam Selman P Royals
21 Brandon Downes OF Royals
22 Orlando Calixte SS Royals
23 Amalani Fukofuka OF Royals
24 Reymond Fuentes OF Royals
25 Pedro Fernandez P Royals
26 Christian Binford P Royals
27 Matthew Strahm P Royals
28 Garrett Davila P Royals
29 Balbino Fuenmayor 1B Royals
30 Lane Adams OF Royals
31 Wander Franco 3B Royals
32 Ramon Torres 2B Royals
33 Cameron Gallagher C Royals
34 Meibrys Viloria C Royals
35 Glenn Sparkman P Royals
36 Bryan Brickhouse P Royals
37 Robinson Yambati P Royals
38 Samir Duenez 1B Royals
39 Anderson Miller OF Royals
40 Ricky Aracena SS Royals
41 Niklas Stephenson P Royals
42 Luis Rico P Royals
43 Rudy Martin OF Royals
44 Jake Junis P Royals
45 Ben Johnson OF Royals
46 J.C. Sulbaran P Royals
47 Santiago Nessy C Royals
48 Offerman Collado 2B Royals
49 Brett Eibner OF Royals
50 Whit Merrifield OF Royals
51 Zane Evans C Royals
52 Humberto Arteaga 2B Royals
53 Jack Lopez SS Royals
54 Angel Baez P Royals
55 Corey Toups 2B Royals
56 Aroni Nina P Royals
57 Jonathan Dziedzic P Royals
58 Ali Williams P Royals
59 Chad Johnson C Royals
60 Mark Peterson P Royals
61 Gerson Garabito P Royals
62 Malcom Culver P Royals
63 Reid Redman P Royals
64 Andrew Edwards P Royals
65 Matt Alvarez P Royals
66 Matt Fields 1B Royals
67 Yimauri Pena P Royals
68 Robert Pehl 1B Royals
69 Joshua Banuelos 1B Royals
70 Cody Stubbs OF Royals
71 Cristhian Vasquez OF Royals
72 Dominique Taylor OF Royals
73 Colin Rodgers P Royals
74 Alexis Rivera OF Royals
75 Brandon Dulin 1B Royals
76 Corey Ray P Royals
77 Matt Ditman P Royals
78 Cody Jones OF Royals
79 Roman Collins OF Royals
80 Andre Davis P Royals
81 Gabriel Cancel 2B Royals
82 Alex Luna P Royals
83 Joseph Markus P Royals
84 Matt Portland P Royals
85 Travis Maezes P Royals
86 Joel Arias OF Royals
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Derek Hill OF Tigers
2 Beau Burrows P Tigers
3 Michael Fulmer P Tigers
4 Luis Cessa P Tigers
5 Christin Stewart OF Tigers
6 Joe Jimenez P Tigers
7 Kevin Ziomek P Tigers
8 Spencer Turnbull P Tigers
9 Jairo Labourt P Tigers
10 Austin Kubitza P Tigers
11 Javier Betancourt 2B Tigers
12 Dixon Machado SS Tigers
13 Steven Moya OF Tigers
14 JaCoby Jones SS Tigers
15 Artie Lewicki P Tigers
16 Grayson Greiner C Tigers
17 Adam Ravenelle P Tigers
18 Joey Pankake 2B Tigers
19 Arvicent Perez C Tigers
20 Drew Verhagen P Tigers
21 Zach Shepherd 3B Tigers
22 Michael Gerber OF Tigers
23 Paul Voelker P Tigers
24 Endrys Briceno P Tigers
25 Joshua Turley P Tigers
26 Wynton Bernard OF Tigers
27 Chad Green P Tigers
28 Melvin Mercedes P Tigers
29 Felix Viloria P Tigers
30 Austin Schotts OF Tigers
31 Jose Valdez P Tigers
32 Randel Alcantara 3B Tigers
33 Drew Smith P Tigers
34 Sandy Baez P Tigers
35 Edgar De La Rosa P Tigers
36 Elys Escobar 1B Tigers
37 Julio Martinez OF Tigers
38 A.J. Simcox SS Tigers
39 Joe Mantiply P Tigers
40 Montreal Robertson P Tigers
41 Connor Harrell OF Tigers
42 Dominic Ficociello 1B Tigers
43 Shane Zeile C Tigers
44 Cameron Gibson DH Tigers
45 Dominic Moreno P Tigers
46 Keaton Jones SS Tigers
47 Harold Castro 2B Tigers
48 Hector Martinez 2B Tigers
49 Anthony Pereira 3B Tigers
50 Franklin Arias OF Tigers
51 Luis Torrealba 1B Tigers
52 Trey Teakell P Tigers
53 Jeff Thompson P Tigers
54 Steven Fuentes SS Tigers
55 Calvin Drummond P Tigers
56 Isrrael De La Cruz SS Tigers
57 Zach Reininger P Tigers
58 Jheyser Azuaje 1B Tigers
59 Melvin Mercedes 2B Tigers
60 Francisco German P Tigers
61 Gregory Soto P Tigers
62 Jason Krizan 2B Tigers
63 Dean Green 1B Tigers
64 Jeff Mcvaney OF Tigers
65 William Allen C Tigers
66 Blaise Salter 1B Tigers
67 Josh Lester 3B Tigers
68 Matt Hall P Tigers
69 Kade Scivicque C Tigers
70 Cole Bauml OF Tigers
71 Jake Shull P Tigers
72 Alec Kisena P Tigers
73 Kyle Dowdy P Tigers
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Byron Buxton OF Twins
2 Jose Berrios P Twins
3 Jorge Polanco SS Twins
4 Tyler Jay P Twins
5 Max Kepler 1B Twins
6 Nick Gordon SS Twins
7 Kohl Stewart P Twins
8 Stephen Gonsalves P Twins
9 Alex Meyer P Twins
10 Nick Burdi P Twins
13 Adam Walker OF Twins
14 Jermaine Palacios SS Twins
15 JT Chargois P Twins
16 Trey Cabbage 3B Twins
17 Lewin Diaz 1B Twins
18 Taylor Rogers P Twins
19 Travis Blankenhorn 1B Twins
20 LaMonte Wade OF Twins
21 Stuart Turner C Twins
22 Huascar Ynoa P Twins
23 Travis Harrison OF Twins
24 Amaurys Minier 1B Twins
25 Jake Reed P Twins
26 Engelb Vielma SS Twins
26 Daniel Palka 1B Twins
27 Logan Darnell P Twins
28 Michael Cederoth P Twins
30 Alex Robinson P Twins
31 Kolton Kendrick 1B Twins
32 Aaron Slegers P Twins
33 Felix Jorge P Twins
34 Mat Batts P Twins
35 Zachary Jones P Twins
36 Cameron Booser P Twins
37 A.J. Murray 1B Twins
38 Zander Wiel 1B Twins
39 Jason Wheeler P Twins
40 Yorman Landa P Twins
41 Jovani Moran P Twins
42 Tanner English OF Twins
43 Niko Goodrum OF Twins
44 Dalton Hicks 1B Twins
45 John Curtiss P Twins
46 C.K. Irby P Twins
47 Brian Navarreto C Twins
48 Alex Wimmers P Twins
49 Nelson Molina 2B Twins
50 Randy Rosario P Twins
51 Alexis Tapia P Twins
52 Roni Tapia OF Twins
53 Jean Carlos Arias OF Twins
54 Emmanuel Morel SS Twins
55 Rafael Valera 2B Twins
56 Tyler Jones P Twins
57 Jaylin Davis P Twins
58 Ryan Eades P Twins
59 Brandon Poulson P Twins
60 Luis Arraez 2B Twins
61 Mitch Garver C Twins
62 Aderlin Mejia 2B Twins
63 Jorge Fernandez 1B Twins
64 Rainis Silva C Twins
65 Sam Clay P Twins
66 Jorge Munoz 3B Twins
67 Max Murphy OF Twins
68 Levi Michael 2B Twins
69 D.J. Baxendale P Twins
70 Ryan Walker 2B Twins
71 Zack Granite OF Twins
72 Corey Williams P Twins
73 Yeltsin Encarnacion 2B Twins
74 Madison Boer P Twins
75 Randy Leblanc P Twins
76 Sam Gibbons P Twins
77 Jadison Jimenez P Twins
78 Williams Ramirez P Twins
79 Brandon Easton P Twins
80 Brandon Peterson P Twins
81 Tyler Kuresa 1B Twins
82 Roberto Gonzalez OF Twins
83 David Hurlbut P Twins
84 Manuel Guzman 2B Twins
85 Brandon Bixler P Twins
86 Brett Lee P Twins
87 Jason Kanzler OF Twins
88 Zach Larson OF Twins
89 Michael Theofanopoulos P Twins
90 Chad Christensen OF Twins
91 Trey Vavra 1B Twins
92 Logan Wade OF Twins
93 Callan Pearce P Twins
94 Christopher Paul 1B Twins
95 Sean Miller 2B Twins
96 Kerby Camacho C Twins
97 Cody Stashak P Twins
98 Lean Marrero OF Twins
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Tim Anderson SS White Sox
2 Carson Fulmer P White Sox
3 Frankie Montas P White Sox
4 Yency Almonte P White Sox
4 Spencer Adams P White Sox
5 Tyler Danish P White Sox
6 Micker Adolfo OF White Sox
7 Jacob May OF White Sox
8 Jordan Guerrero P White Sox
9 Chris Beck P White Sox
10 Courtney Hawkins OF White Sox
11 Thaddius Lowry P White Sox
12 Micah Johnson 2B White Sox
13 Robin Leyer P White Sox
14 Adam Engel OF White Sox
15 Trey Michalczewski 3B White Sox
16 Andre Wheeler P White Sox
17 Trayce Thompson OF White Sox
18 Jake Peter 2B White Sox
19 Corey Zangari 1B White Sox
20 Jefferson Olacio P White Sox
21 Michael Ynoa P White Sox
22 Jhoandro Alfaro C White Sox
23 Amado Nunez SS White Sox
24 Onelki Garcia P White Sox
25 Jace Fry P White Sox
26 Myles Jaye P White Sox
27 J.B. Wendelken P White Sox
28 Matt Davidson 3B White Sox
29 Keon Barnum 1B White Sox
30 Luis Martinez C White Sox
31 Brandon Brennan P White Sox
32 Jason Coats OF White Sox
33 Euclides Leyer P White Sox
34 Taylore Cherry P White Sox
35 Blake Hickman P White Sox
36 Sikes Orvis 1B White Sox
37 Carlos Perez C White Sox
38 Nelson Acosta P White Sox
39 Anderson Tejeda 2B White Sox
40 Nolan Sanburn P White Sox
41 Jared Mitchell OF White Sox
42 Joey Demichele 2B White Sox
43 Jake Fincher OF White Sox
44 Kevan Smith C White Sox
45 Keenyn Walker OF White Sox
46 Jake Jarvis 2B White Sox
47 Braulio Ortiz P White Sox
48 Brian Clark P White Sox
49 Matt Cooper P White Sox
50 Yelmison Peralta P White Sox
51 Brett Austin C White Sox
52 Louie Lechich OF White Sox
53 James Dykstra P White Sox
54 David Trexler P White Sox
55 Cleuluis Rondon SS White Sox
56 Zach Thompson P White Sox
57 Chris Freudenberg P White Sox
58 Nick Basto OF White Sox
59 Brad Goldberg P White Sox
60 Maiker Feliz 3B White Sox
61 Michael Recchia P White Sox
62 Kyle Hansen P White Sox
63 Ramon Beltre OF White Sox
64 Mason Robbins OF White Sox
65 Jose Brito P White Sox
66 Jorgen Rosas 2B White Sox
67 Zach Fish C White Sox
68 Danny Hayes 1B White Sox
69 Eddy Alvarez SS White Sox
70 Landon Lassiter OF White Sox
71 Casey Schroeder C White Sox
72 Zack Erwin P White Sox
73 Jackson Glines OF White Sox
74 Jordan Stephens P White Sox
75 Ryan Hinchley P White Sox
76 Danny Dopico P White Sox
77 Seby Zavala C White Sox
78 Christopher Comito P White Sox
Rank Name Pos. Team
1 Aaron Judge OF Yankees
2 Jorge Mateo SS Yankees
3 Gary Sanchez C Yankees
4 James Kaprielian P Yankees
5 Ian Clarkin P Yankees
6 Jacob Lindgren P Yankees
7 Tyler Wade SS Yankees
8 Rookie Davis P Yankees
9 Rob Refsnyder 2B Yankees
10 Miguel Andujar 3B Yankees
12 Leonardo Molina OF Yankees
13 Dustin Fowler OF Yankees
14 Slade Heathcott OF Yankees
15 Eric Jagielo 3B Yankees
16 Kyle Holder SS Yankees
17 Bryan Mitchell P Yankees
18 Jake Cave OF Yankees
19 Juan De Leon OF Yankees
20 Benjamin Gamel OF Yankees
21 Drew Finley P Yankees
22 Mason Williams OF Yankees
23 Dermis Garcia 3B Yankees
24 Brady Lail P Yankees
25 Hoy Jun Park SS Yankees
26 Abiatal Avelino 2B Yankees
27 Miguel Flames 1B Yankees
28 Wilkerman Garcia SS Yankees
29 Nelson Gomez 3B Yankees
30 Isiah Gilliam OF Yankees
31 Jonathan Amundaray OF Yankees
32 Brayan Emery OF Yankees
33 Jordan Montgomery P Yankees
34 Cale Coshow P Yankees
35 Domingo Acevedo P Yankees
36 Thairo Estrada 2B Yankees
37 Johnny Barbato P Yankees
38 Jeffrey Degano P Yankees
39 Icezack Flemming P Yankees
40 Jeff Hendrix OF Yankees
41 Tyler Austin OF Yankees
42 Gosuke Katoh 2B Yankees
43 Dante Bichette 1B Yankees
44 Chaz Hebert P Yankees
45 Angel Aguilar 2B Yankees
46 Ricardo Ferreira 2B Yankees
47 Mark Payton OF Yankees
48 Angelo Gumbs 2B Yankees
49 Cito Culver 3B Yankees
50 Kyle Roller 1B Yankees
51 Kyle Haynes P Yankees
52 Austin Aune OF Yankees
53 Chance Adams P Yankees
54 Diego Castillo SS Yankees
55 Estevan Florial OF Yankees
56 Frederick Cuevas OF Yankees
57 Trey Amburgey OF Yankees
58 Antonio Arias OF Yankees
59 Donny Sands 3B Yankees
60 Jordan Foley P Yankees
61 Miguel Sulbaran P Yankees
62 Jaron Long P Yankees
63 Vicente Campos P Yankees
64 Mark Montgomery P Yankees
65 Taylor Dugas OF Yankees
66 Caleb Smith P Yankees
67 Gabe Encinas P Yankees
68 Tyler Webb P Yankees
69 Simon De La Rosa P Yankees
70 Justin Kamplain P Yankees
71 Michael O'Neill OF Yankees
72 Rob Segedin 1B Yankees
73 Connor Spencer 1B Yankees
74 Michael Ford 1B Yankees
75 Brandon Thomas OF Yankees
76 Andrew Chin P Yankees
77 Omar Luis P Yankees
78 Vince Conde SS Yankees
79 Ryan Krill 1B Yankees
80 Bret Marks P Yankees
81 Brandon Wagner 2B Yankees
82 Kolton Mahoney P Yankees
83 Josh Rogers P Yankees
84 Jhalan Jackson OF Yankees
85 James Reeves P Yankees
86 Patrick O'Brien P Yankees
87 Terrance Robertson OF Yankees
88 Mark Seyler P Yankees


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Names to Watch for 2011 and 2012 Draft

For more information on the draft, check out my new blog MLB Bonus Baby for more information regarding the draft.

Over the next month or so, I will be moving most Draft related info to MLB Draft Prospects. MiLB Prospects will be more focused on current minor leaguers.

These lists are far from perfect but it's a start

Aaron Brown , OF , Chatsworth HS, Calif.
Aaron Westlake , OF , Vanderbilt
Aaron Collazo , SS , Lady Bird Johnson, San Antonio, TX
Aaron Deguire , C , El Camino College
Aaron Dunsmore , OF , Dayton
Aaron Fanning , SS , Northwest (TX) HS
Aaron Gretz , C , Apple Valley, Apple Valley, MN
Aaron Johnson , LHP , Dunham, Baton Rouge, LA
Aaron Knapp , MIF , Granite Bay Granite Bay CA
Aaron Moore , RHP , Westwood Austin TX
Aaron Nola , RHP , Catholic, Baton Rouge, LA
Aaron Novak , OF/RHP , Germantown Academy (PA)
Aaron Thomassen , RHP , Nathan Hale Seattle WA
Aaron Westlake , 1B/OF , Vanderbilt
Abram Cartledge , LHP , Thomson, Thomson, GA
Adam Bennett , SS/RHP , …

Dominican Summer League Top Prospects

Here you will find something NO OTHER site does, that I'm aware of. That is rank the DSL and VSL prospects. This is a purely statistical analysis.
I could go deeper but I only went 25 here as I don't know who any of them are past this. I'm not even familiar with most of these guys. I like Mejias, Duran, Calderon, Domoromo, and Morillo the most.

1 Cesar Ciurcina , P , MIN
2 Alving Mejias , P , COL
3 Grabiel Hernandez , SS , STL
4 Rafael Ortega , OF , COL
5 Pedro Guerra , P , MIN
6 Randol Rojas , P , TEX
7 Andy Otero , P , ATL
8 Wilson Sanchez , P , MIN
9 Gilbert Gomez , OF , NYM
10 Yucarybert De La Cruz , 2B , NYM
11 Kelvin Duran , OF , NYY
12 Lewis Urena , 2B , BOS
13 Smaily Borges , 1B , CHC
14 Dioris Robles , OF , CLE
15 Keury De La Cruz , OF , BOS
16 Yeico Calderon , OF , NYY
17 Carlos Willoughby , 2B , SF
18 Luis Domoromo , OF , SD
19 Teodoro Martinez , OF , TEX
20 Arismendy Alcantara , SS , CHC
21 Eswarlin Jimenez , P , LAA
22 Gabriel Perez , P , LAA
23 Ericson Leonora , OF , NYY
24 Luis de L…

Top 300- 2010 MLB Draft Prospects

Name POS Schools
1 Bryce Harper C Southern Nevada CC
2 Jameson Taillon RHP The Woodlands (Texas) HS
3 Anthony Ranaudo P LSU
4 Drew Pomeranz LHP Mississippi
5 Nick Castellanos 3B Archbishop McCarthy HS, FLA
6 Bryce Brentz OF Middle Tennessee State
7 AJ Cole P Oviedo HS, Orlando
8 Zack Cox 3B Arkansas
9 Austin Wilson OF Harvard-Westlake HS, CA
10 Deck McGuire RHP Georgia Tech
11 Karsten Whitson RHP Chipley HS, Bartow, Fla.
12 Christian Colon SS Cal State Fullerton
13 Matt Harvey P North Carolina
14 Levon Washington 2B/OF Chipola JC
15 Manny Machado SS Brito Prep, Miami
16 Josh Sale OF Bishop Blanchet HS, SEA
17 Chris Sale LHP Florida Gulf Coast
18 Jedd Gyorko 2B West Virginia
19 Brandon Workman P Texas
20 Stetson Allie 3B St. Edward HS, Lakewood, Ohio
21 Brian Ragira OF Martin HS, Arlington
22 Dylan Covey P Maranatha HS, Pasadena, CA
23 Derek Dietrich SS Georgia Tech
24 DeAndre Smelter P Tattnall Square GA
25 Kevin Gausman RHP Grandview HS, Aurora, Colo
26 Cameron Bedrosian P East Coweta HS, Sharpsburg, GA
27 Jos…