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2017 MLB Draft Top Prospects

1 Hagen Danner RHP HS
2 Ronald Washington OF HS
4 J.J. Schwarz C College
5 Turner Larkins RHP College
7 Evan Skoug C College
8 Keith Weisenberg RHP College
9 Bryce Montes De Oca RHP College
11 Pavin Smith 1B College
12 David Peterson LHP College
12 Cobi Johnson RHP College
14 Keaton McKinney RHP College
15 Mitch Hart RHP College
16 Jake Godfrey RHP College
17 Patrick Mahomes RHP College
18 Nicholas Pratto LHP HS
19 Nolan (Nonie) Williams SS HS
20 Scott Hurst CF College
21 Jacob Bukauskas RHP College
21 Carl Chester CF College
22 Jeren Kendall CF College
23 Bennett Sousa LHP College
24 C.J. Moore CF College
25 Griffin Canning RHP College
25 Alejandro Toral 1B HS
26 Jordan Butler LHP HS
27 Altoon Coleman RHP HS
28 Ben Jordan RHP HS
29 Kel Johnson RF College
30 Derek Casey RHP College
31 Joseph Dunand 3B College
32 Mark Vientos SS HS
33 Bryce Carter C College
34 Hunter Milligan LHP HS
35 Alex Lange RHP College
35 Michael Cantu C College
36 Tanner Burns 3B HS
37 Jon Littell OF College
38 Zack Shannon OF College
39 Jeff Harding RHP College
40 Shane Benes OF College
41 Justin Smith CF College
42 Matt Ruppenthal RHP College
43 K.J. Harrison C College
44 Riley Adams C College
45 Sean Bouchard 3B College
46 Alex Destino LHP College
47 Tommy Doyle RHP College
48 Joseph Perez 3B HS
49 Hans Crouse RHP HS
50 Nicholas Storz RHP HS
51 Nick Allen SS HS
52 Freddie Zamora SS HS
53 Tylor Megill RHP College
55 Elliott Cary CF College
56 Jonathan Teaney RHP College
57 Justin Bellinger 1B College
58 Weston Bizzle RHP HS
59 Slade Heggen C College
60 Clay Casey CF College
61 Jeremy Vasquez 1B College
62 Brandon Murray RHP College
63 A.J. Moore RHP College
64 Garrett Cave RHP College
65 Zachary Pop RHP College
65 Drew Lugbauer C College
66 Jack Conlon 1B HS
67 Jayson Gonzalez 2B HS
68 Jason Rooks OF HS
69 Austin Beck OFCFRF HS
70 Hunter Perdue RHP HS
71 Tim Susnara C College
72 Jesse Lepore RHP College
73 Devin Smeltzer LHP College
74 Jesse McCord RHP College
75 Brandon McCabe RHP HS
76 Greg Lewandoski SS HS
77 Stephen Keller HS
79 K.J. Bryant OF College
80 Connor Wong SS College
81 Brock Barger RHP College
82 Bryce Dyrda RHP College
84 Cason Sherrod RHP College
85 Tyler Ahearn RHP HS
86 Justin Bullock RHP HS
87 Ben Ramirez SS HS
88 J.J. Matijevic SS College
88 Jacob Amaya SS HS
89 Joe Gillette College
90 Brad Bass RHP College
91 Lake Dabney LHP College
92 Cre Finfrock RHP College
93 Todd Isaacs CF College
94 Marco Rivera Rios CF College
95 Keith Grieshaber SS College
96 Blake Billinger 1B College
97 Adam Haseley LHP College
98 Andrew DiPiazza College
98 Chaney Rogers 1B HS
99 Jordon Adell RHP HS
100 D'Mond LaFond SS HS


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