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2016 MLB Draft Top Prospects

1 Austin Bergner RHP HS
2 Robert Tyler RHP College
3 Nicholas Quintana SS HS
4 Alec Hansen RHP College
5 Herbert Iser C HS
6 Cal Quantrill RHP College
7 Jeff Belge LHP HS
8 Jason Groome LHP HS
9 Riley Pint RHP HS
10 Nick Banks OF College
11 Blake Rutherford OF HS
12 Zack Collins 1B College
13 Jake Fraley CF College
14 Will Benson 1B HS
15 Connor Jones RHP College
16 Matt Krook LHP College
17 Ryan Boldt OF College
18 A.J. Puk LHP College
19 Willie Abreu OF College
20 Kyle Serrano RHP College
21 Sheldon Neuse 3B College
22 Spencer Steer 3B HS
23 Chris Okey C College
24 Jared Poche LHP College
25 Zack Jackson RHP College
25 Will Toffey 3B College
25 Luke Bonfield OF College
26 Garrett Williams LHP College
27 J.B. Woodman OF College
28 Keegan Thompson RHP College
29 Bryan Reynolds 1B College
30 Chase Strumpf SS HS
31 Hayden Stone RHP College
32 Garrett Gooden RHP HS
33 Zach Burdi RHP College
34 Braxton Garrett LHP HS
35 Cole Ragans LHP HS
36 Michael Shawaryn RHP College
36 Tate Blackman SS College
37 Ronnie Dawson OF College
38 Ian Anderson RHP HS
39 Chris Machamer SS HS
40 Reggie Lawson RHP HS
41 Anthony Molina RHP HS
42 Jordan Sheffield RHP College
43 Corey Ray CF College
44 Logan Shore RHP College
45 Kevin Gowdy RHP HS
45 Greg Deichmann 2B College
46 Ben DeLuzio SS College
47 Will Crowe RHP College
48 Seth Beer 3B HS
49 Mickey Moniak OF HS
50 Garrett Hampson SS College
51 Tres Barrera C College
52 Jonathan Gettys LHP HS
53 Gregory Veliz SS HS
54 Pete Alonso 1B College
55 Brennon Lund CF College
56 Jeremy Martinez C College
56 Bret Boswell 3B College
57 Reid Humphreys 3B College
58 Jackson Lamb OF College
59 Zach Linginfelter RHP HS
60 Eric Lauer LHP College
61 Trever Morrison SS College
62 Joe Skinner 3B HS
63 Todd Peterson RHP HS
64 Cavan Biggio 2B College
65 Kyle Muller LHP HS
66 Reagan Bazar RHP College
67 Bobby Dalbec 1B College
68 Carlos Cortes C HS
69 Conner Capel OF HS
70 Brett Morales RHP College
71 Anfernee Grier OF College
72 John Sternagel 3B College
73 Stephen Wrenn OF College
74 Mason Thompson RHP HS
75 Dion Henderson LHP HS
76 Thomas Dillard C HS
77 Thomas Dillard C HS
78 TJ Collett C HS
79 Charles King RHP HS
80 Ronnie Gideon 3B College
81 Max Knutson LHP College
82 Ben Bowden LHP College
83 Ryan Hendrix RHP College
84 Nick Derr SS HS
85 Shaun Anderson RHP College
86 Cory Wilder RHP College
87 Jack Little RHP HS
88 Michael Amditis C HS
89 Maddux Conger RHP HS
90 Cam Shepherd SS HS
91 Blake Sabol C HS
92 Buddy Reed CF College
93 Heath Quinn OF College
94 Alex Bostic LHP College
95 Brad Debo C HS
96 Nick Eicholtz RHP College
97 Drake Fellows RHP HS
98 Cameron Blake OF HS
99 Vince Fernandez OFCFRF College
100 Gage Burland RHP College
100 Brock Anderson OF HS
101 Dakota Donovan RHP HS
102 Ryder Ryan RHP College
102 Zac Gallen RHP College
103 Colby Woodmansee SS College
104 Joey Polak 3B HS
105 Luke Persico OF College
106 Morgan Cooper RHP College
107 Kramer Robertson 2B College
108 Grant Bodison SS HS
109 Juan Escarra C College
110 Thomas Hatch RHP College
111 Easton McGee RHP HS
112 Dane Dunning RHP College
112 Bryson Brigman SS College
113 Justin Dunn RHP College
114 Stephen Alemais SS College
115 Matthew Amditis C HS
116 Seth Martinez RHP College
117 Drew Mendoza RHP HS
119 Bailey Ober RHP College
120 Arden Pabst C College
121 Chris Viall RHP College
122 Dominic Taccolini RHP College
123 Alex Speas RHP HS
124 Thomas Burrows LHP College
125 Matt Vogel RHP College
126 Parker Bean OF College
127 Anthony Holubecki RHP HS
128 Bryce Harman 1B College
129 Bobby Nicholson RHP HS
130 Nate Mondou 2B College
131 Reid Schaller RHP HS
132 Nick Deeg LHP College
133 Jake Elliott RHP College
134 Tyler Mondile RHP HS
135 Bo Bichette SS HS
136 Logan Pouelsen 1B HS
137 Andrew Baker LHP HS
138 Josh Stephen OF HS
139 Weston Wilson SS College
140 Mason Templet 3B HS
141 Tyler Duvall C HS
142 Casey Hughston 1B College
143 Austin Hays OF College
144 Rylan Thomas 3B HS
145 Benito Santiago C College
145 Errol Robinson SS College
146 Christian Moya OF HS
147 Jalen Harrison OF HS
148 Taylor Trammell OF HS
148 Ryan Burnett LHP College
149 Blake Holliday 3B HS
150 Connor Jones LHP College
151 Conor Davis 1B HS
152 Jaxon Williams 2B HS
153 Gavin Lux SS HS
154 Kyle Mora RHP HS
155 Brenden Heiss RHP HS
156 Dominic Fletcher OF HS
157 David Martinelli OF College
158 Sam Tewes RHP College
159 Zach Attianese LHP HS
160 Alec Bettinger RHP College
161 Kevin Davis RHP College
162 Ryan Sluder OF College
163 Derik Beauprez RHP College
164 Gunnar McNeill 1B College
165 Joey Swinarski OF HS
166 Jake Thompson RHP MiLB
167 Andrew Mitchell RHP MiLB
168 Kyle Lewis 1B College
169 Matthew Thaiss C College
170 A.J. Bogucki RHP College
171 Chad Hockin RHP College
172 Andy McGuire 3B College
173 Blake Tiberi 3B College
174 Harrison Ray SS HS
175 Delvin Perez SS HS
176 Steve Keenum 3B College
177 Daulton Jefferies RHP College
178 Mark Ecker RHP College
178 Hunter Tackett CF College
179 Jack Weisenburger RHP HS
180 Alex Schick RHP College
181 Brett Hanewich RHP College
182 Tyler Fitzgerald SS HS
183 Austin Shenton 3B HS
184 Eugene Vazquez OF College
185 Jimmy Titus SS HS
186 Austin McNicholas SS HS
187 Ben Baird 2B HS
188 Jake Jessell C HS
189 Darryn Sheppard OF College
190 Jacob Abbott SS HS
191 Trevin Haseltine RHP College
192 Daniel Bakst SS HS
193 Hunter Simmons 3B College
194 Michael Sandborn LHP HS
195 CJ Chatham SS College
196 Hunter Jarmon OF College
197 Brandon Reitz RHP HS
198 Max Kranick RHP HS
199 Bailey Mullins SS HS
200 Tyler Benninghoff SS HS
201 Chuckie Robinson C College
202 MD Johnson RHP HS
203 A.J. Balta C College
204 Trey Lee Cobb RHP College
205 Spencer Trayner RHP College
206 Anthony Kay LHP College
207 Griffin Jax RHP College
208 Grant Gambrell 1B HS
209 Taylor Widener OF College
210 Ian Hamilton OF College
211 Bryan Garcia RHP HS
212 Tommy Edman SS College
213 Zach Plesac RHP College
214 Javon Shelby SS College
215 Ryan Olson RHP College
216 Joe Dudek 1B College
217 Brantley Bell SS College
218 Garrett Milchin 3B HS
219 Jacob Heyward OF College
220 Josh Sawyer LHP College
221 Dakota Hudson RHP College
222 Evan Anderson LHP College
223 Luke Robinson HS
224 Alex Kirilloff 1B HS
225 Preston Palmeiro 1B College
226 Cameron Frost College
227 Danny Zardon 3B College
228 Jesse Roth RHP College
229 Aaron Greenfield HS
230 Marcus Doi 2B College
231 Sam Ferri HS
233 Keenan Bell OF HS
234 Ryan Moseley RHP College
235 Tyler Buffett RHP College
236 Zack Thompson LHP HS
237 Greer Holston RHP HS
238 CJ Burdick RHP College
239 Jamar Burnette OF College
240 Jared Brasher RHP College
241 Trevor Hillhouse 1B HS
242 Josh Greene OF HS
243 Derek Burkamper RHP College
244 Erik Miller LHP HS
245 Adam Bleday LHP College
246 Ryne Birk 2B College
247 Noah Murdock RHP HS
248 Rian Haire LHP HS
249 Kevin Roliard RHP HS
250 Andres P. Sosa HS
251 Jesus Luzardo HS
252 Austin Bodrato SS HS
253 Aubrey McCarty 1B College
254 Spencer Van Scoyoc HS
255 Bo Weiss RHP HS
256 Jacob Parrott OF HS
257 Cooper Johnson HS
258 Jonathan Heasley RHP HS
259 Graeme Stinson HS
260 Austin Langworthy LHP HS
261 Sawyer Smith OF HS
262 Alex Kline LHP College
263 Karl Kauffmann RHP HS
264 Jordan McFarland 3B HS
265 Kenyon Yovan RHP HS
266 Jake Holtzapple HS
267 Landon Miner RHP HS
268 Elliott Barzilli SS College
269 Jackson Gillis LHP HS
270 Andy Ravel RHP College
271 Stephen Woods RHP College
272 Ryan Kreidler SS HS
273 Tony Locey RHP HS
274 Tyler Keysor RHP HS
275 Carter Aldrete SS HS
276 Thomas Johns HS
277 Stephen Kerr SS College
278 Brandon Fraley RHP HS
279 Michael Paez SS College
280 Evan Odum RHP HS
281 Hunter Seay HS
282 Jason Delay C College
283 Chase Cheek OF HS
284 Joseph Starling RHP College
285 Carter Kieboom HS
286 Ian Strom RHP College
287 Kirby McMullen RHP HS
288 Deaundre "D.J." Roberts RHP HS
289 JJ Bleday HS
290 Ricky Surum SS College
291 Logan Boyer HS
292 Brandon Martorano HS
293 Nick Cieri C College
294 Andrew Lantrip RHP College
295 Corbin Burnes RHP College
296 Christian Pelaez LHP College
297 Jim Voyles RHP College
298 Mike Donadio College
299 Andrew Burnick RHP College
300 Carson Shaddy C College


  1. ian strom is a lefty , plays center field and has been on sc top ten 3 times making catches
    please look him up on you tube

  2. Keep on the lookout for this kid he is going to be the steal of the draft.RHP/3B
    KENYON YOVAN!!!! WESTVIEW HS. Portland,Oregon
    Low as Top 100


    1. Solid college bat. I don't see him making this list.

  4. DJ Roberts should be alot higher than 288. Very efficient, 3 great pitches with potential to improve, 92-94 velo. Hit 95 a few times. Strong lower half. Don't overlook this kid!!


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