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2015 MLB Draft Top Prospects

1 Brendan Rodgers SS HS
2 Carson Fulmer RHP College
3 Kolby Allard LHP HS
4 Brady Aiken LHP College
5 Dansby Swanson SS College
6 Walker Buehler RHP College
7 Kyle Funkhouser RHP College
8 Alex Bregman 2B College
9 Dazmon Cameron CF HS
10 Justin Hooper LHP HS
11 Chris Betts C HS
12 Beau Burrows RHP HS
13 Nathan Kirby LHP College
14 Garrett Whitley OF HS
15 D.J. Stewart OF College
16 Cody Ponce RHP College
17 Nick Plummer OF HS
18 Ashe Russell RHP HS
19 Ian Happ OF College
20 Richie Martin SS College
21 Mike Nikorak RHP HS
22 Ryan Mountcastle SS HS
23 Austin Smith RHP HS
24 Tyler Ferguson RHP College
25 Riley Ferrell RHP College
26 Demi Orimoloye OF HS
27 Kyle Tucker OF HS
28 Juan Hillman LHP HS
29 Joe DeMers RHP HS
30 Phil Bickford RHP College
31 Michael Matuella RHP College
32 Jon Duplantier RHP College
33 Kyler Murray SS HS
34 Christin Stewart OF College
35 Chris Shaw 1B College
36 Jonathan Harris RHP College
37 Trenton Clark OF HS
38 Gio Brusa OF College
39 Kyle Molnar RHP HS
40 Chandler Day RHP HS
41 Alex Young LHP College
42 Devin Davis 1B HS
43 Steven Duggar OF College
44 Jonathan India SS HS
45 Ryan Cole McKay RHP HS
46 Luken Baker 1B HS
47 Ryan Burr RHP College
48 Jacob Nix RHP College
49 Triston McKenzie RHP HS
50 Mitchell Hansen OF HS
51 Tristin English RHP HS
52 Kyle Cody RHP College
53 Jake Lemoine RHP College
54 James Kaprielian RHP College
55 Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B HS
56 Donnie Everett RHP HS
57 Tyler Jay LHP College
58 Jahmai Jones OF HS
59 Nick Shumpert SS HS
60 Wyatt Cross C HS
61 Kep Brown OF HS
62 Nick Neidert 3B HS
63 Kevin Newman SS College
64 Alonzo Jones SS HS
65 Cody Poteet RHP College
66 Marcus Brakeman RHP College
67 Joe McCarthy OF College
68 Justin Garza RHP College
69 John Aiello SS HS
70 C.J. Hinojosa SS College
71 Kyle Dean OF HS
72 Thomas Eshelman RHP College
73 Ryan Johnson RF HS
74 Ryan McKenna OF HS
75 Alex Robinson LHP College
76 Andrew Suarez LHP College
77 Isiah Gilliam OF College
78 Marrick Crouse RHP HS
79 Dillon Tate RHP College
80 Jason Goldstein C College
81 Josh Staumont RHP College
82 Brett Lilek LHP College
83 Mac Marshall LHP College
84 Cornelius Randolph SS HS
85 Trent Thornton RHP College
86 Andrew Stevenson OF College
87 Mark Mathias 2B College
88 Ty Buck 3B HS
89 Blake Hickman RHP College
90 David Thompson OF College
91 Gray Fenter RHP HS
92 Josh Sborz RHP College
93 Cole Irvin LHP College
94 Jalen Miller SS HS
95 Kyle Twomey LHP College
96 Greg Pickett OF HS
97 Matthew McGarry RHP HS
98 Nick Fortes C HS
99 Josh Naylor RF HS
100 Daniel Reyes OF HS
101 Colin Poche LHP College
102 Skye Bolt OF College
103 Xavier Turner 3B College
104 Mikey White SS College
105 Cadyn Grenier SS HS
106 Drew Finley RHP HS
107 Christopher Cullen C HS
108 Kody Clemens SS HS
109 Tyler Alexander LHP College
110 Antonio Santillan SS HS
111 Corey Zangari RHP HS
112 Garrett Wolforth C HS
113 Doak Dozier OF HS
114 Tyler Nevin 3B HS
115 Mitchell Traver RHP College
116 Christifer Andritsos RHP HS
117 Chandler Eden RHP College
118 Darryl Wilson CF HS
119 Solomon Bates RHP HS
120 Cole Sands RHP HS
121 Gabriel Gonzalez RHP College
122 Travis Bergen LHP College
123 Tate Matheny OF College
124 Kyri Washington OF College
125 Travis Lakins RHP College
126 Travis Blankenhorn SS HS
127 C.J. Saylor C College
128 Matt Withrow RHP College
129 John Kilichowski LHP College
130 Rhett Wiseman OF College
131 Tyler Williams OF HS
132 Freddy Avis RHP College
133 Wesley Rodriguez 3B HS
134 Mark Laird OF College
135 Kyle Wilcox RHP College
136 Taylor Ward C College
137 Tyler Stubblefield LHP College
138 Christopher Chatfield OF HS
139 Jameis Winston College
140 Jonathan Hughes RHP HS
141 Hunter Virant LHP College
142 Blake Trahan SS College
143 Dexter "DJ" Neal RHP HS
144 Garrett Cleavinger LHP College
145 Bryant Harris OF HS
146 Jake Drossner LHP College
147 Thomas Szapucki LHP HS
148 Eric Gutierrez 1B College
149 Brendon Little LHP HS
150 Jake Kelzer RHP College
151 Harrison Bader OF College
152 Julian Infante 3B HS
153 Seth McGarry RHP College
154 Zach Farmer LHP College
155 Patrick Weigel RHP College
156 D.J. Peters OF College
157 Grayson Long RHP College
158 Chris Oakley RHP College
159 Jason Bilous OF HS
160 Trevor Megill RHP College
161 Bryan Hoeing RHP HS
162 Parker Ford RHP HS
163 Bryce Denton 3B HS
164 Brendon Davis 3B HS
165 Ryan Perez RHP College
166 Kevin Duchene LHP College
167 Zach Erwin LHP College
168 Jaylin Davis OF College
169 Tyler Neslony OF College
170 Tyler Krieger SS College
171 Cody Morris RHP HS
172 Nick Lee LHP MiLB
173 Nick Madrigal SS HS
174 Matt Kroon 3B HS
175 Reese Cooley OF College
176 Jacob Woodford RHP HS
177 Saturnino Santa Cruz RHP HS
178 Chad Smith OF HS
179 Parker Kelly SS HS
180 Max Wotell LHP HS
181 Tyler Ivey RHP HS
182 Michael Hickman C HS
183 Yasin Chentouf OF HS
184 Riley Thompson RHP HS
185 Ryan Kellogg LHP College
186 Taylore Cherry RHP College
187 Trey Cabbage 3B HS
188 C.D. Pelham LHP College
189 Jameson Fisher C College
190 Patrick Sandoval LHP HS
191 Rock Rucker RF College
192 Tyrone Perry 1B HS
193 Kolton Mahoney RHP College
194 Kort Peterson OF College
195 Lucas Herbert C HS
196 Austin Riley RHP HS
197 Elih Marrero C HS
198 Brandt Stallings 1B HS
199 Nolan Kingham RHP HS
200 Andrew Sopko RHP College
201 Mylz Jones 3B College
202 Eric Jenkins RHP HS
203 Jiovanni Orozco RHP HS
204 Michael Benson C HS
205 Scott Heineman OF College
206 Jacob Corso 1B HS
207 Dalton Kelly 1B College
208 Benton Moss RHP College
209 Daniel Pinero SS College
210 Andy Pagnozzi RHP HS
211 Tucker Simpson RHP College
212 Kyle Holder SS College
213 Will Haynie C College
214 Jack Wynkoop LHP College
215 Donnie Dewees OF College
216 Chase Williams RHP College
217 Jacob Waguespack RHP College
218 Nolan Long RHP College
219 David Fletcher SS College
220 Julius Gaines SS College
221 Chase Mullins LHP College
222 Hogan Harris LHP HS
223 Luke Wakamatsu SS College
224 Lucas Wakamatsu SS HS
225 Dakota Chalmers RHP HS
226 Hunter Bowling LHP HS
227 Matt Gonzalez SS College
228 Brendan Illies RHP HS
229 Devon Roedahl RHP HS
230 Xavier LeGrant SS HS
231 Kal Simmons SS College
232 Mitchell Gunsolus 3B College
233 John LaPrise 2B College
234 Francis Christy C College
235 Trent Johnson RHP HS
236 Hunter Haley OF College
237 Chris Chinea C College
238 Curt Britt RHP College
239 A.J. Minter LHP College
240 Alec Rash RHP College
241 Justin Jacome LHP College
242 Eric Hanhold RHP College
243 Braden Bishop OF College
244 Travis Maezes 3B College
245 Anthony Hermelyn C College
246 Kevin Collard OF HS
247 Gabriel Klobosits RHP College
248 R.J. Ybarra C College
249 Nick Zammarelli 3B College
250 Ako Thomas SS HS
251 Connor Heady SS College
252 Noah Burkholder RHP HS
253 Blake Helton SS HS
254 Garrett Hutson RHP HS
255 Timmy Robinson OF College
256 Jack Klein OF College
257 Georgie Salem College
258 Trey Killian RHP College
259 Drew Jackson SS College
260 A.J. Murray 1B College
261 Troy Conyers LHP College
262 Kyle Carter LHP College
263 Sage Diehm LHP HS
264 Logan Allen LHP HS
265 Brandon Kulp RHP College
266 Nico Hoerner SS HS
267 Edwin Rios 2B College
268 Ty Moore OF College
269 Ryley MacEachern RHP College
270 Stephen Kolek RHP HS
271 Vahn Bozoian OF College
272 Logan (LT) Tolbert SS HS
273 Drake Owenby LHP College
274 Dalton Sawyer LHP College
275 Korey Dunbar C College
276 Zack Kone SS HS
277 Ramon Alejo SS HS
278 Ian Gibaut RHP College
279 Jarret DeHart OF College
280 Lucius Fox SS HS
281 Riley Smith C College
282 Kyle Survance OF College
283 Nick Sprengel LHP HS
284 Nolan Watson RHP HS
285 Kacy Clemens RHP College
286 Daniel Sweet College
287 Kevin McCanna RHP College
288 Cam Gibson OF College
289 Willie Burger C HS
290 Jonathan Olsen RHP HS
291 Reggie Pruitt OF HS
292 Austin Byler 3B College
293 Josh Roeder RHP College
294 Lamonte Wade OF College
295 Tristan Metten SS HS
296 Anthony Misiewicz LHP College
297 Ryan Tella OF College
298 Case Rolen RHP College
299 A.J. Simcox SS College
300 Shane Tucker RHP HS


  1. Was Travis Neubeck considered? RHP who left Air Force and is now a sophomore at Indian Hills Community College.

  2. I still had him listed at Air Force and a 2016 draft but even with the new infomation, he wouldnot be considered for this list.

  3. Riley Smith, RHP, San Jacinto, 92-94, pitched on National Team, LSU commit, you missed on him buddy!

  4. Check out Tekwaan Whyte SS/RHP , plays on same high school travel team as 2 other AA ( Dj Neal & Bakari Gayle) still best pure hitter on the team with great eye at plate, good defensively with strong arm, 90-92 top out @ 93 on the bump .

  5. do you look at NAIA players?

  6. On what round is Xavier Altamirano projected to get drafted in? He has great numbers and seems to be under the radar

  7. Zammarelli. #249, is 2016 draft eligible


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