Friday, June 20, 2014

A few potential overslot signings remaining

Looking at the draft slots and signing bonuses, a few things still could happen with over slot signings.

The Astros have enough money remaining, I think they could make a run at Mac Marshall and over him 7 figures.

The Brewers look to have 500K or so to give to Turner Larkins, JJ Schwarz, CD Pelham or split it among them.

The Cubs could do something similar with Jake Niggemeyer, Brad Depperman, Mike Cantu, DJ Peters or Joe Martarano. I think if I were doing it, I'd try to get Isaih Gilliam and see what I could do after that. Peters would be next on my list.

The Cardinals could have about 500k to send to Justin Bellinger or Bryan Dobzanski.

The Diamondbacks have a ways to go but if Touki signs for a bit under slot, Jake Bukauskas isn't completely out of reach, though he may want 7 figures.

The Rockies could have a few bucks to throw at Pavin Smith and the White Sox could probably find 400K to get Bryce Montes De Oca if Rodon doesn't need it all. I'd try to get De Oca there and put what I had on the table for Rodon after that.

The Marlins look to have plenty left but I don't know where they'd go with it..

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Final 2014 Mock Draft

1) AstrosBrady Aiken, LHP
2) MarlinsCarlos Rodon, LHP
3) White SoxAaron Nola, RHP
4) CubsMichael Conforto, OF
5) TwinsNick Gordon, SS
6) MarinersAlex Jackson, C/OF
7) PhilliesSean Newcomb, LHP
8) RockiesTyler Kolek, RHP
9) Blue JaysMax Pentecost, C
10) MetsForrest Wall, 2B
11) Blue JaysJeff Hoffman, RHP
12) BrewersTyler Beede, RHP
13) PadresKyle Schwarber, C/1B
14) GiantsTrea Turner, SS
15) AngelsNick Howard, P
16) DiamondbacksGrant Holmes, RHP
17) RoyalsFoster Griffin, LHP
18) NationalsToukki Tousaint, RHP
19) RedsSean Reid-Foley, RHP
20) RaysDerek Hill, OF
21) IndiansMichael Chavis, 3B
22) DodgersSpencer Adams, RHP
23) TigersNick Burdi, RHP
24) PiratesTi'Quan Forbes, SS
25) AthleticsBrad Zimmer, OF
26) Red SoxEric Fedde, RHP
27) CardinalsMike Kopech, RHP
28) RoyalsKodi Medeiros, LHP
29) RedsBraxton Davidson, 1B
30) RangersMonte' Harrison, OF
31) IndiansMatt Chapman, 3B
32) BravesMac Marshall, LHP
33) Red SoxLuke Weaver, RHP
34) CardinalsLuis Ortiz, RHP

Final 2014 Mock Draft

1) Astros Brady Aiken, LHP
2) Marlins Carlos Rodon, LHP
3) White Sox Aaron Nola, RHP
4) Cubs Michael Conforto, OF
5) Twins Nick Gordon, SS
6) Mariners Alex Jackson, C/OF
7) Phillies Sean Newcomb, LHP
8) Rockies Tyler Kolek, RHP
9) Blue Jays Max Pentecost, C
10) Mets Forrest Wall, 2B
11) Blue Jays Jeff Hoffman, RHP
12) Brewers Tyler Beede, RHP
13) Padres Kyle Schwarber, C/1B
14) Giants Trea Turner, SS
15) Angels Nick Howard, P
16) Diamondbacks Grant Holmes, RHP
17) Royals Foster Griffin, LHP
18) Nationals Toukki Tousaint, RHP
19) Reds Sean Reid-Foley, RHP
20) Rays Derek Hill, OF
21) Indians Michael Chavis, 3B
22) Dodgers Spencer Adams, RHP
23) Tigers Nick Burdi, RHP
24) Pirates Ti'Quan Forbes, SS
25) Athletics Brad Zimmer, OF
26) Red Sox Eric Fedde, RHP
27) Cardinals Mike Kopech, RHP
28) Royals Kodi Medeiros, LHP
29) Reds Braxton Davidson, 1B
30) Rangers Monte' Harrison, OF
31) Indians Matt Chapman, 3B
32) Braves Mac Marshall, LHP
33) Red Sox Luke Weaver, RHP
34) Cardinals Luis Ortiz, RHP

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 MLB Draft Book


It's available here. Free.

Orders have stopped over the last three days essentially and I didn't come close to my goal, so I'm just putting it out there. I put way too much work in for no one to see it.

THANK YOU to those who did purchase it. I appreciate it very much.

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Thanks for reading.

Purchase the 2014 MLB Draft Book for $4.99. Available now in PDF only. When you order it, I will email it to the email address that I get from your PayPal account. I should get it to you within an hour or so of purchasing. If you purchase at night, it may take until morning for me to fulfill the order. If you purchased it and haven't received it, please let me know in the comments here or on twitter or email me using the icon on the right sidebar. Thank you!

It checks in at 241 pages this year and it includes: 
-Total picks and slot totals for teams
-Pick number, team and slot value
-Scouting Director for each team and recent picks under him 
-Each players estimated bonus 
-Draft profiles 
-Players with signability questions
-My top 350 prospects
-Top players by position and level
-Tools cheat sheet for hitters and pitchers
-Draft ages for high school and college players
-Mock Draft
-Regional Rankings
-2013 Grades, 2013 Top 10 round results, 2013 Top 10 rounds by Position
-2015 top 150 draft prospects
-2016 top 150 draft prospects

Sunday, June 1, 2014

2104 Astros Shadow System

The Shadow Draft has always been a great way to make me think about the draft and how it affects the entire franchise. I enjoy every aspect of baseball, from the business side and financials to the strategy of the game to the human-interest stories. It is all a part of the game. That is a large part of why I do a shadow draft. I read about players, get familiar with them and it gives me a reason to follow them through the minors up to the majors hopefully.

I also use it to test my skills, think outside the box and try to learn more about the game. The main reason I use the Astros dates back to 2010. The Astros were about to start their rebuild. They were about to cut ties with faces of the franchise, Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman and were likely to get very little other than saving money. Now I didn’t take into account the exact financials of the club, as they were cash strapped, I used a fictional world in which this money could be used to add to the existing MLB Draft budget of the club. This would give them a pile of money to spend over the next couple years before the new Collective Bargaining Agreement would be agreed upon and at this point it seemed as if limiting draft spending was a key piece to this. This was an opening and a place to gain competitive advantage for a team that needed a boost to get back to where it could be. Now I didn’t see this as unrealistic considering the Astros are in, I believe, the fourth biggest market nationally and have had success in the past. They had a nice, fairly new ballpark. It seemed to me that all they needed was a winner.