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2015 MLB Draft: The Perfect Game and Under Armour All-American Games

The last three years, I have typically written up one of the Under Armour or Perfect Game All American Games. This year, I watched both and will combine the notes instead of focusing on one. Some played in both games and showed different things in each game but none showed completely different skills. These aren't in specific order but are generally how I prefer them. I didn't spend a lot of time on order. I'll do that later. I had a preliminary ranking in my 2014 Draft Book but much of it has changed with the games I have seen this summer. I still have a lot of prep work before I put out a new list but this should help satiate your appetite. The Pitchers Kolby Allard Kolby Allard was so good, it was almost unfair and these are the best players in the country. He had an easy 92-94 MPH FB that he was spotting and it was just unfair. His breaking ball could get big leaguers out right now with that kind of command. He is a good athlete. He’s a smallish guy and won’t blow peopl…

Sorry for the lack of posts

I have had more responsibility at work this year as well as having to take care of my son after work on my own more often with my wife's school work and clinical hours increasing. I'm still trying to keep up with everything for my offseason rankings as well as the draft next June but I'm behind. I hope I have time to catch up soon and when I do, you will know about it.