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2014 Astros Shadow Team International Signings

I have thought a lot about this lately. While researching these players, a few guys really stood out to me early on. Juan De Leon stood out to me right away, as did Ricky Aracena, Pedro Gonzalez and Gilbert Lara. Then you start to think about budget. I really liked arms like Christopher Acosta, Huascar Ynoa and Franklin Perez. Then budget is just stupid to think about because so many of these guys are seven figure guys and some of them have gotten 2+ million. Even with 5+ million to spend on my Shadow team, I won't get all the players I want.

I see a lot of potential in like Gilberto Lara, Miguel Flames, Hyo Joon Park, Juan De Leon, Bryan Emery and smaller ticket guys like Felix Osorio and Elwin Tejada. These could be future major leaguers and potentially future stars. Although there is a ton of risk involved, young talent is the cheapest and most efficient way to build a long term contender.
In a world where Joey Votto is still owed well over $200 million dollars as a 30 year old…

An Introduction to the 2014 International Class

Here are my opinions on the top prospects in the 2014 International class based on the sparse video that is available. There are some assumptions here but we are talking about 16 year olds.

With some players, it is easy to see the talent immediately. I wish I had run times on some of these guys to have a bit more information on whether they can play up the middle or have to move to a corner but I will have to just make judgement calls based off of body style and actions. I did not do an overall rating but I have them in the order I like them by position. Pitchers Christopher Acosta, R/R, 6'3", 170, D.R. Video Acosta is long and lean. He has a nice loose arm and a clean delivery. His breaking ball has some bite too it and he looks like he should gain a few ticks on his fastball. I'd be surprised if he isn't a 7 figure guy. He seems like a safe pick with high upside and I think he will be generally regarded as the best arm in this class until these guys start making an imp…