Friday, June 20, 2014

A few potential overslot signings remaining

Looking at the draft slots and signing bonuses, a few things still could happen with over slot signings.

The Astros have enough money remaining, I think they could make a run at Mac Marshall and over him 7 figures.

The Brewers look to have 500K or so to give to Turner Larkins, JJ Schwarz, CD Pelham or split it among them.

The Cubs could do something similar with Jake Niggemeyer, Brad Depperman, Mike Cantu, DJ Peters or Joe Martarano. I think if I were doing it, I'd try to get Isaih Gilliam and see what I could do after that. Peters would be next on my list.

The Cardinals could have about 500k to send to Justin Bellinger or Bryan Dobzanski.

The Diamondbacks have a ways to go but if Touki signs for a bit under slot, Jake Bukauskas isn't completely out of reach, though he may want 7 figures.

The Rockies could have a few bucks to throw at Pavin Smith and the White Sox could probably find 400K to get Bryce Montes De Oca if Rodon doesn't need it all. I'd try to get De Oca there and put what I had on the table for Rodon after that.

The Marlins look to have plenty left but I don't know where they'd go with it..

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