Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 MLB Draft Book


It's available here. Free.

Orders have stopped over the last three days essentially and I didn't come close to my goal, so I'm just putting it out there. I put way too much work in for no one to see it.

THANK YOU to those who did purchase it. I appreciate it very much.

If you still want to donate to support the project, there is a button on the sidebar.

Thanks for reading.

Purchase the 2014 MLB Draft Book for $4.99. Available now in PDF only. When you order it, I will email it to the email address that I get from your PayPal account. I should get it to you within an hour or so of purchasing. If you purchase at night, it may take until morning for me to fulfill the order. If you purchased it and haven't received it, please let me know in the comments here or on twitter or email me using the icon on the right sidebar. Thank you!

It checks in at 241 pages this year and it includes: 
-Total picks and slot totals for teams
-Pick number, team and slot value
-Scouting Director for each team and recent picks under him 
-Each players estimated bonus 
-Draft profiles 
-Players with signability questions
-My top 350 prospects
-Top players by position and level
-Tools cheat sheet for hitters and pitchers
-Draft ages for high school and college players
-Mock Draft
-Regional Rankings
-2013 Grades, 2013 Top 10 round results, 2013 Top 10 rounds by Position
-2015 top 150 draft prospects
-2016 top 150 draft prospects


  1. i ordered the prospect guide on Sunday and haven't received it yet. Paid for it through Amazon. You can email it to

  2. I don't have anything set up through Amazon to pay me but what the hell, I'll send ya one.

  3. When do you plan to release your 2015 edition?

  4. I don't know if I will. I didn't make much off it last year and it takes a lot of effort. If I do, it will be late May.