Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top Prospects Starting in California League (HiA)

D.J. Peterson in the Cal league, that'll continue to muddy things up. I still won't know if his power is real. Julio Urias in amongst all these college draftees is cool. Matt Olson is being pushed aggressively.  I bet Mac Williamson has a huge power year in this league.

Julio Urias P A Los Angeles Dodgers
Chris Stratton P A San Francisco Giants
D.J. Peterson 3B A Seattle Mariners
Renato Nunez 3B A Oakland A's
Corey Seager SS A Los Angeles Dodgers
Billy McKinney CF A Oakland A's
Gabriel Guerrero RF A Seattle Mariners
Cam Bedrosian P B Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Michael Ynoa P B Oakland A's
Chris Anderson P B Los Angeles Dodgers
Vincent Velasquez P B Houston Astros
Seon Gi Kim P B Seattle Mariners
Tom Windle P B Los Angeles Dodgers
Kyle Winkler P B Arizona Diamondbacks
Jimmie Sherfy P B Arizona Diamondbacks
Martin Agosta P B San Francisco Giants
Tyler Pike P B Seattle Mariners
Joan Gregorio P B San Francisco Giants
Nolan Sanburn P B Oakland A's
Tyler Marlette C B Seattle Mariners
Matt Olson 1B B Oakland A's
Delino DeShields 2B B Houston Astros
Brandon Drury 3B B Arizona Diamondbacks
Rosell Herrera SS B Colorado Rockies
Daniel Robertson SS B Oakland A's
Trevor Story SS B Colorado Rockies
Nolan Fontana SS B Houston Astros
Mac Williamson RF B San Francisco Giants
Kendry Flores P C San Francisco Giants
Brady Rodgers P C Houston Astros
Anthony Meo P C Arizona Diamondbacks
Kyle Smith P C Houston Astros
Josh Bowman P C Oakland A's
Manny Correa P C Oakland A's
Colton Cain P C Houston Astros
Aaron West P C Houston Astros
Austin Wood P C Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Cody Wheeler P C Arizona Diamondbacks
Jayson Aquino P C Colorado Rockies
Dylan Unsworth P C Seattle Mariners
Kyle Waldrop P C Cincinnati Reds
Seth Streich P C Oakland A's
Stephen Johnson P C San Francisco Giants
Cody Hebner P C San Diego Padres
Jeff Soptic P C San Francisco Giants
Tucker Healy P C Oakland A's
Steven Okert P C San Francisco Giants
Jacob Newberry P C Colorado Rockies
Enrique Burgos P C Arizona Diamondbacks
Raul Fernandez P C Colorado Rockies
Peter Tago P C Colorado Rockies
Tyler Heineman C C Houston Astros
Bruce Maxwell C C Oakland A's
Pratt Maynard C C Los Angeles Dodgers
Telvin Nash 1B C Houston Astros
Rudy Flores 1B C Arizona Diamondbacks
A.J. Kirby-Jones 1B C San Diego Padres
Sean Dwyer 1B C Colorado Rockies
Ryan Wright 2B C Cincinnati Reds
John Tolisano 2B C Cincinnati Reds
Sherman Johnson 3B C Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Ryon Healy 3B C Oakland A's
Chad Pinder SS C Oakland A's
Jeremy Baltz LF C San Diego Padres
Brandon Jacobs LF C Arizona Diamondbacks
Evan Marzilli CF C Arizona Diamondbacks
Andrew Aplin CF C Houston Astros
Bobby Crocker CF C Oakland A's
Socrates Brito OF C Arizona Diamondbacks
James Baldwin OF C Los Angeles Dodgers
Brian Ragira OF C San Francisco Giants
Kyle Waldrop OF C Cincinnati Reds
Corey Adamson OF C San Diego Padres
Juan Silva OF C Cincinnati Reds
Aaron Shipman OF C Oakland A's
Derek Jones OF C Colorado Rockies

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