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GAPPER Report: The First Week

Last season I debuted my GAPPER Reports. I was even lucky enough to get invited to Dan Brooks' Saberseminar to present my research. Sadly, I was unable to attend due to a work conflict but it gave me the feeling that this was worth more effort. After I was unable to present, I was disappointed and told myself that I need to get this out there better this year. This year I am going to be more transparent. My goal was to produce a PDF this winter with the data that I created but I didn't have the time. So instead I will be posting some of it along with the first GAPPER report that you can view it here. Google Drive doesn't work ideally for this but you should be able to download it.

This winter I spent some time coding, streamlining and improving it. The new system involves less labor but still has flaws. I haven't figured out the ideal way to handle when players get promoted yet. That makes this difficult but it's a learning process. If I was better at coding and co…

Top Prospects Starting in Midwest League (LoA)

Yes, Mark Appel and Kohl Stewart are in the same league. I guess the 'Stros are going low and slow with Appel. If you look at the top college arms in this league and look at the young bats like Correa and Cordero, if they don't get their ass handed to them, it's amazing. The cool thing, I expect Correa to dominate.