Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Future of MLB Prospect Guide

Starting tomorrow, I'm rolling out a series of the best players broken down by position for each age.

It isn't a perfect order, as that would take more time than I have to put into it, but it will give you general rankings to go by. I have tiered many players and given each player a value. I sorted players by this value and that is how I created these lists.

To get the value, the players position, age, current (last year) level of play and his value on the 2-8 scale are used and put into my valuation system. Generally I gave very few players 7's as that gives very large numbers and should be reserved for guys like Kershaw, Trout, etc. I haven't released this info yet and I'm not sure when or how I will, but it seems fairly accurate in valuing what a player would be worth on the open market.

This is more for information purposes than anything. I've been sitting on so much info for so long, so I'm going to start sharing more of it. I hope you guys enjoy it.


  1. Dan....What is your definition of what "Elite" is and does the average at the position include the Elite players?

    What is the difference (definition) between Elite, Average and Backup at each position. The chart indicates no difference at shortstop between Elite and Average. So getting a little more information would allow me to better make your data applicable as I evaluate amateur players. Jeff

  2. I'm Matt but..
    Elite is the average of the top 6 players at each position each year. Average is the average of the top 30 for each position, backup is the rest of the players, essentially unless otherwise noted.

  3. Matt .. what determines the top 6 at each position? OPS? Plate Appearances? I need some specifics if I'm going to make your charts applicable and concrete for projecting amateur talent. What are the specific requirements to be put in the top 6 and why did you use only the top 6? Why not top 5 or top 10?

    Also, does the "average" of the top 30 include the top 6? Meaning the top 6 and then 7-37 would be where you compiled the "average" category from? Or did you omit the top 6 from the top 30? SO basically the top 30 would be the top 30 of what's left at the position? Jeff

  4. Honestly, I don't remember if I used GP or PA for the hitters. It was one of the two and I can't find the spreadsheet right now.
    I used top 6 beacuse I thought it was a good number. Top 20%. No other reason.

    Average of top 30 does include top 6.