Sunday, September 29, 2013

Using my pitching spectrum to project players.

I'm just going to start with PCL pitching prospects as an example. They are close to big league ready and shouldn't develop a lot from here, so we can figure most of these players won't change levels a lot. The basis is simple. The first letter is innings, the second letter is K rate, the third BB rate.
Taijuan Walker heads the list. He is a 20APA. The APA is usually a dominant reliever or a top of the rotation starter without a lot of innings. Well, Taijuan will be a starter and will log more innings than this, so you can move him up to a PPA. These are aces. That's Walker's potential. If his K rate drops, to a PAA, he's still a #2/3 starter. If his command regresses to a PAB, worst case, he could be Daniel Cabrera like. To me, that's the absolute floor. I don't really see a case where Walker is healthy and he isn't effective.

Jarred Cosart is another interesting case. As a 23AAB, he fits along with a lot of guys who show promise but don't have the command to be high level players. One of two things will likely happen. His command will improve making him an AAA, solid pitcher, then allowing him to throw more innings, a PAA, a #2/3 starter..or he will get moved to the pen, where his stuff will play up and his K rate will go up to an APB or even a BPB. Either way, that's a high end reliever. If he lacks K's in the pen, he could be a BAB, a middle reliever. That's his floor.

A couple things that seem intuitive to me but may not be when using this system. If you move a player up in innings, lower him in K rate.
Lower a player in innings, may be able to increase K rate. The higher the GAPPER score, the more likely that will work, generally.
Command increases are hard. Do not assume it will happen but generally, the younger the player, the more likely he will improve.

The Plus K rate is isolated to 7.5% of all MLB pitchers. 3.17% fall into the Below average innings pitched range, 3.63% is in the average innings pitched range and only 0.69% of players with a Plus K rate are Plus innings pitchers. It is very rare.

Let's look at a couple in the midwest league. Lance McCullers is an 19APB. That's a big armed reliever. That may be what he is but lets try this..Lets bump his innings while maintaining his K rate, PPB. That's Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson territory, so lets move him to a PAB. Again very rare, filled with 100+ BB guys, so the likelihood of him being a big league starter is very low without command improvements.

Let's reset. Start back at APB. If he'd improve command, he could be a APA, dominant reliever or high end starter with limited innings..that makes me think we should put in the rotation full time and lead him to a PPA. Well that's an Ace. He does have ace potential but if his K rate drops with more innings hes a PAA or a #2 or 3 starter. That seems more likely.
In the end, a very wide array of outcomes exist with McCullers but considering that he has a high GAPPER score, the odds are fairly good that he improves.

The same things could be said for Daniel Norris a 20APB. The difference is Norris' GAPPER score is much less but still well above 0, so there is a good chance he improves as well, just less likely than McCullers.

I hope this explains a little more. If not, hit me up @mattgarrioch on twitter.

Labeling Pitchers Beyond Rotation Values

In my process of learning the in's and out's of baseball over the last few years, there have been things that bug me. One is that people are annoyed when you call their favorite prospect a future #3 starter. I always knew that being a "#3" was rare but how could I classify that? Well, I couldn't, so I just moved on and let it eat at me. That's how I get so obsessed with things, but it's also how I do what I do.

Now I have figured out how the lower minors work, how they lead to the upper levels and what it takes to make it to the majors. Now, I had enough data and knowledge to find what makes a major leaguer successful. I can now tell you how rare that "#3 starter" actually is, along with a lot more information.

I used data from 1961-2012 for my analysis at the big league level. I used the same theory as I did with minor leaguers, only I included everyone in the calculations. Oddly enough, the basic numbers are pretty similar.

There are 27 different categories for pitchers. This is the list of them and how frequently they are found in the majors.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Top Midwest League Pitching Prospects

Victor Sanchez Mariners (A) 18AAA 939.6
Raul Alcantara Athletics (A) 20PAA 865.3
Miguel Sulbaran - - - 19AAA 756.2
Zach Eflin Padres (A) 19AAA 733.2
Lance Mccullers Astros (A) 19APB 721.9
Tyler Pike Mariners (A) 19AAB 719.1
Max Fried Padres (A) 19AAB 717.2
Josh Hader Astros (A) 19AAB 705.1
Robert Stephenson Reds (A) 20APA 696.1
Julio Urias Dodgers (A) 16APA 654.3
Jose Berrios Twins (A) 19AAA 647.2
Salvatore Romano Reds (A) 19AAA 626.8
Zachary Bird Dodgers (A) 18AAB 609.2
Walker Weickel Padres (A) 19AAA 600.9
Jake Thompson Tigers (A) 19APA 561.1
Stephen Landazuri Mariners (A) 21AAA 515.2
Joe Ross Padres (A) 20AAA 501.6
Vincent Velasquez Astros (A) 21APA 489.9
Nick Travieso Reds (A) 19AAA 461.5
Dylan Baker Indians (A) 21AAA 460.5
Jonathan Martinez Dodgers (A) 19AAA 460.1
Jorge Lopez Brewers (A) 20AAA 443.0
Daniel Norris Blue Jays (A) 20APB 433.5
Roberto Osuna Blue Jays (A) 17APA 411.1
Blake Snell Rays (A) 20AAB 408.0
Dylan Unsworth Mariners (A) 20AAP 374.0
Jackson Stephens Reds (A) 19AAA 359.2
Hudson Boyd Twins (A) 20AAB 358.0
Joseph Krehbiel Angels (A) 20APA 355.2
Mariano Llorens Cardinals (A) 20APB 347.6
Drew Cisco Reds (A) 21AAP 335.2
Taylor Guerrieri Rays (A) 20AAA 327.0
Jharel Cotton Dodgers (A) 21APA 309.6
Jochi Ogando Mariners (A) 20AAB 303.2
Pierce Johnson Cubs (A) 22APA 292.4
Marcus Jensen Rays (A) 21AAA 289.2
Ismael Guillon Reds (A) 21APB 286.8
Kurt Heyer Cardinals (A) 22AAA 274.0
Chris Anderson Dodgers (A) 20APB 264.0
Cam Bedrosian Angels (A) 21APA 262.6
Tyrell Jenkins Cardinals (A) 20AAA 252.3
Michael Ynoa Athletics (A) 21AAB 248.9
Tayler Scott Cubs (A) 21AAA 247.3
Eswarlin Jimenez Angels (A) 21AAA 236.2
Joel Bender Reds (A) 21AAA 232.2
Jeffry Antigua Cubs (A) 23AAA 227.0
Trevor Gott Padres (A) 20APA 214.0
Mitch Brown Indians (A) 19AAB 183.9
Felix Sterling Indians (A) 20AAB 181.2
Jake Sisco Indians (A) 21AAA 179.0
Jordan John Tigers (A) 22AAA 178.0
Tom Windle Dodgers (A) 21AAA 174.5
Tyler Vail Athletics (A) 21AAA 174.1
Colton Cain Astros (A) 22AAA 168.7
Dillon Maples Cubs (A) 21AAB 166.2
Michael Kelly Padres (A) 20AAB 144.1
Jeff Thompson Tigers (A) 21AAA 137.0
Kyle Crockett Indians (A) 21BPA 136.4
Luis Dejesus Indians (A) 21AAA 134.9
Hector Hernandez Cardinals (A) 22AAA 133.4
Jeffrey Ames Rays (A) 22AAA 130.5
Mason Melotakis Twins (A) 22AAA 127.0
J.R. Bradley Diamondbacks (A) 21AAB 115.3
Mark Appel Astros (A) 21AAA 114.3
Jimmie Sherfy Diamondbacks (A) 21BPA 113.8
Dylan Covey Athletics (A) 21AAA 110.1
Nolan Sanburn Athletics (A) 21BAA 99.7
Aaron Blair Diamondbacks (A) 21AAA 99.2
Ben Lively Reds (A) 21APA 94.3
Daniel Gibson Diamondbacks (A) 21BAA 91.4
Michael Lorenzen Reds (A) 21BAB 87.3
Damien Magnifico Brewers (A) 22AAB 81.5
Braden Shipley Diamondbacks (A) 21AAA 75.2
Hudson Randall Tigers (A) 22ABA 75.1
Alex Blackford Angels (A) 22APA 65.9
Wes Mugarian Reds (A) 21AAB 63.1
Logan Ehlers Tigers (A) 21AAB 60.4
Rob Zastryzny Cubs (A) 21BAA 57.5
Mike Mayers Cardinals (A) 21AAA 51.4
Tyler Skulina Cubs (A) 21BAA 44.9
Griffin Murphy Blue Jays (A) 22AAA 38.3
Adys Portillo Padres (A) 21BAA 23.4
Amir Garrett Reds (A) 21AAA 22.5
Madison Boer Twins (A) 23AAA 2.4
Kyle Winkler Diamondbacks (A) 23AAA -78.3
Manuel Soliman Twins (A) 23AAB -100.0
Deivi Jimenez Athletics (A) 23AAA -140.2

Top Midwest League HItting Prospects

Byron Buxton Twins (A) 19PAP 1000.3
Carlos Correa Astros (A) 18AAA 821.0
Orlando Arcia Brewers (A) 18AAA 706.3
Jorge Polanco Twins (A) 19AAA 637.3
Tyrone Taylor Brewers (A) 19AAA 567.1
Jesse Winker Reds (A) 19AAA 545.9
Ketel Marte Mariners (A) 19AAA 523.7
Jeimer Candelario Cubs (A) 19AAA 508.0
Dorssys Paulino Indians (A) 18AAA 492.9
Danry Vasquez - - - 19AAA 488.1
Breyvil Valera Cardinals (A) 20PAA 463.9
Carson Kelly Cardinals (A) 18BAA 420.5
Corey Seager Dodgers (A) 19BAA 411.8
Brandon Drury Diamondbacks (A) 20PPA 411.7
Rio Ruiz Astros (A) 19AAA 402.1
Daniel Vogelbach Cubs (A) 20AAA 371.8
Albert Almora Cubs (A) 19BAA 350.3
Mallex Smith Padres (A) 20AAP 349.2
Daniel Robertson Athletics (A) 19AAA 298.4
Devon Travis Tigers (A) 22PAP 284.8
Timmy Lopes Mariners (A) 19BBA 269.9
Dwight Smith Blue Jays (A) 20AAP 257.5
Matt Olson Athletics (A) 19APA 224.6
Emilio Guerrero Blue Jays (A) 20BAA 220.7
Charlie Tilson Cardinals (A) 20AAA 207.2
Chris Bostick Athletics (A) 20AAP 200.6
Justin Williams Diamondbacks (A) 17BBA 189.7
Andrew Toles Rays (A) 21PAP 183.4
Jonathan Singleton Astros (A) 21BAA 181.5
Tyler Marlette Mariners (A) 20BAA 160.8
Shane Opitz Blue Jays (A) 21BAA 154.2
LeVon Washington Indians (A) 21BAA 149.8
Tyler Goeddel Rays (A) 20AAP 147.2
Renato Nunez Athletics (A) 19AAA 142.4
Gabriel Guerrero Mariners (A) 19AAA 141.6
Dario Pizzano Mariners (A) 22AAA 131.8
Phillip Ervin Reds (A) 20BAA 123.7
Maxx Tissenbaum Padres (A) 21AAA 115.9
Jesmuel Valentin Dodgers (A) 19BAA 107.5
Martin Peguero Mariners (A) 19BBA 96.9
Tommy Coyle Rays (A) 22AAP 94.6
Max Kepler-Rozycki Twins (A) 20BAA 92.0
Pin-Chieh Chen Cubs (A) 21BBA 91.2
Oscar Hernandez Rays (A) 19BBA 81.2
Christian Lopes Blue Jays (A) 20AAA 75.7
Teoscar Hernandez Astros (A) 20AAP 53.7
Brandon Martin Rays (A) 19BAA 52.5
Aaron Shipman Athletics (A) 21BBA 46.1
Marco Hernandez Cubs (A) 20BAA 40.9
Ruben Sosa Astros (A) 22BBA 39.5
Travis Harrison Twins (A) 20AAA 38.8
Nelson Rodriguez Indians (A) 19BAA 37.4
Luigi Rodriguez Indians (A) 20BBA 32.4
Rodney Daal Padres (A) 20BAA 29.8
Tanner Rahier Reds (A) 19BAA 28.5
Harold Castro Tigers (A) 19BBA 12.6
Gioskar Amaya Cubs (A) 20AAA 2.2
D.J. Peterson Mariners (A) 21BAA -0.8
Brett Phillips Astros (A) 19BBA -8.2
Clint Coulter Brewers (A) 19BAA -15.3
Adam Walker Twins (A) 21APA -16.0
Trey Martin Cubs (A) 20BBA -23.9
Aaron Siliga Indians (A) 20BBA -24.8
Mitchell Haniger Brewers (A) 22AAA -41.6
Brandon Trinkwon Dodgers (A) 21BAA -43.4
Jamodrick Mcgruder Mariners (A) 21BBA -46.7
Tony Kemp Astros (A) 21BBA -53.3
Marcus Littlewood Mariners (A) 21BAA -75.5
Santiago Nessy Blue Jays (A) 20BAA -77.0
Chad Lewis Athletics (A) 21BBA -99.5
Seth Mejias-Brean Reds (A) 22PAA -109.1
Luke Maile Rays (A) 22BAA -109.6
Jeremy Baltz Padres (A) 22AAA -125.3
Raphael Rhymes Tigers (A) 23BBA -140.6
Patrick Leonard Rays (A) 20BAA -144.3
Hunter Renfroe Padres (A) 21BAA -152.0
Exicardo Cayones Angels (A) 21BBA -168.2
Granden Goetzman Rays (A) 20BAP -171.9
Christopher Hawkins Blue Jays (A) 21BAA -179.5
Sherman Johnson Angels (A) 22AAA -204.2
Dane Phillips Padres (A) 22BAA -219.0
Dominic Ficociello Tigers (A) 21BAA -233.4
Austin Schotts Tigers (A) 19BAP -233.9
Ariel Ovando Astros (A) 19BAA -240.3
Roderick Shoulders Cubs (A) 21AAA -245.5
Patrick Wisdom Cardinals (A) 21AAA -281.3
Reggie Golden Cubs (A) 21BAA -292.1
Victor Roache Brewers (A) 21AAA -300.1
Justin O'Conner Rays (A) 21BAA -328.5
Gustavo Pierre Blue Jays (A) 21AAA -330.3
Patrick Kivlehan Mariners (A) 23PAA -367.3
Kellen Sweeney Blue Jays (A) 21BAA -381.3
Bobby Borchering Astros (A) 22BAA -397.3
Jeffrey Gelalich Reds (A) 22AAA -461.8
Dalton Hicks Twins (A) 23APA -505.6
Jacob Stewart Tigers (A) 22BAA -627.2
Brian Adams Padres (A) 22BAA -717.4

Top South Atlantic League Hitting Prospects

Mookie Betts Red Sox (A) 20APP 909.3
Raul Mondesi Royals (A) 17AAP 681.0
Jose Peraza Braves (A) 19AAP 662.5
Rosell Herrera Rockies (A) 20PAA 489.6
Carlos Tocci Phillies (A) 17BBA 445.4
Joey Gallo Rangers (A) 18BPA 417.7
Gregory Bird Yankees (A) 20APA 352.7
Nomar Mazara Rangers (A) 18AAA 300.4
Rangel Ravelo White Sox (A) 21BAA 291.9
Dilson Herrera - - - 19AAA 254.2
Josh Bell Pirates (A) 20AAA 253.4
J.P. Crawford Phillies (A) 18BBA 236.2
Nick Williams Rangers (A) 19AAA 227.5
Ronald Guzman Rangers (A) 18BBA 220.0
Micah Johnson White Sox (A) 22PAP 216.7
Robert Refsnyder Yankees (A) 22AAP 213.7
Adrian Marin Orioles (A) 19BAA 149.8
Kyle Wren Braves (A) 22BAP 138.4
Jayce Boyd Mets (A) 22PAA 119.3
Jake Cave Yankees (A) 20AAA 106.3
Pedro Severino Nationals (A) 19BAA 104.0
Colin Moran Marlins (A) 20BBA 99.0
Roman Quinn Phillies (A) 20BBP 69.3
Kevin Plawecki Mets (A) 22AAA 66.0
Tony Renda Nationals (A) 22PAP 63.2
Cameron Gallagher Royals (A) 20BBA 62.0
Jacob May White Sox (A) 21BAP 40.7
Austin Dean Marlins (A) 19BAA 40.4
David Dahl Rockies (A) 19BBA 40.0
Wyatt Mathisen Pirates (A) 19BBA 28.5
Maxwell Moroff Pirates (A) 20BAA 17.6
Bubba Starling Royals (A) 20BAP 12.1
Christian Walker Orioles (A) 22AAA 8.6
Tim Anderson White Sox (A) 20BBP 5.8
Jorge Alfaro Rangers (A) 20AAA 2.6
Avery Romero Marlins (A) 20BAA -7.7
Sean Coyle Red Sox (A) 21BAA -8.1
Angelo Gumbs Yankees (A) 20BAA -11.3
Hunter Dozier Royals (A) 21BAA -15.8
Brandon Nimmo Mets (A) 20AAA -59.1
Alex Hassan Red Sox (A) 25BAA -62.8
Lewis Brinson Rangers (A) 19BAP -66.6
Barrett Barnes Pirates (A) 21BBA -71.4
Phillip Evans Mets (A) 20BBA -71.6
Keon Barnum White Sox (A) 20BAA -78.0
Cito Culver Yankees (A) 20AAA -82.8
Rafael Rodriguez Giants (A) 20BBA -90.2
Wynston Sawyer Orioles (A) 21BAA -93.5
Tom Murphy Rockies (A) 22BPA -110.5
Taylor Dugas Yankees (A) 23ABA -118.3
Josh Elander Braves (A) 22AAA -120.4
Travious Relaford Giants (A) 21BBA -181.3
Dante Bichette Yankees (A) 20BAA -202.0
Peter O'Brien Yankees (A) 22APA -205.8
Stetson Allie Pirates (A) 22APA -281.2
Kendrick Perkins Red Sox (A) 21BBA -316.5
Stefan Sabol Mets (A) 21BAA -330.6
Larry Greene Phillies (A) 20BAA -403.4
Yeicok Calderon Yankees (A) 21BAA -472.1
Creede Simpson Orioles (A) 23BAA -476.8

Top South Atlantic League Pitching Prospects

Lucas Sims Braves (A) 19APA 878.9
Tyler Glasnow Pirates (A) 19APB 868.8
Mauricio Cabrera Braves (A) 19AAB 819.1
Jefferson Olacio White Sox (A) 19AAA 797.2
Severino Gonzalez Phillies (A) 20APA 742.0
Josh Hader Orioles (A) 19AAB 705.1
Mark Binford Royals (A) 20AAA 699.0
Miguel Almonte Royals (A) 20APA 694.2
Gabriel Ynoa Mets (A) 20AAP 669.2
Myles Jaye White Sox (A) 21PAA 630.8
C.J. Edwards Rangers (A) 21APA 613.4
Robert Gsellman Mets (A) 19AAA 613.3
Wesley Parsons Braves (A) 20AAA 598.2
Miguel Nunez Phillies (A) 20AAA 547.0
Kendry Flores Giants (A) 21APP 531.9
Cody Kukuk Red Sox (A) 20AAB 512.0
Ivan Pineyro Nationals (A) 21AAA 508.2
Alexander Claudio Rangers (A) 21APA 507.9
Eddie Butler Rockies (A) 22PPA 507.7
Francellis Montas - - - 20APA 493.8
Luis Heredia Pirates (A) 18AAB 493.7
Clay Holmes Pirates (A) 20AAB 481.0
Jose Leclerc Rangers (A) 19APA 465.3
Jose Campos Yankees (A) 20AAA 445.0
Andrew Faulkner Rangers (A) 20AAA 442.6
Luc Rennie Orioles (A) 19AAA 439.1
Parker Bridwell Orioles (A) 21AAA 423.2
Euclides Leyer White Sox (A) 20AAA 395.6
Shane Watson Phillies (A) 19AAA 368.0
Jayson Aquino Rockies (A) 20AAA 358.7
Braulio Ortiz White Sox (A) 21APB 340.1
Derek Law Giants (A) 22APA 329.1
Jose De Paula Yankees (A) 22APB 303.3
Sean Gilmartin Braves (A) 23AAA 284.0
Evan Rutckyj Yankees (A) 21AAB 249.3
Carlos Perez Braves (A) 21APA 228.9
Martin Agosta Giants (A) 22APB 225.2
Matt Purke Nationals (A) 22AAA 217.7
Kyle Haynes Pirates (A) 22APA 217.6
Austin Brice Marlins (A) 21AAB 212.7
Chris Stratton Giants (A) 22AAA 208.0
William Davis Yankees (A) 20AAA 191.0
Bryan Brickhouse Royals (A) 21AAA 181.0
Brian Johnson Red Sox (A) 22APA 170.3
Stephen Johnson Giants (A) 22APB 160.9
Trevor Oakes Rockies (A) 22AAA 95.3
Matthew Carasiti Rockies (A) 21AAA 84.0
Jason Hursh Braves (A) 21BAA 78.0
Branden Kline Orioles (A) 21AAA 70.1
Gregory Billo Royals (A) 22APA 69.7
Trevor Williams Marlins (A) 21AAA 67.3
Matthew Price Orioles (A) 23AAA 63.9
Bret Mitchell Mets (A) 24APB 32.1
Chad James Marlins (A) 22AAB 31.6
Austin Maddox Red Sox (A) 22AAA -9.3
Brett Mooneyham Nationals (A) 23AAB -12.4
Pat Light Red Sox (A) 22AAA -31.1
Jack Mcgeary Red Sox (A) 24BPB -43.1

Top Florida State League Hitting Prospects

Byron Buxton Twins (A+) 19PAP 1000.3
Maikel Franco Phillies (A+) 20PPA 981.4
Javier Baez Cubs (A+) 20APA 633.3
Miguel Sano Twins (A+) 20APA 607.1
Gregory Polanco Pirates (A+) 21AAP 599.2
Alen Hanson Pirates (A+) 20AAP 585.7
Gary Sanchez Yankees (A+) 20AAA 404.7
Eddie Rosario Twins (A+) 21PAA 398.5
Ryan Brett Rays (A+) 21BAP 373.4
Daniel Vogelbach Cubs (A+) 20AAA 371.8
Jose Osuna Pirates (A+) 20AAA 362.2
Eugenio Suarez Tigers (A+) 21AAA 311.8
Andrew Burns Blue Jays (A+) 22PPP 302.8
Stephen Piscotty Cardinals (A+) 22AAA 292.1
Brent Keys Marlins (A+) 22ABA 288.8
Devon Travis Tigers (A+) 22PAP 284.8
Avisail Garcia Tigers (A+) 22BAA 280.4
Hector Guevara Rays (A+) 21BAA 272.6
Jake Hager Rays (A+) 20ABA 234.1
Benjamin Gamel Yankees (A+) 21AAP 228
Emilio Guerrero Blue Jays (A+) 20BAA 220.7
Nick Delmonico Brewers (A+) 20BAA 220.4
Robert Refsnyder Yankees (A+) 22AAP 213.7
Charlie Tilson Cardinals (A+) 20AAA 207.2
Aderlin Mejia Twins (A+) 21BBA 206
Dustin Geiger Cubs (A+) 21AAA 202.2
Drew Vettleson Rays (A+) 21AAA 167.9
Jorge Soler Cubs (A+) 21BAA 144.7
Mason Williams Yankees (A+) 21AAA 137.3
Jayce Boyd Mets (A+) 22PAA 119.3
Pin-Chieh Chen Cubs (A+) 21BBA 91.2
Jake Marisnick Marlins (A+) 22BAA 74.7
Kevin Plawecki Mets (A+) 22AAA 66
Cameron Perkins Phillies (A+) 22AAA 64
Aderlin Rodriguez Mets (A+) 21BAA 55.7
Marcell Ozuna Marlins (A+) 22BBA 54.5
Kris Bryant Cubs (A+) 21BAA 52
Harold Castro Tigers (A+) 19BBA 12.6
Adeiny Hechavarria Marlins (A+) 24BBA 10.5
Stephen Bruno Cubs (A+) 22BBA 8.2
Yadiel Rivera Brewers (A+) 21AAA 2.6
Joseph Bonfe Mets (A+) 25BPP 0.1
John Andreoli Cubs (A+) 23AAP -2
Angelo Gumbs Yankees (A+) 20BAA -11.3
Levi Michael Twins (A+) 22BAP -14.1
Tommy Joseph Phillies (A+) 21BBA -23.3
Gustavo Martinez Phillies (A+) 19BBA -26.4
Dixon Machado Tigers (A+) 21BBA -27
Anderson Feliz Yankees (A+) 21BBA -27.2
A.J. Jimenez Blue Jays (A+) 23BAA -27.4
Mitchell Haniger Brewers (A+) 22AAA -41.6
Kennys Vargas Twins (A+) 22APA -57.5
Cito Culver Yankees (A+) 20AAA -82.8
Steven Moya Tigers (A+) 21BAA -90
Ryan Rieger Marlins (A+) 22AAA -108.4
Kristopher Hobson Blue Jays (A+) 22BAA -119
Jacob Wilson Cardinals (A+) 22AAA -129.3
Alejandro Segovia Rays (A+) 23BAA -137.3
Austin Barnes Marlins (A+) 23AAA -152.6
Aaron Altherr Phillies (A+) 22AAP -155.5
James Ramsey Cardinals (A+) 23AAA -161.7
Colin Walsh Cardinals (A+) 23AAA -165.3
JaDamion Williams Twins (A+) 22AAP -169.9
Francisco Martinez Tigers (A+) 22AAA -175.9
Richard Shaffer Rays (A+) 22AAA -197.5
Peter O'Brien Yankees (A+) 22APA -205.8
Jason Krizan Tigers (A+) 24AAA -216.8
Jonathon Berti Blue Jays (A+) 23AAP -232.7
Stetson Allie Pirates (A+) 22APA -281.2
Patrick Wisdom Cardinals (A+) 21AAA -281.3
Daniel Gamache Pirates (A+) 22AAA -316.7
Gustavo Pierre Blue Jays (A+) 21AAA -330.3
Cameron Garfield Brewers (A+) 22BAA -338.6
Cameron Flynn Marlins (A+) 23AAA -341.1
Gift Ngoepe Pirates (A+) 23BAA -357.2
Jeff Mcvaney Tigers (A+) 23AAA -376.4
Cory Vaughn Mets (A+) 24BAA -388.8
Travis Taijeron Mets (A+) 24APA -425.3
Yordy Cabrera Marlins (A+) 22AAA -463.6
Kes Carter Rays (A+) 23BAA -467.1
Isaac Galloway Marlins (A+) 23AAP -489.7
Dalton Hicks Twins (A+) 23APA -505.6
Nick Ramirez Brewers (A+) 23APA -642
Robbie Shields Mets (A+) 25BAA -747.5
Kevin Patterson Blue Jays (A+) 24BAA -1041.5

Top Florida State League Pitching Prospects

Noah Syndergaard Mets (A+) 20APA 885.5
Nicholas Kingham Pirates (A+) 21APA 867.4
Severino Gonzalez Phillies (A+) 20APA 742.0
Justin Nicolino Marlins (A+) 21AAA 705.0
Tim Cooney Cardinals (A+) 22PAP 702.6
Jose Urena Marlins (A+) 21PAA 683.2
Benjamin Wells Cubs (A+) 20AAA 662.4
C.J. Edwards Cubs (A+) 21APA 613.4
Robert Gsellman Mets (A+) 19AAA 613.3
Scott Allen Yankees (A+) 21AAA 590.2
Kyle Ryan Tigers (A+) 21AAA 586.0
Aaron Sanchez Blue Jays (A+) 20AAB 570.1
Felipe Rivero Rays (A+) 21AAA 553.0
D.J. Baxendale Twins (A+) 22PAA 540.6
Corey Black - - - 21APB 518.2
Ivan Pineyro Cubs (A+) 21AAA 508.2
Joley Rodriguez Pirates (A+) 21AAA 483.5
Drew Verhagen Tigers (A+) 22AAA 482.8
Domingo Tapia Mets (A+) 21AAB 457.6
Adrian Sampson Pirates (A+) 21AAA 455.0
Robby Rowland Pirates (A+) 21AAA 446.0
Daniel Norris Blue Jays (A+) 20APB 433.5
Bryan Mitchell Yankees (A+) 22AAA 424.1
Andrew Bellatti Rays (A+) 21AAA 415.9
Taylor Rogers Twins (A+) 22AAA 409.9
Andrew Heaney Marlins (A+) 22AAA 407.4
Orlando Castro Pirates (A+) 21AAA 379.1
Jhondaniel Medina Pirates (A+) 20APB 368.8
Cesar Vargas Yankees (A+) 21AAA 363.0
Joshua Hodges Marlins (A+) 22AAA 335.4
Nicholas Hanson Phillies (A+) 21AAA 334.3
Michael O'Brien Yankees (A+) 23AAA 307.5
Jose De Paula Yankees (A+) 22APB 303.3
Jacob Partridge Rays (A+) 22AAB 297.9
Austin Reed Cubs (A+) 21AAA 293.6
Pierce Johnson Cubs (A+) 22APA 292.4
Zachary Jones Twins (A+) 22APB 288.9
Kurt Heyer Cardinals (A+) 22AAA 274.0
Michael Fulmer Mets (A+) 20AAA 263.7
Matt Summers Twins (A+) 23AAA 257.0
Tyrell Jenkins Cardinals (A+) 20AAA 252.3
Yao-Lin Wang Cubs (A+) 22AAA 245.7
Mike Montgomery Rays (A+) 24AAA 233.1
Jason Wheeler Twins (A+) 22AAA 230.1
Jeffry Antigua Cubs (A+) 23AAA 227.0
Adrian Salcedo Twins (A+) 22AAA 179.8
Hansel Robles Mets (A+) 22AAA 176.1
Colby Suggs Marlins (A+) 21BPB 155.9
Frank Del Valle Cubs (A+) 23APB 154.0
Jesse Hahn Rays (A+) 23AAA 145.0
Corey Williams Twins (A+) 22AAB 144.4
Alex Panteliodis Mets (A+) 22AAA 139.4
Daniel Child Phillies (A+) 20BAA 105.5
Ethan Stewart Phillies (A+) 22AAB 100.0
Marco Gonzales Cardinals (A+) 21BPA 88.4
Austin Kubitza Tigers (A+) 21BAA 84.1
Damien Magnifico Brewers (A+) 22AAB 81.5
Hudson Randall Tigers (A+) 22ABA 75.1
Robert Kilcrease Pirates (A+) 24AAA 50.0
Jed Bradley Brewers (A+) 23AAB 35.3
Jimmy Patterson Rays (A+) 24AAA 30.3
Dean Kiekhefer Cardinals (A+) 24AAA 25.9
Zachary Von Rosenberg Pirates (A+) 22BBB 21.7
Madison Boer Twins (A+) 23AAA 2.4
Grayson Garvin Rays (A+) 23BAA 2.1
Dan Barnes Blue Jays (A+) 23BPA 1.0
Jordan Swagerty Cardinals (A+) 23BAB -16.8
Luke Bard Twins (A+) 22BAB -17.1
Starling Peralta Cubs (A+) 22AAB -31.2
Zachary Grimmett Phillies (A+) 23BBB -53.8
Cody Scarpetta Brewers (A+) 24AAB -80.0
Perci Garner Phillies (A+) 24AAB -118.8

Top California League Pitching Prospects

Archie Bradley Diamondbacks (A+) 20PPB 1277.1
Matthew Wisler Padres (A+) 20APA 1127.7
Clayton Blackburn Giants (A+) 20APA 895.7
Raul Alcantara Athletics (A+) 20PAA 865.3
Tyler Skaggs Diamondbacks (A+) 21AAA 854.9
Edwin Escobar Giants (A+) 21APA 822.2
Kyle Smith Astros (A+) 20AAA 788.2
Mike Foltynewicz Astros (A+) 21AAB 757.4
Robert Stephenson Reds (A+) 20APA 696.1
Jon Moscot Reds (A+) 21AAA 646.9
Johnny Barbato Padres (A+) 20AAA 602.7
Adalberto Mejia Giants (A+) 20APA 577.0
Kyle Crick Giants (A+) 20APB 529.9
Stephen Landazuri Mariners (A+) 21AAA 515.2
Eddie Butler Rockies (A+) 22PPA 507.7
Luis Cruz Astros (A+) 22APA 502.1
Garrett Gould Dodgers (A+) 21AAA 491.3
Vincent Velasquez Astros (A+) 21APA 489.9
Mark Sappington Angels (A+) 22PAB 472.4
Michael Morin Angels (A+) 22APA 467.0
Jake Barrett Diamondbacks (A+) 21APA 465.5
Carlos Contreras Reds (A+) 22AAB 451.6
Ty Blach Giants (A+) 22AAP 441.8
Dominic Leone Mariners (A+) 21APA 437.6
Tanner Peters Athletics (A+) 22PAA 429.9
Andrew Chafin Diamondbacks (A+) 23PAA 413.1
Ross Stripling Dodgers (A+) 23AAA 399.9
Christopher Jensen Rockies (A+) 22PAA 396.1
Dalton Von Schamann Dodgers (A+) 22AAA 372.0
Matt Anderson Mariners (A+) 21AAA 363.7
Danny Winkler Rockies (A+) 23PPA 340.5
Derek Law Giants (A+) 22APA 329.1
Trevor Miller Mariners (A+) 22AAA 328.6
Brady Rodgers Astros (A+) 22AAA 324.7
Jharel Cotton Dodgers (A+) 21APA 309.6
Cam Bedrosian Angels (A+) 21APA 262.6
Seon Gi Kim Mariners (A+) 21AAB 251.6
Michael Ynoa Athletics (A+) 21AAB 248.9
R.J. Alvarez Angels (A+) 22APB 246.9
Eswarlin Jimenez Angels (A+) 21AAA 236.2
Jonathan Gray Rockies (A+) 21APA 193.1
Justin Arrowood Rockies (A+) 22APA 186.0
Colton Cain Astros (A+) 22AAA 168.7
Patrick Schuster Diamondbacks (A+) 22APA 158.1
Josh Osich Giants (A+) 24APA 158.0
Richard James Hively Diamondbacks (A+) 24APA 153.7
Michael Thomas Dodgers (A+) 24APA 147.7
Aaron West Astros (A+) 23AAA 147.5
Bryce Bandilla Giants (A+) 23APB 139.6
Tucker Healy Athletics (A+) 23APA 130.1
Jeff Soptic Giants (A+) 22APB 101.5
Michael Lorenzen Reds (A+) 21BAB 87.3
Edward Santos Angels (A+) 23APA 78.2
Hunter Strickland Giants (A+) 24BPA 73.0
Cody Hall Giants (A+) 25APA 56.0
Tyler Anderson Rockies (A+) 23AAA 53.9
Edwin Carl Dodgers (A+) 24APA 29.7
Kyle Lotzkar Reds (A+) 23AAB 23.0
Arismendy Ozoria Dodgers (A+) 22APB 11.7
Anthony Meo Diamondbacks (A+) 23AAB 11.3
Brett Hunter Athletics (A+) 26APB -4.7
Patrick Johnson Rockies (A+) 24APB -16.7
Kyle Winkler Diamondbacks (A+) 23AAA -78.3
Deivi Jimenez Athletics (A+) 23AAA -140.2