Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hall of Fame Vote

If anyone is wondering, this is my vote to the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America.

Anyone who follows me on twitter, or has for any period of time, knows what I think about "performance enhancers". I think the whole thing is a joke. I know some used, many used. I know some didn't and to them, I tip my hat and give them a pat on the back for being good humans. Past that, it doesn't matter to me. McGwire took all kinds of stuff.  He als had a 164 OPS+ and hit 49 home runs as a rookie when he was a stick figure compared to his later days.

Bagwell may have been clean, he may have used. I don't care. Biggio the same. They were great players. As were all the players on my list. I'm sure most of them had a performance enhancing surgery at some point. Maybe they took Ibuprofen to take away some pain to enhance their performance. Hell, this miracle substance wasn't invented until the 1960's. Anyone who took this enhanced their performance more than anyone before it. You can say this about a lot of different pharmaceuticals. Now lets forget about the moral outrage and get back to good old baseball because everyone cheated one way or another. It's just about where you draw the line. Baseball is an evolving game that we all love and the players we cheered for as they dominated the sport. These are the players I feel are the most deserving. There should be no questioning many of them based on the careers they had.

Here are the players that I feel are the most deserving players currently.

Jeff Bagwell

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