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Labeling Hitters

I found this interesting and very different than what I expected. Using MLB stats, I would have thought that major leaguers would have been more diverse but they really aren't. The vast majority of players fit in just a few categories. About 1/2 of them are essentially replacement level players with below average hitting and power. Fascinating.

Each group has three letters, the first is hitting, the second is power and the third is speed. P is plus, A is average and B is below average.

What really surprised me is the lack of below average runners. They just don't exist in the majors. Yeah, there are players who are slow like Albert Pujols and the like but they are fast enough to still be average. That cuts the 27 groups down to 18.
I'm posting this more for myself than anything. I'll expound on it at some point but this is all I got for now. More will come in the future. While I don't know if anyone else understands or appreciates this at this point but I've sp…