Friday, September 27, 2013

Top Midwest League Pitching Prospects

Victor Sanchez Mariners (A) 18AAA 939.6
Raul Alcantara Athletics (A) 20PAA 865.3
Miguel Sulbaran - - - 19AAA 756.2
Zach Eflin Padres (A) 19AAA 733.2
Lance Mccullers Astros (A) 19APB 721.9
Tyler Pike Mariners (A) 19AAB 719.1
Max Fried Padres (A) 19AAB 717.2
Josh Hader Astros (A) 19AAB 705.1
Robert Stephenson Reds (A) 20APA 696.1
Julio Urias Dodgers (A) 16APA 654.3
Jose Berrios Twins (A) 19AAA 647.2
Salvatore Romano Reds (A) 19AAA 626.8
Zachary Bird Dodgers (A) 18AAB 609.2
Walker Weickel Padres (A) 19AAA 600.9
Jake Thompson Tigers (A) 19APA 561.1
Stephen Landazuri Mariners (A) 21AAA 515.2
Joe Ross Padres (A) 20AAA 501.6
Vincent Velasquez Astros (A) 21APA 489.9
Nick Travieso Reds (A) 19AAA 461.5
Dylan Baker Indians (A) 21AAA 460.5
Jonathan Martinez Dodgers (A) 19AAA 460.1
Jorge Lopez Brewers (A) 20AAA 443.0
Daniel Norris Blue Jays (A) 20APB 433.5
Roberto Osuna Blue Jays (A) 17APA 411.1
Blake Snell Rays (A) 20AAB 408.0
Dylan Unsworth Mariners (A) 20AAP 374.0
Jackson Stephens Reds (A) 19AAA 359.2
Hudson Boyd Twins (A) 20AAB 358.0
Joseph Krehbiel Angels (A) 20APA 355.2
Mariano Llorens Cardinals (A) 20APB 347.6
Drew Cisco Reds (A) 21AAP 335.2
Taylor Guerrieri Rays (A) 20AAA 327.0
Jharel Cotton Dodgers (A) 21APA 309.6
Jochi Ogando Mariners (A) 20AAB 303.2
Pierce Johnson Cubs (A) 22APA 292.4
Marcus Jensen Rays (A) 21AAA 289.2
Ismael Guillon Reds (A) 21APB 286.8
Kurt Heyer Cardinals (A) 22AAA 274.0
Chris Anderson Dodgers (A) 20APB 264.0
Cam Bedrosian Angels (A) 21APA 262.6
Tyrell Jenkins Cardinals (A) 20AAA 252.3
Michael Ynoa Athletics (A) 21AAB 248.9
Tayler Scott Cubs (A) 21AAA 247.3
Eswarlin Jimenez Angels (A) 21AAA 236.2
Joel Bender Reds (A) 21AAA 232.2
Jeffry Antigua Cubs (A) 23AAA 227.0
Trevor Gott Padres (A) 20APA 214.0
Mitch Brown Indians (A) 19AAB 183.9
Felix Sterling Indians (A) 20AAB 181.2
Jake Sisco Indians (A) 21AAA 179.0
Jordan John Tigers (A) 22AAA 178.0
Tom Windle Dodgers (A) 21AAA 174.5
Tyler Vail Athletics (A) 21AAA 174.1
Colton Cain Astros (A) 22AAA 168.7
Dillon Maples Cubs (A) 21AAB 166.2
Michael Kelly Padres (A) 20AAB 144.1
Jeff Thompson Tigers (A) 21AAA 137.0
Kyle Crockett Indians (A) 21BPA 136.4
Luis Dejesus Indians (A) 21AAA 134.9
Hector Hernandez Cardinals (A) 22AAA 133.4
Jeffrey Ames Rays (A) 22AAA 130.5
Mason Melotakis Twins (A) 22AAA 127.0
J.R. Bradley Diamondbacks (A) 21AAB 115.3
Mark Appel Astros (A) 21AAA 114.3
Jimmie Sherfy Diamondbacks (A) 21BPA 113.8
Dylan Covey Athletics (A) 21AAA 110.1
Nolan Sanburn Athletics (A) 21BAA 99.7
Aaron Blair Diamondbacks (A) 21AAA 99.2
Ben Lively Reds (A) 21APA 94.3
Daniel Gibson Diamondbacks (A) 21BAA 91.4
Michael Lorenzen Reds (A) 21BAB 87.3
Damien Magnifico Brewers (A) 22AAB 81.5
Braden Shipley Diamondbacks (A) 21AAA 75.2
Hudson Randall Tigers (A) 22ABA 75.1
Alex Blackford Angels (A) 22APA 65.9
Wes Mugarian Reds (A) 21AAB 63.1
Logan Ehlers Tigers (A) 21AAB 60.4
Rob Zastryzny Cubs (A) 21BAA 57.5
Mike Mayers Cardinals (A) 21AAA 51.4
Tyler Skulina Cubs (A) 21BAA 44.9
Griffin Murphy Blue Jays (A) 22AAA 38.3
Adys Portillo Padres (A) 21BAA 23.4
Amir Garrett Reds (A) 21AAA 22.5
Madison Boer Twins (A) 23AAA 2.4
Kyle Winkler Diamondbacks (A) 23AAA -78.3
Manuel Soliman Twins (A) 23AAB -100.0
Deivi Jimenez Athletics (A) 23AAA -140.2


  1. Great stuff Matt.What do the numbers to the right represent?