Monday, September 23, 2013

Top Gulf Coast League Hitting Prospects

My Top 10

1. Austin Meadows, OF, Pirates, is a guy that I didn't like as much as many others but considering the performance in pro ball, he needs to be here. He has all the tools and the performance is there. He could be a top 100 prospect this year and be in the top 10 in two years.

2. Dominic Smith, 1B, Mets, projects to be a middle of the order bat. His glove is an asset at first base but the money is in the bat. He could handle a corner OF spot but he would be below average at either spot.

3. Reese Mcguire, C,  Pirates, has a good bat, solid power projection and has a solid glove. He is a very good all around talent and should be the Bucs backstop of the future.

4. Franklin Barreto, 2B, Blue Jays, was a top international prospect last season and had a great season this year in the GCL. He is only 17 and should be watched closely next year.

5. J.P. Crawford, SS, Phillies, is a great athelte and showed why he was the consensus top short stop in the 2013 draft.

6. Nick Ciuffo, C, Rays, didn't hit well in his pro debut. I'm not worried about the bat but the glove will help carry him up the ranks.

7. Riley Unroe, SS, Rays, is a man without a position but he has a strong bat. He did have some swing and miss issues but I really like the potential.

8. Rowdy Tellez, 1B, Blue Jays,  has power. Huge power. He played in a college league this summer as well and made an impact there as well.

9. Drew Ward, 3B,  Nationals, hit far better than I expected him to, coming from a small town in Oklahoma. His swing is solid and I'm not sure the power will come immediately but if he can stick at 3B, that will be less of an issue.

10. Jason Martin, OF, Astros, is not the sexiest name here and sexier names are left out of the top 10. Jon Denney, Oscar Mercado, Amaurys Minier are a few that have stronger pedigree's but man I love how Martin plays the game. You can't talk to anyone who has seen him that doesn't like him and my GAPPER system agrees, so here he is, rounding out a stacked list.

Others of Note

Gosuke Katoh, 2B, Yankees
Amaurys Minier, 3B, Twins
Oscar Mercado, SS, Cardinals
Jon Denney, C, Red Sox
Richard Urena, SS, Blue Jays
Anthony Alford, OF, Blue Jays
Josh Hart, OF, Orioles
Wendell Rijo, SS, Red Sox

GAPPER Scores and Ratings of players I consider prosepcts

*due to the length of the GCL season, it is hard for anyone to get above a "B" in either hitting or power so these aren't the most definitive ratings. Scouting needs to be heavily invovled here.

Richard UrenaBlue Jays17BAA313.5
Wendell RijoRed Sox17BBA240.2
J.P. CrawfordPhillies18BBA236.2
Jason MartinAstros17BBA196.4
Franklin BarretoBlue Jays17BAA189.7
Javier BetancourtTigers18BBA188.1
Reese McguirePirates18BBA176.7
Austin MeadowsPirates18BAA158.9
Gosuke KatohYankees18BAA146.4
Riley UnroeRays17BBA131.9
Kean WongRays18BBA127.7
Jean EstrellaAstros17BBA125.9
Abiatal AvelinoYankees18BBA118.1
Randy NovasNationals18BBA109.1
Dominic SmithMets18BBA105.8
Deivi GrullonPhillies17BBA103.5
Chance SiscoOrioles18BBA80.2
Luis GuillormeMets18BBA52.8
Amaurys MinierTwins17BBA37.7
Randolph GassawayOrioles18BBA31.7
Drew WardNationals18BBA27.8
Anthony AlfordBlue Jays18BBA24
Josh HartOrioles18BBA22.1
Rowdy TellezBlue Jays18BBA20
Jacob NottinghamAstros18BBA14.4
Nick LonghiRed Sox17BBA8.5
Nick BucknerPirates17BBA6.6
Brian NavarretoTwins18BBA-8.3
Oscar MercadoCardinals18BBA-10.9
Cord SandbergPhillies18BBA-27.9
Jon DenneyRed Sox18BBA-47
Steven GoldenPhillies18BBA-53.9
Joseph MongeRed Sox18BBA-64.8
Chris RiveraCardinals18BBA-68.3
Malik CollymoreCardinals18BBA-74.3
Nick CiuffoRays18BBA-81
Thomas MiloneRays18BBA-83.3
K.J. WoodsMarlins17BBA-83.3
Ian HagenmillerBraves18BBA-148.9
Wulimer BecerraMets18BBA-155.8
Dylan ManwaringBraves18BBA-156.9
Trae ArbetPirates19BBA-220.6
Ron MillerMarlins19BBA-247
Fernelys SanchezBraves19BBA-252.2
Austin AuneYankees19BBA-366.6

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