Friday, September 27, 2013

Top California League Hitting Prospects

Delino Deshields Jr. Astros (A+) 20AAP 726.1
Addison Russell Athletics (A+) 19APP 690.1
Ketel Marte Mariners (A+) 19AAA 523.7
Ji-Man Choi Mariners (A+) 22APA 429.1
Corey Seager Dodgers (A+) 19BAA 411.8
Chris Taylor Mariners (A+) 22PAP 379.0
Andrew Aplin Astros (A+) 22AAP 352.2
Yorman Rodriguez Reds (A+) 20APA 336.6
Austin Hedges Padres (A+) 20BAA 307.0
Alex Yarbrough Angels (A+) 21PAA 291.8
Preston Tucker Astros (A+) 22PPA 290.7
Eric Stamets Angels (A+) 21AAA 280.8
Noel Cuevas Dodgers (A+) 21AAP 255.5
Max Muncy Athletics (A+) 22APA 227.9
Zachary Borenstein Angels (A+) 22APA 226.0
Travis Jankowski Padres (A+) 22AAP 156.3
Jace Peterson Padres (A+) 23AAP 136.0
Tyler Heineman Astros (A+) 22BAA 123.1
Kyle Waldrop Reds (A+) 21APA 119.6
Juan Silva Reds (A+) 22BAP 107.1
Jamal Austin Mariners (A+) 22PAP 103.1
Nolan Fontana Astros (A+) 22BAA 96.5
Matt Duffy Giants (A+) 22AAP 95.9
Juan Perez Reds (A+) 21AAP 95.7
Raywilly Gomez Diamondbacks (A+) 23BAA 94.7
Cory Spangenberg Padres (A+) 22PAP 89.8
M.P. Cokinos Astros (A+) 23AAA 57.1
Corey Adamson Padres (A+) 21AAP 37.0
Joe Sclafani Astros (A+) 23AAA 29.5
Jacob Lamb Diamondbacks (A+) 22BAA 29.5
Trevor Story Rockies (A+) 20AAP 21.2
Dan Gulbransen Astros (A+) 22BAA 19.9
Scott Schebler Dodgers (A+) 22APA -28.0
Mac Williamson Giants (A+) 22PPA -35.3
Ryan Casteel Rockies (A+) 22APA -70.5
Jonathan Garcia Dodgers (A+) 21BAA -75.7
Darnell Sweeney Dodgers (A+) 22PPP -96.0
Yeison Asencio Padres (A+) 23PAA -97.4
Seth Mejias-Brean Reds (A+) 22PAA -109.1
Jeremy Baltz Padres (A+) 22AAA -125.3
William Swanner Rockies (A+) 21BAA -128.2
Jabari Blash Mariners (A+) 23BPA -135.2
Juan Silverio Reds (A+) 22APA -178.1
Josef Terry Reds (A+) 23BBA -203.6
Sherman Johnson Angels (A+) 22AAA -204.2
Dane Phillips Padres (A+) 22BAA -219.0
Luis Domoromo Padres (A+) 21BAA -239.1
David Nick Diamondbacks (A+) 23BAA -260.6
Ryan Wright Reds (A+) 23AAA -293.9
Patrick Kivlehan Mariners (A+) 23PAA -367.3
Kyle Gaedele Padres (A+) 23AAP -371.1
Michael Snyder Angels (A+) 23PPA -465.3
B.A. Vollmuth Athletics (A+) 23BPA -695.0
Harold Riggins Rockies (A+) 23BPA -707.9

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  1. Once again you don't give nearly enough respect to my bro. Been through this song and dance with you before, though. Not surprised.