Sunday, September 15, 2013

MLB Prospect Guide Player of the Year

This year, there are four players that deserve a lot of consideration. Two pitchers and two hitters. Tijuan Walker and Archie Bradley are the highest scoring pitchers and Rougned Odor and Byron Buxton rate the highest for pitchers.

Past winners are:

2010: Mike Trout
2011: Julio Teheran
2012: Jurickson Profar

The winner in 2013 is...Byron Buxton.

The First time I saw Buxton was at the Under Armour All America Game..
I questioned his ability to hit at that point. I saw a lot of movement I wasn't sure would translate. Power was ok but not impressive but the speed, athleticism and quality defense in CF was clear.

and now..

When I see Buxton swing now, it looks like a different guy. It's amazing how far he has come in such a short time. There is a reason that many are throwing his name out with the greatest players in baseball. 
I won't compare him to Mike Trout like many are. A comp I haven't heard, and the position isn't the same, but Paul Molitor could be a statistical comp for the type of career Buxton may have. Both have smooth swings that create solid but not spectacular power. Elite hitter, plus speed, impact player all around.

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