Monday, September 23, 2013

2014 Mock Draft: Mocking the Mock Draft

Don't take this too's just a way to get names out there. I'll be writing about the draft heavily this winter and you will get all the info you need on these guys. For now, this is just me being dumb and doing a "mock" draft of one of several hundred thousand potential outcomes.

Draft Order Mock pick
1. Houston Astros Carlos Rodon, College LHP
Rodon is the easy pick here. Even if he repeats last year where he doesn't have consistent velo all year, he is still #1 here.
2. Miami Marlins Jacob Gatewood, HS SS
This is a tough call. I don't know who the Marlins would take. Hoffman is the most likely #2 prospect in this draft but that doesn't mean the Marlins won't go outside the box and take the big power hitting prep corner infielder.
3. Chicago White Sox Jeff Hoffman, College RHP
Hoffman is the best player avialble and I can't see the Sox passing on him, especially with their recent success taking college arns.
4. Chicago Cubs Tyler Kolek, HS RHP
Kolek is the strongest in a strong class of power prep arms. He would help even out the imbalance of power in the Cubs system, giving them a top pitching prospect to go with their power bats.
5. Minnesota Twins Tyler Beede, College RHP
Beede would add the the Twins front of the rotation potential pitchers that will likely end up as mid rotation arms along with Trever May, Alex Meyer and Kohl Stewart.
6. Seattle Mariners Trea Turner, College SS
The Mariners have cornered the market on non-latin american middle infielders, so I predict they will do their best to continue their NLAMI domination.
7. Milwaukee Brewers Alex Jackson, HS OF
Because he is really good.
8. Colorado Rockies Braxton Davidson, HS 1B
Because Todd Helton needs to be replaced.
9. New York Mets Grant Holmes, HS RHP
Because he is a power arm and the Mets seem to like that.
10. Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Deichmann, HS 2B
Because he reminds me a little of Chase Utley.
11. Toronto Blue Jays Nick Burdi, College RHP
Because they like electric college arms that are likely bullpen pieces.
12. Toronto Blue Jays Derek Fisher, College OF
Because he can really hit and is toolsy.
13. San Francisco Giants Luis Ortiz, HS RHP
Because he can pitch really well.
14. San Diego Padres Brandon Finnegan, College LHP
Because he is left handed and can throw 100.
15. Los Angeles Angels Luke Weaver, College RHP
Because he is a Weaver.
16. Arizona Diamondbacks Dylan Cease, HS RHP
Because the Diamondbacks need another power prep arm.
17. Baltimore Orioles Kodi Medeiros, HS LHP
Because his slider is like a frisbee.
18. New York Yankees Kyle Schwarber, College 1B
Because he is a lefty power hitter. They like them in the Bronx.
19. Kansas City Royals Touki Toussaint, HS RHP
Because he is the best pitcher available.
20. Washington Nationals Michael Gettys, HS OF/RHP
Because he is a tooled up prospect who should go higher.
21. Texas Rangers Nicholas Gordon, HS SS
The Rangers need a middle infielder..
22. Cleveland Indians Ti'quan Forbes, HS SS
Because they draft well.
23. Tampa Bay Rays Marcus Wilson, HS OF
Because they draft well.
24. Cincinnati Reds Michael Cederoth, College RHP
Because they draft well.
25. Pittsburgh Pirates Jack Flaherty, HS SS
Because they draft well.
26. Los Angeles Dodgers Dylan Davis, College RHP/OF
Because they draft well.
27. St. Louis Cardinals Michael Chavis, HS 3B
Because they draft well.
28. Detroit Tigers Monte' Harrison, HS WR/OF
Because they draft well.
29. Atlanta Braves Brady Aiken, HS LHP
They have a thing for polished lefties.
30. Oakland A's Aaron Nola, College RHP
They like college arms.
31. Boston Red Sox A.J. Reed, College LHP/1B
They like pitchers who can hit.

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