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Very Early 2014 MLB Draft Rankings

This is extremely early but I've went over my notes from the last two college seasons, summers and what I have seen of the high school talent so far. This list is very fluid and there will be players that pop up and others that slide down. Some of these guys I haven't sat down and really analyzed yet but this is where I will start. I'll update this several times before the 2014 MLB Draft but we have to start somewhere. This is just a list of names and some basic info at this point. Write ups will follow over the coming months, so be patient. I expect to produce more and higher quality reports and information this year than I have ever done in the past.

RankNamePOSPos. #2LevelBatsThrowsHeightWeightHometownHigh SchoolCollege1Carlos RodonPJRLeftLeft6'2"210Holly Springs, NCNorth Carolina State2Jeff HoffmanPJRRightRight6'4"183Latham, NYEast Carolina3Tyler KolekP1BHSRightRight6'5"230Shepherd, TXShepherd4Braxton DavidsonOF1BHSLeftLeft6'3"210Arde…

Revamping the MLB Farm Structure

MLB is in need of a change. I know I'm just a blogger but I have a lot of thoughts. Many of them are crazy, many are intelligent and some fall in the middle. This is a crazy one and one that is likely to never occur unless I become commisioner. Maybe if I could talk to Bud Selig about it, it would happen (it could save owners money) but I don't think I'll be chatting with him anytime soon, since he doesn't have email...

This is radical and not fully thought through, so feel free to comment on how you think it could be done or rate my insanity 2-8 in the comments, if that suits you, I don't care. I just need to get this idea out of my head.

MLB has a monopoly. They often ignore players not involved in the MLBPA, yet they control their interests. This is not fair. They sign them for a fraction of their potential value, control their rights for a borderline ridiculous amount of time and then overpay players that are past their prime, while the young players in the min…

MLB Draft Results by Percentages

Future Major Leaguers in the 1st 10 rounds for each team based on historical percentages.
TeamMLB PlayersMiami Marlins6.9189New York Yankees5.2911Colorado Rockies4.7992Oakland Athletics4.7687Detroit Tigers4.3694Seattle Mariners4.3577Cincinnati Reds4.1973Kansas City Royals4.1745Tampa Bay Rays4.152Baltimore Orioles3.9863Los Angeles Dodgers3.9347Pittsburgh Pirates3.8663Chicago White Sox3.8124Atlanta Braves3.7443Arizona Diamondbacks3.7316San Francisco Giants3.6867St. Louis Cardinals3.6786Chicago Cubs3.6072Texas Rangers3.5823San Diego Padres3.4754Philadelphia Phillies3.394Houston Astros3.3676Minnesota Twins3.3531Cleveland Indians3.2226New York Mets3.0774Milwaukee Brewers2.9828Toronto Blue Jays2.7789Boston Red Sox2.7212Washington Nationals2.3763Los Angeles Angels2.3558

and based on pre-draft rankings
TeamMLBColorado Rockies5.6483Oakland Athletics5.3442Kansas City Royals4.9512New York Yankees4.8893Chicago Cubs4.6054Detroit Tigers4.5289Boston Red Sox4.4574San Diego Padres4.1396Atlanta Braves4.05…