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2013 MLB Draft: Texas/Oklahoma Region

1. Jonathan Gray, P, JR, 45/70: starter who can sit 97-100 with knockout slider. Elite arm.
2. Jonathan Denney, C, HS, 40/70: huge potential with the bat. Mixed reviews on defense but bat will play anywhere.
3. Kohl Stewart, P, HS, 30/70: Potential for three plus pitches. Has had shoulder issues due to football
4. Billy McKinney, OF, HS, 35/55: pure bat. Good power potential. Good athlete. comp derek fisher
5. Austin Kubitza, P, JR, 40/55: went from 95-96 to 88-91 with sink. Slider is very good. Could be interesting in short bursts or with right coaching.

6. Drew Ward, 3B, HS, 30/65: big power potential. Good arm, good athlete. May be a 1B.
7. Dillon Overton, P, JR, 40/50: Solid three pitch mix. Very good command but no knockout pitch.

8. Cavan Biggio, 3B, HS, 30/55: plus hit tool. Good athlete. Not sure where he fits defensively

9. Andrew Mitchell, P, JR, 35/55: big fastball. Nice breaking ball. Solid mid rotation starter. Could be a closer.

10. Cody Gunter, 3B, J1, 35/55: big power bat. Good defnse at 3B. Strong arm.

11. Corey Knebel, P, JR, 35/55: up to 96. arm action is rough and secondary's need work.

12. Jason Hursh, P, JR, 30/50: big arm. TJ survivor still coming back. secondary's need work.

13. Kramer Robertson, SS, HS, 35/50: very good defensive ss. I like the bat but it needs work.

14. Casey Shane, P, HS, 35/50: Potential for two plus pitches

15. Andrew Dunlap, P, HS, 30/55: Mid 90's arm. Moved to mound but was power bat as a C. Sleeper potential here.

16. Alex Gonzalez, P, JR, 35/50: I haven't seen him pitch. Could be a 1st rounder according to some.

17. Teddy Stankiewicz, P, J1, 35/50: Plus fastball and breaking ball potential. Change needs work. Breaking ball needs consistency

18. Thomas Hatch, P, HS, 35/55: low 90's at his best but nice change and breaking ball.

19. Hunter Dozier, 3B, JR, 30/50: impressive athlete. Plus arm. Could profile well at 3B

20. Nick Buckner, OF, HS, 30/50: very good athlete. Raw but a lot of potential with the bat

21. Sheldon Neuse, SS, HS, 30/55: Solid hitter, average power, good arm. Not sure if that plays at a corner.

22. David Gates, P, J2, 25/50: mid-90's with his fastball. The rest needs work

23. Trey Masek, P, JR, 40/45: Low 90's with solid secondary's but no out pitch. Back of rotation guy

24. Nick Banks, OF, HS, 25/50: good athlete with solid bat. Good power potential. Two way guy as well

25. Mark Ecker, P, HS, 35/55: Like the low 70's curveball. Low 90's fastball with potential for more

26. John Simms, P, JR, 40/50: Pitchability guy, low 90's.

27. Jake Johansen, P, SR, 30/55: huge arm up to 98. poor command

28. Andrew Kelley, P, HS, 25/55: giant. Short quick arm. Tons of projection.

29. Tres Barrera, 3B, HS, 30/55: impressive power potential. Hits the ball hard. Not sure where he plays. Could use him at Texas.

30. Casey Meisner, P, HS, 30/50: Tall projectable righty

31. Trey Teakell, P, SO, 40/50: Low 90's strike thrower. No out pitch but has four usable offerings.

32. Dominic Taccolini, P, HS, 30/50: Big Taco has low 90's fastball. Good potential.

33. Kacy Clemens, P, HS, 30/45: Power bat, good arm. Not his Dad but resemblence is there on the mound and in appearance.

34. Tyler Alexander, P, J3, 30/50: athlete. Good pitchability

35. Hunter Lockwood, C, J2, 35/50: Solid catcher with pop. Swing needs work

36. Corey Simpson, 1B, HS, 30/50: Big power potential

37. Lukas Schiraldi, P, J1, 30/45: Calvin's has had a good season at Navarro

38. Eric Williams, OF, HS, 30/45: Powerful bat but. Aggressive hacks

39. Matt Oberste, OF, JR, 40/45: Huge power against poor pitching. Haven't seen him hit good velo. Org guy

40. Torii Hunter, OF, HS, 30/45: Torii's son. Football first. Injured this spring.

41. Mark Payton, OF, JR, 35/45: Nice swing. Best hitter on Texas squad this year

42. Gandy Stubblefield, P, SO, 35/50:
43. Krey Bratsen, OF, JR, 40/45:
Speedy guy, plus defender, bat is iffy
44. Erich Weiss, 3B, JR, 30/50:
45. Tavo Rodriguez, P, HS, 25/40:
46. Eric Garza, SS, HS, 30/45: very good defender
47. Hunter Jarmon, OF, HS, 25/45:
48. Kyle Finnegan, P, JR, 35/45:
49. Trey Lee Cobb, P, HS, 30/45:
50. Cody Thomas, OF, HS, 30/40:
51. Michael Howard, P, SO, 30/40:
52. Christian Summers, SS, JR, 30/45:
53. Preston Palmeiro, 3B, HS, 25/45:
54. Kirby Bellow, P, JR, 30/40:
55. Jacob Felts, C, JR, 25/40:
56. Daniel Williams, OF, HS, 25/40:
57. Matt Moynihan, OF, SR, 30/45:
58. Thad Lowery, P, , 25/40:
59. Caleb Smith, OF, HS, 25/40:

NamePOSPos. #2LevelBatsThrowsHeightWeight
Jonathan GrayPJRRightRight6'5"245
Jonathan DenneyCHSRightRight6'2"205
Kohl StewartPOFHSRightRight6'3"195
Billy McKinneyOF1BHSLL6'1"195
Austin KubitzaPJRRightRight6'5"190
Drew Ward3B1BHSLeftRight6'4"210
Dillon OvertonPJRLeftLeft6'2"172
Cavan Biggio3B2BHSLR6'1"185
Andrew MitchellPJRRightRight6'3"205
Cody Gunter3BRHPJ1LeftRight6'3"195
Corey KnebelPJRRightRight6'3"195
Jason HurshPJRRightRight6'3"190
Kramer RobertsonSSRHPHSRR5'11"170
Casey ShanePHSRR6'4"200
Andrew DunlapPCHSRR5'11"205
Alex GonzalezPJRRightRight6'2"190
Teddy StankiewiczPJ1RightRight6'4"190
Thomas HatchP3BHSRR6'1"195
Hunter Dozier3BJRRightRight6'4"210
Nick BucknerOFHSLL6'200
Sheldon NeuseSSRHPHSRR6'175
David GatesPJ2RightRight6'3"185
Trey MasekPSSJRRightRight6'1"195
Nick BanksOFLHPHSLL5'11"194
Mark EckerPSSHSRR6'180
John SimmsPJRRightRight6'4"210
Jake JohansenPSRRightRight6'6"235
Andrew KelleyPHSRR6'8"220
Tres Barrera3BPHSRR6'2195
Casey MeisnerPHSRR6'7"185
Trey TeakellPSORightRight6'5"165
Dominic TaccoliniP1BHSRR6'2"220
Kacy ClemensP3BHSLR6'2"195
Tyler AlexanderPJ3RL6'2"170
Hunter LockwoodCJ2RightRight5'10"180
Corey Simpson1BCHSRR6'2"220
Lukas SchiraldiPJ1RR6'6"215
Eric WilliamsOFRHPHSRR6'190
Matt ObersteOFJRRR6'2"210
Torii HunterOFHSRR6'1"175
Mark PaytonOFJRLeftLeft5'7"165
Gandy StubblefieldPSORightRight6'5"190
Krey BratsenOFJRRightRight6'1"165
Erich Weiss3BJRLeftRight6'3"180
Tavo RodriguezPHSLL6'4"190
Eric GarzaSSHSBothR5'11"185
Hunter JarmonOF1BHSRR6'1"180
Kyle FinneganPJRRightRight6'1"165
Trey Lee CobbPIFHSRR6'3"190
Cody ThomasOFHSLR6'4"215
Michael HowardPOFSOLeftLeft6'1"170
Christian SummersSSJRLeftRight6'3"200
Preston Palmeiro3BOFHSLR6'185
Kirby BellowP1BJRLeftLeft6'1"190
Jacob FeltsCJRRightRight6'1"200
Daniel WilliamsOFHSRR6'2"215
Matt MoynihanOFSRLeftRight6'2"205
Thad LoweryPLeft6'4"210
Caleb SmithOFRHPHSRightRight6'170

Jonathan Gray11/5/1991CollegeOklahomaOklahoma
Jonathan Denney9/28/1994HSOklahomaArkansas
Kohl Stewart10/7/1994HSTexasTexas A&M
Billy McKinney8/23/1994HSTexasTexas Christian
Austin Kubitza11/16/1991CollegeTexasRiceRice
Drew Ward11/25/1994HSOklahoma
Dillon Overton8/17/1991CollegeOklahomaOklahoma
Cavan Biggio4/11/1995HSTexasVirginia
Andrew Mitchell11/9/1991CollegeTexasTexas Christian
Cody Gunter4/18/1994CollegeTexasGrayson County
Corey Knebel11/26/1991CollegeTexasTexas
Jason Hursh10/2/1991CollegeOklahomaOklahoma State
Kramer Robertson9/20/1994HSTexasLouisiana State
Casey Shane8/23/1995HSTexasTexas A&M
Andrew Dunlap5/4/1994HSTexasRice
Alex Gonzalez1/15/1992CollegeOklahomaOral Roberts
Teddy Stankiewicz11/25/1993CollegeOklahomaSeminole State
Thomas Hatch9/29/1994HSOklahomaOklahoma State
Hunter Dozier8/22/1991CollegeTexasStephen F. Austin
Nick Buckner8/9/1995HSTexasHouston
Sheldon Neuse12/10/1994HSTexasOklahoma
David Gates9/15/1992CollegeTexasHoward
Trey Masek1/9/1992CollegeTexasTexas Tech
Nick Banks11/18/1994HSTexasTexas A&M
Mark Ecker5/27/1995HSTexasTexas A&M
John Simms1/17/1992CollegeTexasRice
Jake Johansen1/23/1991CollegeTexasDallas Baptist
Andrew Kelley9/7/1994HSTexasArkansas
Tres Barrera9/15/1994HSTexasTexas
Casey Meisner5/22/1995HSTexasTexas Tech
Trey TeakellCollegeTexasTexas Christian
Dominic Taccolini9/28/1994HSTexasArkansas
Kacy Clemens7/27/1994HSTexasTexas
Tyler Alexander9/22/1991CollegeTexasCarroll
Hunter Lockwood9/16/1992CollegeTexasWeatherford
Corey Simpson12/8/1993HSTexasHouston
Lukas Schiraldi7/25/1993HSTexasNavarroTexas
Eric Williams4/25/1995HSTexasGrayson County
Matt ObersteCollegeOklahomaOklahoma
Torii Hunter6/7/1995HSTexasNotre Dame
Mark Payton12/7/1991CollegeTexasTexas
Gandy Stubblefield7/23/1992CollegeTexasTexas A&M
Krey Bratsen6/12/1991CollegeTexasTexas A&M
Erich Weiss9/11/1991CollegeTexasTexas
Tavo RodriguezHSTexasFranklinOklahoma
Eric Garza12/19/1993TexasTexas Christian
Hunter Jarmon3/2/1995HSTexas
Kyle Finnegan9/4/1991CollegeTexasTexas State
Trey Lee Cobb7/14/1995HSOklahomaOklahoma State
Cody Thomas10/8/1994HSTexasOklahoma (FB)
Michael Howard2/17/1993CollegeTexasYavapaiBaylor
Christian Summers9/17/1991CollegeTexasAngelo StateTexas
Preston Palmeiro1/22/1995HSTexas
Kirby Bellow11/14/1991CollegeTexasTexas
Jacob Felts5/19/1992CollegeTexasTexas
Daniel Williams1/18/1995HSTexasWeatherford JC
Matt Moynihan1/18/1990CollegeTexasTexas
Thad LoweryTexasTexas Tech
Caleb Smith7/28/1991HSTexas


  1. Texas Lefty, Jacob Valadez, who is sophomore at Alvin Community College, signed with Nicholls State University, but chose to go JUCO. Now stands at 6 foot, 2 inches and weighs in at 215 pounds.It's early..clocked at 90-91 mph fastball, with a major league curveball.


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