Saturday, February 23, 2013

MLB in an Alternate Universe Part II

The top 10 picks in the 2014 draft:

Bryce Harper OF
South Carolina
Dylan Bundy P
Jose Fernandez P
South Florida
Carlos Rodon P
North Carolina State
Archie Bradley P
Josh Bell OF
Brandon Nimmo OF
Daniel Norris P
Noah Syndergaard P
Dallas Baptist
Daniel Vogelbach 1B

Top 10 picks for the other draft:

Jurickson Profar SS 20
Javier Baez 3B 20
Taijuan Walker P 20
Xander Bogaerts SS 20
Miguel Sano 3B 20
Alen Hanson 2B 20
Gary Sanchez C 20
Luis Sardinas SS 20
Domingo Santana OF 20
David Perez P 20

Just think how quickly the top 4 teams would turn around if they would get one player from each group. Obviously all the teams would get helped by the draft but could you imagine a team getting Harper and Profar for being the worst team in baseball. Bundy and Walker for being 2nd worst. Rodon and Sano for being 3rd, that would get people excited for being bad wouldn't it.

I think the draft would be a big deal when they watched Rodon face Harper all season, then face each other in the bigs the next year. Right now, there are probably only about 10 million people too few who know who Rodon is.  This bother me and it just shouldn't be. This crazy idea could help promote MLB and the future of the game. It would promote college baseball, although I hate the NCAA and their idiotic rules. I would love to have the best prospects on TV at any time and see them develop without having to drive half way across the country to see a handful in a game face each other.

MLB could make this happen. It wouldn't be a pretty process but the end result could be amazing.

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