Monday, December 17, 2012

Noah Syndergaard and why he's not a lock to succeed

Yeah, he has a ton of potential. The thing is, he only pitched in LowA ball this year. Here is a list of players that had similar age 20 seasons in Low A ball. For all of you guys out there who love K's, this list is sorted by K%. Some very good names, some ugly ones. To all of you Mets fans, have faith but don't expect immediate dominance. Be patient and don't expect Doc Gooden. You may get Hiawatha Terrell Wade. If I would widen this list it would include Josh Beckett and Johnny Cueto as well. There is a chance he becomes very good. The same was expected of Troy Patton too.

year Name
2010 Julio Rodriguez
2005 Gio Gonzalez
1993 Terrell Wade
2007 Zach Braddock
1999 Andy Pratt
2008 Rob Bryson
1991 Hector Fajardo
2004 Travis Chick
2008 Neftali Feliz
2012 Kyle Smith
2012 Henry Owens
1998 Luis Rivera
2012 Jose Fernandez
1996 Alberto Blanco
1996 Octavio Dotel
2004 Travis Chick
2011 Keyvius Sampson
1992 Albie Lopez
1991 Joseph Norris
2005 Troy Patton
1998 Clayton Andrews
2012 Noah Syndergaard
2006 Eduardo Morlan
2000 Jovanny Cedeno
1994 Jason Beverlin
2004 Jonathan Figueroa
2004 Clint Everts
1993 LaTroy Hawkins
2009 Wily Peralta
1996 Eric Gagne
2001 Luis Rodriguez
1994 Carey Paige
1997 Alberto Garza
2010 Jake Odorizzi
1999 Enmanuel Ulloa
2010 Wilmer Font
2002 Matt Peterson
1994 Tom Fordham
2005 Anthony Swarzak

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  1. I'm way late on this one, but 2012 was Syndergaard's age 19 season, not 20. :)