Sunday, December 16, 2012

New York Yankees Top Players - 25 and Under

Team Rank Name POS Level AGE 7-21-13 Role
1 Michael Pineda P 24.52
2 Tyler Austin 1B AA 21.89 First Division Starter
3 Ramon Flores OF AA 21.33 Potential Star
4 Gary Sanchez C A+ 20.65 First Division Starter
5 Jose Campos P A 21.00 2nd Starter
6 Mason Williams OF A+ 21.93 First Division Starter
7 Manny Banuelos P AAA 22.37 3rd Starter
8 Dante Bichette 3B A 20.83 First Division Starter
9 Slade Heathcott OF A+ 22.83 First Division Starter
10 Austin Aune OF R 19.88 Bench Player
11 Ty Hensley P R 19.99 Closer
12 Brett Marshall P AA 23.35 3rd Starter
13 Angelo Gumbs 2B A 20.78 First Division Starter
14 Greg Bird C A- 20.71 First Division Starter
15 Jake Cave OF 20.64
16 J.R. Murphy C 22.21 First Division Starter
17 Jose Rafael De Paula P 22.34
18 Michael O'Brien P AA 23.40 3rd Starter
19 Dellin Betances P AAA 25.35 4th Starter
20 Cito Culver SS A 20.92 First Division Starter
21 Evan Rutckyj P A 21.48 3rd Starter
22 Corban Joseph 2B AAA 24.74520548 First Division Starter
23 Exicardo Cayonez OF A- 21.80 Bench Player
24 Jose Mesa P 19.95
25 Fernando Jose P FOR #1 Starter
26 Ravel Santana OF A- 21.24 Bench Player
27 Yeicok Calderon OF R 21.59 Bench Player
28 William Davis P R 20.24 Middle Reliever
29 Peter O'Brien C A- 23.03 Bench Player
30 Austin Romine C AAA 24.68 Bench Player
31 Yancarlos Baez SS INTL 17.84
32 Abraham Almonte OF AA 24.08 First Division Starter
33 Chase Whitley P AAA 24.12 Closer
34 Angel Rincon P A- 20.83 2nd Starter
35 Alexander Palma OF INTL 17.77
36 Allison Reyes 2B FOR 20.86 First Division Starter
37 Luis Torrens 3B INTL 17.23
38 Adam Warren P AAA 25.92 3rd Starter
39 Francisco Rondon P AAA 25.27 Closer
40 Jose Pirela SS AA 23.68 Second Division Starter
41 Josh Spence P AAA 25.51 Middle Reliever
42 Benjamin Gamel OF A 21.19 Second Division Starter
43 Preston Claiborne P AAA 25.52 Middle Reliever
44 Josias Sanchez
45 Juan Marcano P A- 22.92 3rd Starter
46 Zoilo Almonte OF AA 24.13 Bench Player
47 Nik Turley P AA 23.87 3rd Starter
48 Miguel Andujar 3B R 18.40 First Division Starter
49 Christopher Tamarez SS FOR 19.75 Second Division Starter
50 Robert Refsnyder 2B A 22.34 First Division Starter
51 Scottie Allen P A 22.07 3rd Starter
52 Alvaro Noriega C FOR First Division Starter
53 Abiatal Avelino SS FOR First Division Starter
54 Jorge Mateo SS FOR First Division Starter
55 Dallas Martinez P FOR 3rd Starter


  1. Why do you have Hensley as a closer? He has front of the rotation stuff now, and you have bench prospect ahead of him...this makes no sense.

  2. From my primer on rankings:

    The "Role" listed in my rankings are from the larger group. I assigned values based on what the best players within that same group attained. This is not a likely role, just what could possibly be their future role if everything broke right. I have percentages along with these that say how likely each player is to even make it to the majors. I also have a percentage to go along with the smaller group. This often shows that a player can be eliminated as a prospect or should be touted as one.

    With that said, for lower level players, they have a lot of time to improve or regress. Aune, I feel, is a better prospect than Hensley right now due to Aune's athleticism and Hensley hasn't shown his shoulder is completely healthy/normal. Hensley could end up as a #2 starter if he progresses well.