Sunday, December 16, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers Top Players - 25 and Under

Team Rank Name POS Level AGE 7-21-13 Role
1 Jean Segura SS AA 23.36 Second Division Starter
2 Ryan Gennett 2B AA 23.24 First Division Starter
3 John Hellweg P AA 24.74 3rd Starter
4 Wily Peralta P AAA 24.22 2nd Starter
5 Clint Coulter C R 19.99 First Division Starter
6 Tyler Thornburg P AA 24.82 2nd Starter
7 Hunter Morris 1B AA 24.80 First Division Starter
8 Jed Bradley P A+ 23.12 5th Starter
9 Taylor Jungmann P A+ 23.61 5th Starter
10 Ariel Pena P AA 24.19 3rd Starter
11 Kyle Heckathorn P AA 25.11 3rd Starter
12 Caleb Gindl OF AAA 24.90 First Division Starter
13 Khris Davis OF AAA 25.60 First Division Starter
14 Victor Roache OF 21.86
15 Shawn Zarraga C A+ 24.51 First Division Starter
16 Orlando Arcia SS 18.98
17 Jimmy Nelson P AA 24.14 3rd Starter
18 Kentrail Davis OF AA 25.08 Bench Player
19 Tyrone Taylor OF R 19.51 First Division Starter
20 Mitch Haniger OF A 22.59 Bench Player
21 Damien Magnifico P R 22.18 Middle Reliever
22 Eric Marzec P AA 25.54 Closer
23 Angel Ortega SS R 19.87 First Division Starter
24 Nick Bucci P A+ 22.95 4th Starter
25 Andres Martinez 3B R 21.50 First Division Starter
26 Jorge Lopez P R 20.45
27 Cameron Garfield C A 22.18 Second Division Starter
28 Hiram Burgos P AAA 25.98 5th Starter
29 Joshua Stinson P AA 25.37 Non-Prospect
30 Josh Prince SS AA 25.50 Bench Player
31 Jesus Sanchez P AAA 25.84 Closer
32 Stosh Wawrzasek P A+ 22.91 Closer
33 Zach Quintana P R 19.28 3rd Starter
34 Zach Braddock P 25.93
35 Renaldo Jenkins 2B R 20.40 First Division Starter
36 Jose Pena OF R 20.40 Bench Player
37 Nick Ramirez 1B A 23.98630137 Bench Player
38 Santo Manzanillo P AA 24.60 Middle Reliever
39 Alan Sharkey 1B R 19.71232877 First Division Starter
40 Gian Rizzo P R 19.89 3rd Starter
41 Max Walla OF A 22.29 Bench Player
42 Cody Scarpetta P 24.92054795
43 Edgardo Rivera  OF 19.28767123 First Division Starter
44 Elvis Rubio OF FOR 19.07 First Division Starter
45 Juan Ortiz OF FOR First Division Starter


Kyle Lobner said...

So am I reading this right: You think Scooter Gennett (all 5'9", 164 of him) will be a better major leaguer than Jean Segura?

Matt Garrioch said...

The "Role" is based on statistical formula comparing him to other players and what they became. It isn't the role that I most likely expect him to be, just what the numbers say.
That said, I could see Gennett becoming a better player in the long run. Gennett could have a better bat and Segura better defense. Its not likely but it is possible.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Tyrone Taylor?

Matt Garrioch said...

Taylor is a big power/speed guy. He could be a sleeper on this list. When I look at him, I think there isn't that much difference in his potential compared to a guy like George Springer. Taylor is just further away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my Taylor question. One nice thing in a small sample size is that the w/k ratio was pretty good.

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