Sunday, December 16, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers Top Players - 25 and Under

Team Rank Name POS Level AGE 7-21-13 Role
1 Jean Segura SS AA 23.36 Second Division Starter
2 Ryan Gennett 2B AA 23.24 First Division Starter
3 John Hellweg P AA 24.74 3rd Starter
4 Wily Peralta P AAA 24.22 2nd Starter
5 Clint Coulter C R 19.99 First Division Starter
6 Tyler Thornburg P AA 24.82 2nd Starter
7 Hunter Morris 1B AA 24.80 First Division Starter
8 Jed Bradley P A+ 23.12 5th Starter
9 Taylor Jungmann P A+ 23.61 5th Starter
10 Ariel Pena P AA 24.19 3rd Starter
11 Kyle Heckathorn P AA 25.11 3rd Starter
12 Caleb Gindl OF AAA 24.90 First Division Starter
13 Khris Davis OF AAA 25.60 First Division Starter
14 Victor Roache OF 21.86
15 Shawn Zarraga C A+ 24.51 First Division Starter
16 Orlando Arcia SS 18.98
17 Jimmy Nelson P AA 24.14 3rd Starter
18 Kentrail Davis OF AA 25.08 Bench Player
19 Tyrone Taylor OF R 19.51 First Division Starter
20 Mitch Haniger OF A 22.59 Bench Player
21 Damien Magnifico P R 22.18 Middle Reliever
22 Eric Marzec P AA 25.54 Closer
23 Angel Ortega SS R 19.87 First Division Starter
24 Nick Bucci P A+ 22.95 4th Starter
25 Andres Martinez 3B R 21.50 First Division Starter
26 Jorge Lopez P R 20.45
27 Cameron Garfield C A 22.18 Second Division Starter
28 Hiram Burgos P AAA 25.98 5th Starter
29 Joshua Stinson P AA 25.37 Non-Prospect
30 Josh Prince SS AA 25.50 Bench Player
31 Jesus Sanchez P AAA 25.84 Closer
32 Stosh Wawrzasek P A+ 22.91 Closer
33 Zach Quintana P R 19.28 3rd Starter
34 Zach Braddock P 25.93
35 Renaldo Jenkins 2B R 20.40 First Division Starter
36 Jose Pena OF R 20.40 Bench Player
37 Nick Ramirez 1B A 23.98630137 Bench Player
38 Santo Manzanillo P AA 24.60 Middle Reliever
39 Alan Sharkey 1B R 19.71232877 First Division Starter
40 Gian Rizzo P R 19.89 3rd Starter
41 Max Walla OF A 22.29 Bench Player
42 Cody Scarpetta P 24.92054795
43 Edgardo Rivera  OF 19.28767123 First Division Starter
44 Elvis Rubio OF FOR 19.07 First Division Starter
45 Juan Ortiz OF FOR First Division Starter


  1. So am I reading this right: You think Scooter Gennett (all 5'9", 164 of him) will be a better major leaguer than Jean Segura?

  2. The "Role" is based on statistical formula comparing him to other players and what they became. It isn't the role that I most likely expect him to be, just what the numbers say.
    That said, I could see Gennett becoming a better player in the long run. Gennett could have a better bat and Segura better defense. Its not likely but it is possible.

  3. What are your thoughts on Tyrone Taylor?

  4. Taylor is a big power/speed guy. He could be a sleeper on this list. When I look at him, I think there isn't that much difference in his potential compared to a guy like George Springer. Taylor is just further away.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer my Taylor question. One nice thing in a small sample size is that the w/k ratio was pretty good.