Saturday, December 29, 2012

Example of my Info - post-2006 season

My project that is for sale shows categorizations of players and details how likely that type of player is to make it to the major leagues. It does not define how successful they will be at this point, only the skills that they offer as compared to players that have made the majors. It is based on the 2-8 scale. Speed is skewed down. If a player is a 4, he is pretty fast. The rest seem pretty well as they should be.

Here is a link to a Primer on my Rankings

Yesterday, I posted some information on the Arizona Diamondbacks with a picture of what my full data sheet would look like. I want you guys to see a little more of the data that I have and how useful it could be to go over as a companion to other prospect books and sites. As a stand alone, it's hard to get a lot from it but just looking at the percentages tells a lot. This is for the prospect junkies and it is data that isn't available anywhere else. This is currently available for the 2012 season at $9.99 on the right sidebar.

One thing I noticed from scanning it is Austin Jackson. Not in BA's top 10 after the 2006 season, he slid down the charts because of a "bad" season. What my numbers say, is to take a breath. His stats are elite once you look at where he is at age/level and compared to other players who made it to the majors. He was actually really, really good. That is the kind of stuff that could help you if you need to make decisions on prospects.

Take a look at my formulas applied to the 2006 season and let me know what you think or if you have questions. email me at mlbprospectguide at gmail dot com

This is the link to a google doc PDF of the 2006 season.

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