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Arizona Diamondbacks Position Prospect Percentages

Adam Eaton23CF78.21%100.00%AAAPCLReno
Jake Elmore25SS-2B78.21%100.00%AAAPCLReno
Ryan Wheeler243B-1B75.50%94.34%AAAPCLReno
A.J. Pollock24CF56.19%89.66%AAAPCLReno
Josh Bell253B47.72%86.08%AAAPCLReno
Taylor Harbin262B-SS39.44%87.38%AAAPCLReno
Cole Gillespie28RF-LF39.44%AAAPCLReno
Mike Jacobs311B27.27%AAAPCLReno
David Winfree27LF19.79%68.18%AAAPCLReno
Rusty Ryal292B-3B19.79%AAAPCLReno
Konrad Schmidt28C18.99%AAAPCLReno
Randy Ruiz341B18.99%AAAPCLReno
Ryan Budde33C18.99%AAAPCLReno
Tyler Kuhn26LF-2B15.84%67.77%AAAPCLReno
Evan Frey26CF15.84%67.77%AAAPCLReno
Tyler Bortnick252B15.84%67.11%AAAPCLReno
Brent Clevlen28CF-LF15.84%AAAPCLReno
Tyler Graham28LF-CF10.76%AAAPCLReno
Matthew Davidson213B84.20%84.54%AASouMobile
Alfredo Marte23RF75.50%79.83%AASouMobile
David Nick222B56.19%62.34%AASouMobile
Rossmel Perez23C52.36%60.21%AASouMobile
Chris Owings21SS48.53%58.55%AASouMobile
Marc Krauss24LF-RF47.72%48.44%AASouMobile
Evan Frey26CF46.15%AASouMobile
Yazy Arbelo241B19.79%28.28%AASouMobile
Daniel Kaczrowski25LF-SS19.79%20.71%AASouMobile
Ed Easley26C19.79%17.81%AASouMobile
Kyle Greene261B19.79%17.81%AASouMobile
Archie Gilbert29LF-CF19.79%AASouMobile
Ryan Strieby271B19.79%AASouMobile
Wladimir Sutil27SS19.79%AASouMobile
Brent Clevlen28CF-LF19.79%AASouMobile
Bobby Borchering21LF-RF10.76%25.00%AASouMobile
Raoul Torrez24LF-3B10.76%9.68%AASouMobile
Bobby Borchering21LF-RF68.70%30.00%A+CalifVisalia
Ender Inciarte21CF57.14%50.00%A+CalifVisalia
Raywilly Gomez22C52.36%46.24%A+CalifVisalia
Gerson Montilla222B52.36%46.24%A+CalifVisalia
Chris Owings21SS48.53%46.94%A+CalifVisalia
Keon Broxton22CF47.72%40.52%A+CalifVisalia
Garrett Weber233B-2B47.72%27.20%A+CalifVisalia
Jon Griffin231B47.72%27.20%A+CalifVisalia
Yazy Arbelo241B40.77%23.26%A+CalifVisalia
Mike Freeman25SS-2B32.08%A+CalifVisalia
Carter Bell223B19.79%19.61%A+CalifVisalia
Tyson Van Winkle24C19.79%8.93%A+CalifVisalia
Raoul Torrez24LF-3B19.79%8.93%A+CalifVisalia
Eric Groff242B19.79%8.93%A+CalifVisalia
Ryan LaPensee24RF19.79%8.93%A+CalifVisalia
Chris Valencia25RF-LF15.84%5.73%A+CalifVisalia
Archie Gilbert29LF-CF4.48%A+CalifVisalia
Ender Inciarte21CF52.36%45.00%AMidwSouth Bend
Raul Navarro20SS48.53%37.23%AMidwSouth Bend
Marc Bourgeois23LF-RF40.77%AMidwSouth Bend
Tom Belza23LF39.44%18.59%AMidwSouth Bend
Ryan Court243B39.44%AMidwSouth Bend
Matt Helm273B39.44%AMidwSouth Bend
Christopher Ellison23RF-CF28.04%AMidwSouth Bend
Fidel Pena21C-2B19.79%12.25%AMidwSouth Bend
Roidany Aguila21C19.79%12.25%AMidwSouth Bend
Gerson Montilla222B19.79%10.26%AMidwSouth Bend
Kerry Jenkins23LF19.79%6.43%AMidwSouth Bend
Josh Parr23SS19.79%6.43%AMidwSouth Bend
Nick Gallego23SS19.79%6.43%AMidwSouth Bend
Eric Groff242B19.79%AMidwSouth Bend
Sean Jamieson23SS15.84%6.43%AMidwSouth Bend
Bobby Stone221B10.76%2.92%AMidwSouth Bend
Ronnie Freeman21C19.79%18.17%A-NwstYakima
Kevin Medrano22SS-2B19.79%10.99%A-NwstYakima
Shaun Cooper22LF19.79%10.99%A-NwstYakima
Mark Ginther223B19.79%10.99%A-NwstYakima
Yogey Perez-Ramos23LF19.79%4.92%A-NwstYakima
Jacob House231B19.79%4.92%A-NwstYakima
Joseph Loftus23RF19.79%4.92%A-NwstYakima
Danny Poma23CF19.79%4.92%A-NwstYakima
Michael Lang23CF-RF19.79%4.92%A-NwstYakima
Josh Parr23SS19.79%4.92%A-NwstYakima
Jimmy Comerota251B-LF19.79%A-NwstYakima
Wagner Mateo191B15.84%13.38%A-NwstYakima
Steve Rodriguez22C15.84%10.99%A-NwstYakima
Stryker Trahan18C48.53%36.50%RkArizDiamondbacks
Andrew Velazquez182B48.53%36.50%RkArizDiamondbacks
Chuck Taylor19RF-CF19.79%9.81%RkArizDiamondbacks
William Castillo202B19.79%7.48%RkArizDiamondbacks
Alex Glenn21RF-LF19.79%7.25%RkArizDiamondbacks
Brian Billigen22LF-CF19.79%4.56%RkArizDiamondbacks
Ryan Fuller223B19.79%4.56%RkArizDiamondbacks
Phildrick Llewellyn181B15.84%13.49%RkArizDiamondbacks
Jose Munoz18SS15.84%13.49%RkArizDiamondbacks
Anderson Bolivar20C15.84%7.48%RkArizDiamondbacks
Justin Bianco20RF-CF15.84%7.48%RkArizDiamondbacks
Jacob Williams211B15.84%7.25%RkArizDiamondbacks
Damion Smith18LF10.76%7.29%RkArizDiamondbacks
Miles Walding233B10.76%RkArizDiamondbacks
Yosbel Gutierrez19C48.53%26.40%RkPioMissoula
Jacob Lamb213B40.77%16.67%RkPioMissoula
Michael Perez20C19.79%7.48%RkPioMissoula
Socrates Brito20RF19.79%7.48%RkPioMissoula
Evan Marzilli21CF19.79%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Breland Almadova21LF-CF19.79%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Tyler Bream211B19.79%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Pedro Ruiz21SS19.79%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Rudy Flores211B19.79%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Ty Linton21LF19.79%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Danny Pulfer222B19.79%4.56%RkPioMissoula
Justin Bianco20RF-CF15.84%7.48%RkPioMissoula
Alex Glenn21RF-LF15.84%7.25%RkPioMissoula
Andrew Velazquez182B10.76%7.29%RkPioMissoula
John Leonard202B-SS10.76%1.89%RkPioMissoula


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