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Example of my Info - post-2006 season

My project that is for sale shows categorizations of players and details how likely that type of player is to make it to the major leagues. It does not define how successful they will be at this point, only the skills that they offer as compared to players that have made the majors. It is based on the 2-8 scale. Speed is skewed down. If a player is a 4, he is pretty fast. The rest seem pretty well as they should be.

Here is a link to a Primer on my Rankings

Yesterday, I posted some information on the Arizona Diamondbacks with a picture of what my full data sheet would look like. I want you guys to see a little more of the data that I have and how useful it could be to go over as a companion to other prospect books and sites. As a stand alone, it's hard to get a lot from it but just looking at the percentages tells a lot. This is for the prospect junkies and it is data that isn't available anywhere else. This is currently available for the 2012 season at $9.99 on the right sideb…

Arizona Diamondbacks Pitching Prospect Percentages

Below are all the pitchers and hitters in the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization and the percentages of reaching the majors based on similar players over the past two decades via information provided to me by The Baseball Cube. It is sorted by the group percentage. The second percentage is based on a more specific group of players that are similar to the player. The list is sorted by the larger group, the second percentage gives a bit more insight into how likely the player is to succeed or fail.

I won't be posting every team. I want to create a PDF of all the teams along with more of my information and sell it. If you are interested in such a product email me at MLBprospectguide at and let me know and I will add you to the list and I will let you know when it is ready. I'm looking at a $9.99 sale price for all 30 teams and I would sell teams individually if you are interested.

NameageSP/RPGroupUniqueLevelLeagueTeamTrevor Bauer21SP62.71%100.00%AAAPCLRenoPatrick Corbin2…

Arizona Diamondbacks Position Prospect Percentages

NameAgepositGroupUniqueLevelLeagueTeamAdam Eaton23CF78.21%100.00%AAAPCLRenoJake Elmore25SS-2B78.21%100.00%AAAPCLRenoRyan Wheeler243B-1B75.50%94.34%AAAPCLRenoA.J. Pollock24CF56.19%89.66%AAAPCLRenoJosh Bell253B47.72%86.08%AAAPCLRenoTaylor Harbin262B-SS39.44%87.38%AAAPCLRenoCole Gillespie28RF-LF39.44%AAAPCLRenoMike Jacobs311B27.27%AAAPCLRenoDavid Winfree27LF19.79%68.18%AAAPCLRenoRusty Ryal292B-3B19.79%AAAPCLRenoKonrad Schmidt28C18.99%AAAPCLRenoRandy Ruiz341B18.99%AAAPCLRenoRyan Budde33C18.99%AAAPCLRenoTyler Kuhn26LF-2B15.84%67.77%AAAPCLRenoEvan Frey26CF15.84%67.77%AAAPCLRenoTyler Bortnick252B15.84%67.11%AAAPCLRenoBrent Clevlen28CF-LF15.84%AAAPCLRenoTyler Graham28LF-CF10.76%AAAPCLRenoMatthew Davidson213B84.20%84.54%AASouMobileAlfredo Marte23RF75.50%79.83%AASouMobileDavid Nick222B56.19%62.34%AASouMobileRossmel Perez23C52.36%60.21%AASouMobileChris Owings21SS48.53%58.55%AASouMobileMarc Krauss24LF-RF47.72%48.44%AASouMobileEvan Frey26CF46.15%AASouMobileYazy Arbelo241B19.79%28.28%AASouMobileDan…

Noah Syndergaard and why he's not a lock to succeed

Yeah, he has a ton of potential. The thing is, he only pitched in LowA ball this year. Here is a list of players that had similar age 20 seasons in Low A ball. For all of you guys out there who love K's, this list is sorted by K%. Some very good names, some ugly ones. To all of you Mets fans, have faith but don't expect immediate dominance. Be patient and don't expect Doc Gooden. You may get Hiawatha Terrell Wade. If I would widen this list it would include Josh Beckett and Johnny Cueto as well. There is a chance he becomes very good. The same was expected of Troy Patton too.

yearName2010Julio Rodriguez2005Gio Gonzalez1993Terrell Wade2007Zach Braddock1999Andy Pratt2008Rob Bryson1991Hector Fajardo2004Travis Chick2008Neftali Feliz2012Kyle Smith2012Henry Owens1998