Sunday, November 18, 2012

Future Plans

Right now I'm working through some personal stuff but I should have more information up here over the coming couple months as well as more information available elsewhere.

This year I will be selling two different PDF files. One will focus on the draft, detailing, I hope, about 120 players. It will have a few other articles about things I find interesting about the draft. It might be about JuCo players, it may be on players ages, I'm not sure yet. It will be good information that will make you a better fantasy player going forward. It will make you enjoy the MLB draft more and hopefully help you follow the top prospects of your favorite team.

The other will be about the minors. It will be similar to the PDF that I put out last year with percentages of how likely a player is to make it to the majors. It will detail what kind of player each is likely to become. I'm not sure how I will present it or even what I will present yet beyond those two things. I'm still doing the analysis of the enormous amount of data I got from The Baseball Cube . I want the data to be useful and you to get something from it. I want it to be accurate but there is only so much accuracy that stats can give you with minor leaguers because they are human, not machine.

I'm not sure if I should present a historic version to show how the system works or what would be best to show success rates. I'm not sure if I want to do a career projector to show how players have developed or regressed over their minor league career or even how many players to detail. I don't want it to be overwhelming but I also don't want to leave you wondering how another prospect lines up against others. If you have any feelings about this, comment here or find me on twitter or email. I'm always around and I'd appreciate input.

I'm not sure on price point or delivery method. It will be reasonable and likely just be an email of a PDF to you so you can read it on whatever you want. Let me know if you have a preference or feeling about the price. I know I will never do this for a living or get rich but a few bucks to cover a trip this spring and one this summer would be great. I replaced my computer this summer as well and that's still sitting on a credit card. I'd love to pay that off. We will see if there is enough interest, but I think what I am working on is pretty good stuff.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.

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