Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alen Hanson

He burst on to the scene this year. I was looking for some other players that had similar seasons. The list is pretty impressive with further emphasis on the fact that prospecting is difficult.

1991 Chipper Jones
2000 Hank Blalock
1992 Cliff Floyd
2003 Erick Aybar
2012 Alen Hanson
2011 Christian Yelich
2003 B.J. Upton
1998 Luis Matos
1991 Rondell White
2003 Hanley Ramirez
2008 Nick Noonan
1991 Darren Burton
2006 Cameron Maybin
1998 Darnell McDonald
2008 Abraham Almonte
1999 Tyler Minges
2007 Brent Brewer


  1. matt, is there a primer or post explaining your process of how you come up with your comps or likelyhood of outcomes as you reference in others?