Saturday, September 1, 2012

Astros Shadow Draft

My Astros Shadow Draft didn't get many players signed.

Carlos Correa
Lance McCullers
Mitchell Brown
Rio Ruiz
Christian Walker
Ross Stripling
Taylor Dugas
Tomas Nido
Kevin Ross
Danny Poma
Charles Moorman
Jharell Cotton
Creede Simpson
Ryan Garvey
Kurt Schluter

After these players were signed, there was still plenty of cash. I would have been able to offer Hunter Virant, my 10th rounder, $908,000 without incurring a draft pick penalty. If he didn't take that, I could have $783,000 to spread out over the rest of the picks. Trey Williams could have received $883,000 or I could have offered that to Alex Bregman, Mitchell Traver or several others. I'm not sure how it would've worked out. It's hard to do this with these rules in this fictional world. If I could have signed all of these guys, I would have considered taking the draft pick penalties as I think there are at least 3 top of the draft picks in my later rounds.

I would have thought my scouts would have found out the sign ability of at least a few guys that I really liked like Jeremy Kivel, Eric Jaffe, Nelson Rodriguez, Josh Henderson, Fernelys Sanchez, Logan Ehlers, Tyler Gaffney, Jose Mesa and many others that I liked. I would have taken a singable guy like Stafan Sabol over Charles Moorman. There were a lot of later round guys I would have taken a chance on if they I had any idea they would sign. Again hind sight.

I am going to think that Trey Williams would have signed for that $883,000 considering he blew off Pepperdine for a community college to be eligible again next season. In all, I would have only signed 16 from this draft but after loading up the previous couple seasons, it will work out. I will use a different strategy next season.

I see that a target I had, Tim Brechbuehler signed with Toronto. I would've sign him if I could've. I'll have to look at some more NDFA guys to see if I missed anyone else. I'll update that later.

I'll update the Astros shadow system after the season ends with all of the moves made by the real Astros at the MLB level as well as adding in my draft picks from the last 3 years. It should look like a pretty stacked system.

This season my international signings will be limited to the $2.9 million dollar limit. I will exceed it by $500k but will stay under the penalty cap. I will have to pay some extra tax but the 4 guys I signed would be worth it in my opinion.

Amaurys Minier, 3B, Twins $1.4 million
Frandi De La Rosa, Cubs $700k
Luis Barrera, A's $450k
Wendell Rijo, Red Sox $400k

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