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2006 League Top Prospects

Here is a comparison of Baseball America's top prospect lists with my last formula, the one that I have concluded is likely as good as I can do. It uses the least information, a basic stat line, to rank prospects. This is an intellectual property I have developed, so for all of you guys who NEED to know how I do it, pay me, otherwise just look at the results to see if it is valid.

Players my lists missed
International 5. Ryan Sweeney  of  Charlotte (White Sox)
International 9. Humberto Sanchez  rhp  Toledo (Tigers)
International 10. Jamie Shields  rhp  Durham (Devil Rays)
International 12. Scott Thorman  1b/of  Richmond (Braves)
International 13. Brandon League  rhp  Syracuse (Blue Jays)
International 15. Dustin McGowan  rhp  Syracuse (Blue Jays)
International 16. Pat Neshek  rhp  Rochester (Twins)
International 17. Michael Bourn  of  Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Phillies)
International 20. Chris Denorfia  of  Louisville (Reds)
Pacific Coast 1. Stephen Drew  ss  Tucson (Diamondbacks)
Pacific Coast 13. Anthony Reyes  rhp  Memphis (Cardinals)
Pacific Coast 16. Rich Hill  lhp  Iowa (Cubs)
Pacific Coast 17. Miguel Montero  c  Tucson (Diamondbacks)
Pacific Coast 18. Chris Iannetta  c  Colorado Springs (Rockies)
Eastern 2. Matt Garza  rhp  New Britain (Twins)
Eastern 3. Mike Pelfrey  rhp  Binghamton (Mets)
Eastern 5. Adam Loewen  lhp  Bowie (Orioles)
Eastern 9. Humberto Sanchez  rhp  Erie (Tigers)
Eastern 11. Jonathan Sanchez  lhp  Connecticut (Giants)
Eastern 12. Trevor Crowe  of  Akron (Indians)
Eastern 14. Kory Casto  3b/of  Harrisburg (Nationals)
Eastern 19. Radhames Liz  rhp  Bowie (Orioles)
Southern 8. Jeff Niemann  rhp  Montgomery (Devil Rays)
Southern 13. Tyler Lumsden  lhp  Birmingham (White Sox)
Southern 14. George Kottaras  c  Mobile (Padres)
Southern 15. Alberto Gonzalez  ss  Tennessee (Diamondbacks)
Southern 16. Mitch Talbot  rhp  Montgomery (Devil Rays)
Southern 17. Eric Patterson  2b  West Tenn (Cubs)
Southern 18. Juan Salas  rhp  Montgomery (Devil Rays)
Texas 9. Juan Gutierrez  rhp  Corpus Christi (Astros)
Texas 13. Joe Koshansky  1b  Tulsa (Rockies)
Texas 15. Matt Albers  rhp  Corpus Christi (Astros)
Texas 16. Chris Lubanski  of  Wichita (Royals)
Texas 18. Marcus McBeth  rhp  Midland (Athletics)
Texas 19. Terry Evans  of  Springfield/Arkansas (Cardinals/Angels)
California 8. Greg Reynolds  rhp  Modesto (Rockies)
California 9. Greg Smith  lhp  Lancaster (Diamondbacks)
California 14. Ben Harrison   of  Bakersfield (Rangers)
California 15. Landon Powell  c  Stockton (Athletics)
California 17. Fernando Perez  of  Visalia (Devil Rays)
California 19. Cesar Ramos  lhp  Lake Elsinore (Rockies)
California 20. Chase Headley  3b  Lake Elsinore (Padres)
Carolina 9. Radhames Liz  rhp  Frederick (Orioles)
Carolina 11. Brandon Jones  of  Myrtle Beach (Braves)
Carolina 13. Van Pope  3b  Myrtle Beach (Braves)
Carolina 14. Felipe Paulino  rhp  Salem (Astros)
Carolina 15. Garrett Olson  lhp  Frederick (Orioles)
Carolina 16. Brian Barton  of  Kinston (Indians)
Carolina 18. Chad Reineke  rhp  Salem (Astros)
Carolina 19. Brian Bixler  ss  Lynchburg (Pirates)
Carolina 20. Jed Lowrie  ss  Wilmington (Red Sox)
Florida State 4. Ryan Braun  3b  Brevard County (Brewers)
Florida State 12. Terry Evans  of  Palm Beach (Cardinals)
Florida State 13. Gaby Hernandez  rhp  Jupiter (Marlins)
Florida State 14. Johnny Cueto  rhp  Sarasota (Reds)
Florida State 17. Jose Mijares  lhp  Fort Myers (Twins)
Florida State 19. Ryan Patterson  of  Dunedin (Blue Jays)
Florida State 20. Greg Golson  of  Clearwater (Phillies)
Midwest 7. Jaime Garcia  lhp  Quad Cities (Cardinals)
Midwest 9. Donald Veal  lhp  Peoria (Cubs)
Midwest 10. Matt Walker  rhp  Southwest Michigan (Devil Rays)
Midwest 11. Stephen Marek  rhp  Cedar Rapids (Angels)
Midwest 12. Johnny Cueto  rhp  Dayton (Reds)
Midwest 13. Bryan Anderson  c  Quad Cities (Cardinals)
Midwest 14. Oswaldo Sosa  rhp  Beloit (Twins)
Midwest 15. John Mayberry Jr.  of  Clinton (Rangers)
Midwest 19. Pedro Ciriaco  ss  South Bend (Diamondbacks)
Midwest 20. Jeff Baisley  3b  Kane County (Athletics)
SAL 8. Sean West  lhp  Greensboro (Marlins)
SAL 12. John Drennen  of  Lake County (Indians)
SAL 13. Clay Buchholz  rhp  Greenville (Red Sox)
South Atlantic 19. Matt Maloney  lhp  Lakewood (Phillies)
South Atlantic 20. Josh Outman  lhp  Lakewood (Phillies)
NWL 1. Tyler Colvin  of  Boise (Cubs)
NWL 2. Shane Lindsay  rhp  Tri-City (Rockies)
NWL 5. Clye Hankerd  of  Yakima (Diamondbacks)
NWL 11. Josh Sullivan  rhp  Tri-City (Rockies)
NWL 12. Chris Davis  1b/of  Spokane (Rangers)
NWL 13. Chad Tracy  c  Spokane (Rangers)
NWL 14. Chad Huffman  of  Eugene (Padres)
NWL 15. Daniel Mayora  ss  Tri-City (Rockies)
NWL 16. Brooks Brown  rhp  Yakima (Diamondbacks)
NWL 17. Andrew Bailey  rhp  Vancouver (Athletics)
NWL 18. Scott Deal  rhp  Vancouver (Athletics)
NWL 19. Kam Mickolio  rhp  Everett (Mariners)
NWL 20. Adam Cowart  rhp  Salem-Keizer (Giants)
NYP 3. Matt McBride  c  Mahoning Valley (Indians)
NYP 5. Kris Johnson  lhp  Lowell (Red Sox)
NYP 6. Justin Masterson  rhp  Lowell (Red Sox)
NYP 8. Adam Ottavino  rhp  State College (Cardinals)
NYP 9. Scott Sizemore  ss/2b  Oneonta (Tigers)
NYP 10. Joe Smith  rhp  Brooklyn (Mets)
NYP 11. Tim Norton  rhp  Staten Island (Yankees)
NYP 12. Mark Hamilton  1b  State College (Cardinals)
NYP 13. Justin Maxwell  of  Vermont (Nationals)
NYP 14. Jason Berken  rhp  Aberdeen (Orioles)
NYP 15. George Kontos  rhp  Staten Island (Yankees)
NYP 16. Chris Vinyard  1b  Aberdeen (Orioles)
NYP 17. Mitch Hilligoss  ss/3b  Staten Island (Yankees)
NYP 18. Chris Salamida  lhp  Tri-City (Astros)
NYP 20. Neil Wagner  rhp  Mahoning Valley (Indians)
Appy 8. Chase Fontaine  ss  Danville (Braves)
Appy 10. Zach Britton  lhp  Bluefield (Orioles)
Appy 11. Emmanuel Garcia  ss/2b  Kingsport (Mets)
Appy 17. Ronald Ramirez  ss/2b  Greeneville (Astros)
Appy 19. Nevin Ashley  c  Princeton (Devil Rays)
Appy 20. Sergio Sevrino  lhp  Greeneville (Astros)
Arizona 2. Jeremy Jeffress  rhp  Brewers
Arizona 8. Kyler Burke  of  Padres
Arizona 10. Vladimir Veras  rhp  Angels
Arizona 11. Brent Brewer  ss  Brewers
Arizona 12. Gerardo Avila  1b  Mariners
Arizona 15. Manuel Cabez  rhp  Giants
AZL 16. Derrick Robinson  of  Royals
AZL 17. Nick Van Stratten  of  Royals
AZL 18. Carlos Peguero  of  Mariners
AZL 19. Warner Madrigal  rhp  Angels
AZL 20. Felix Carrasco  3b  Padres
GCL 2. Chris Parmelee  of/1b  Twins
GCL 4. Chris Marrero  of  Nationals
GCL 5. Jason Place  of  Red Sox
GCL 6. Dellin Betances  rhp  Yankees
GCL 9. Jhonny Nunez  rhp  Dodgers
GCL 12. Kyle Drabek  rhp  Phillies
GCL 14. Jesus Sanchez  c  Phillies
GCL 16. Josue Calzado  of  Yankees
GCL 18. Zach McAllister  rhp  Yankees
GCL 19. Carlos Monasterios  rhp  Yankees
Pioneer 2. Josh Bell  3b  Ogden (Dodgers)
Pioneer 6. Peter Bourjos  of  Orem (Angels)
Pioneer 7. Drew Stubbs  of  Billings (Reds)
Pioneer 8. Andrew Fie  3b  Missoula (Diamondbacks)
Pioneer 9. Jeremy Haynes  rhp  Orem (Angels)
Pioneer 10. Ryan Mount  ss  Orem (Angels)
Pioneer 11. Cole Gillespie  of  Helena (Brewers)
Pioneer 12. Kenneth Herndon  rhp  Orem (Angels)
Pioneer 13. Chris Valiaka  ss  Billings (Reds)
Pioneer 17. Pedro Strop  rhp  Casper (Rockies)
Pioneer 18. Stephen Chapman  of  Helena (Brewers)
Pioneer 19. Brandon Hynick  rhp  Casper (Rockies)
Pioneer 20. Hector Ambriz  rhp  Missoula (Diamondbacks)

Players on my list not on BA's
International 3 B.J. Upton Devil Rays (AAA)
International 7 Melky Cabrera Yankees (AAA)
International 8 Gregor Blanco Braves (AAA)
International 11 Asdrubal Cabrera Indians (AAA)
International 12 Adam Lind Blue Jays (AAA)
International 13 Martin Prado Braves (AAA)
International 14 Ben Francisco Indians (AAA)
International 15 Pedro Lopez White Sox (AAA)
International 2 Chris Seddon Devil Rays (AAA)
International 4 Justin Germano - - -
International 7 Josh Banks Blue Jays (AAA)
International 9 Gavin Floyd Phillies (AAA)
International 10 Boone Logan White Sox (AAA)
International 11 Evan Maclane Mets (AAA)
International 12 Jake Dittler Indians (AAA)
International 13 Jason Miller Twins (AAA)
International 14 Edwin Jackson Devil Rays (AAA)
International 15 Heath Phillips White Sox (AAA)
Pacific Coast 4 Alberto Callaspo Diamondbacks (AAA)
Pacific Coast 5 Joaquin Arias Rangers (AAA)
Pacific Coast 7 Chris Carter Diamondbacks (AAA)
Pacific Coast 12 Shin-Soo Choo Mariners (AAA)
Pacific Coast 14 Daric Barton Athletics (AAA)
Pacific Coast 2 Cesar Jimenez Mariners (AAA)
Pacific Coast 3 Dana Eveland Brewers (AAA)
Pacific Coast 4 Yusmeiro Petit Marlins (AAA)
Pacific Coast 5 Jae Kuk Ryu Cubs (AAA)
Pacific Coast 6 Edgar Gonzalez Diamondbacks (AAA)
Pacific Coast 7 Jason Windsor Athletics (AAA)
Pacific Coast 12 Carlos Villanueva Brewers (AAA)
Pacific Coast 13 Ubaldo Jimenez Rockies (AAA)
Pacific Coast 14 Renyel Pinto Marlins (AAA)
Pacific Coast 15 Bobby Livingston Mariners (AAA)
Eastern 3 Eric Duncan Yankees (AA)
Eastern 4 Alex Romero Twins (AA)
Eastern 5 Brandon Moss Red Sox (AA)
Eastern 7 Denard Span Twins (AA)
Eastern 8 Nate Schierholtz Giants (AA)
Eastern 9 Matt Moses Twins (AA)
Eastern 10 Brett Gardner Yankees (AA)
Eastern 13 Andrew Mccutchen Pirates (AA)
Eastern 14 Chad Spann Red Sox (AA)
Eastern 15 Trent Oeltjen Twins (AA)
Eastern 5 Sean Smith Indians (AA)
Eastern 6 Aaron Laffey Indians (AA)
Eastern 7 Frankie De La Cruz Tigers (AA)
Eastern 9 Ronald Bay Indians (AA)
Eastern 11 Adam Harben Twins (AA)
Eastern 12 J.B. Cox Yankees (AA)
Eastern 14 Tony Sipp Indians (AA)
Eastern 15 Jesse Litsch Blue Jays (AA)
Southern 2 Tony Abreu Dodgers (AA)
Southern 3 Chris Getz White Sox (AA)
Southern 6 Luis Cruz Padres (AA)
Southern 9 Chin-lung Hu Dodgers (AA)
Southern 11 Pedro Lopez White Sox (AA)
Southern 12 Gregor Blanco Braves (AA)
Southern 13 Callix Crabbe Brewers (AA)
Southern 14 Scott Moore Cubs (AA)
Southern 15 Alejandro De Aza Marlins (AA)
Southern 2 Paul Mildren Marlins (AA)
Southern 3 Tim Dillard Brewers (AA)
Southern 8 Matt Harrison Braves (AA)
Southern 9 Ryan Rodriguez White Sox (AA)
Southern 10 Jose Garcia Marlins (AA)
Southern 11 Ross Ohlendorf Diamondbacks (AA)
Southern 12 Tyler Pelland Reds (AA)
Southern 15 Marcos Carvajal Devil Rays (AA)
Texas 2 Chris Lubanski Royals (AA)
Texas 8 Cody Haerther Cardinals (AA)
Texas 9 Angel Sanchez Royals (AA)
Texas 11 Seth Smith Rockies (AA)
Texas 13 Oswaldo Navarro Mariners (AA)
Texas 1 Ryan Feierabend Mariners (AA)
Texas 2 Yorman Bazardo Mariners (AA)
Texas 3 Chance Douglass Astros (AA)
Texas 5 Nick Green Angels (AA)
Texas 6 Stu Pomeranz Cardinals (AA)
Texas 7 Juan Gutierrez Astros (AA)
Texas 8 Rafael Rodriguez Angels (AA)
Texas 9 Zack Greinke Royals (AA)
Texas 11 Paul Estrada Astros (AA)
Texas 14 Rich Thompson Angels (AA)
Texas 15 Alberto Arias Rockies (AA)
California 5 Sean Kazmar Padres (A+)
California 7 Corey Wimberly Rockies (A+)
California 8 German Duran Rangers (A+)
California 9 Evan Longoria Devil Rays (A+)
California 10 Mike Collins Angels (A+)
California 13 Marcus Sanders Giants (A+)
California 15 Cyle Hankerd Diamondbacks (A+)
California 2 Ching-Lung Lo Rockies (A+)
California 3 Luis Cota Royals (A+)
California 4 Shawn Nottingham Mariners (A+)
California 6 James Houser Devil Rays (A+)
California 7 Ryan Webb Athletics (A+)
California 8 Michael Schlact Rangers (A+)
California 9 Chris Mason Devil Rays (A+)
California 10 Jon Barratt Devil Rays (A+)
California 13 Manny Ayala Padres (A+)
California 15 Brian Anderson Giants (A+)
Carolina 3 Ian Desmond Nationals (A+)
Carolina 4 Jordan Brown Indians (A+)
Carolina 5 Jose Constanza Indians (A+)
Carolina 7 Jose De Los Santos White Sox (A+)
Carolina 9 John Drennen Indians (A+)
Carolina 10 Marvin Lowrance Nationals (A+)
Carolina 11 Wladimir Sutil Astros (A+)
Carolina 12 Kala Ka'Aihue Braves (A+)
Carolina 13 Rob Valido White Sox (A+)
Carolina 15 Matt Young Braves (A+)
Carolina 2 James Parr Braves (A+)
Carolina 3 Kelvin Villa Braves (A+)
Carolina 8 Lucas Harrell White Sox (A+)
Carolina 10 Fernando Hernandez White Sox (A+)
Carolina 11 Joe Ness Indians (A+)
Carolina 12 Jo-Jo Reyes Braves (A+)
Carolina 13 Clint Everts Nationals (A+)
Carolina 14 Luis Atilano Braves (A+)
Carolina 15 Jensen Lewis Indians (A+)
Florida State 1 Alcides Escobar Brewers (A+)
Florida State 6 Brandon Roberts - - -
Florida State 7 Trevor Plouffe Twins (A+)
Florida State 8 Charlie Fermaint Brewers (A+)
Florida State 9 Fernando Martinez Mets (A+)
Florida State 10 David Winfree Twins (A+)
Florida State 11 Ramiro Pena Yankees (A+)
Florida State 12 Brett Gardner Yankees (A+)
Florida State 13 Jonathan Mota Cubs (A+)
Florida State 14 Cory Dunlap Dodgers (A+)
Florida State 15 Juan Apodaca Dodgers (A+)
Florida State 1 Anthony Swarzak Twins (A+)
Florida State 2 Dallas Trahern Tigers (A+)
Florida State 3 Gaby Hernandez Marlins (A+)
Florida State 10 Jesse Litsch Blue Jays (A+)
Florida State 12 Kyle Kendrick Phillies (A+)
Florida State 13 Robert Hinton Brewers (A+)
Midwest 4 Bryan Anderson Cardinals (A)
Midwest 5 Hainley Statia Angels (A)
Midwest 8 Luis Valbuena Mariners (A)
Midwest 9 Johnny Whittleman Rangers (A)
Midwest 10 Jose Martinez Cardinals (A)
Midwest 11 Josh Johnson Royals (A)
Midwest 12 Kyle Blanks Padres (A)
Midwest 14 Chad Boyd Athletics (A)
Midwest 15 Drew Thompson Twins (A)
Midwest 1 Tommy Mendoza Angels (A)
Midwest 2 Omar Poveda Rangers (A)
Midwest 4 Travis Wood Reds (A)
Midwest 5 Scott Taylor Cubs (A)
Midwest 6 Zach Phillips Rangers (A)
Midwest 7 Jacob Rasner Rangers (A)
Midwest 10 Mitch Atkins Cubs (A)
Midwest 11 Luke French Tigers (A)
Midwest 12 Jared Lansford Athletics (A)
Midwest 13 Alexander Smit Twins (A)
Midwest 14 Vin Mazzaro Athletics (A)
SAL 7 Jonathon Niese Mets (A)
SAL 9 Xavier Cedeno Rockies (A)
SAL 11 Dan Cortes White Sox (A)
SAL 12 Tim Cox Red Sox (A)
SAL 13 Shairon Martis - - -
SAL 14 Chaz Roe Rockies (A)
SAL 15 Beau Jones Braves (A)
South Atlantic 3 Michael Brantley Brewers (A)
South Atlantic 5 Reegie Corona Yankees (A)
South Atlantic 6 Marcos Vechionacci Yankees (A)
South Atlantic 8 Eric Young Rockies (A)
South Atlantic 9 Ivan De Jesus Dodgers (A)
South Atlantic 12 Mat Gamel Brewers (A)
South Atlantic 14 Travis Denker Dodgers (A)
South Atlantic 15 Angel Salome Brewers (A)
NWL 2 Alfred Joseph Cubs (A-)
NWL 3 Greg Halman Mariners (A-)
NWL 4 Jesus Lopez Padres (A-)
NWL 6 Mario Mercedes Cubs (A-)
NWL 8 Chad Huffman Padres (A-)
NWL 9 Steve Clevenger Cubs (A-)
NWL 11 Jodam Rivera Padres (A-)
NWL 12 Kuo-Hui Lo Mariners (A-)
NWL 13 Thomas Neal Giants (A-)
NWL 14 Sharlon Schoop Giants (A-)
NWL 15 Todd Johnson Athletics (A-)
NWL 1 Aneury Rodriguez Rockies (A-)
NWL 3 Scott Deal Athletics (A-)
NWL 6 Aaron Breit Padres (A-)
NWL 7 Clayton Tanner Giants (A-)
NWL 8 Ben Snyder Giants (A-)
NWL 9 Inoel Deaza Athletics (A-)
NWL 10 Jackson Quezada Padres (A-)
NWL 11 Josh Sullivan Rockies (A-)
NWL 12 Rolando Valdez Padres (A-)
NWL 13 Juan Trinidad Giants (A-)
NWL 14 Cesar Valdez Diamondbacks (A-)
NWL 15 Shane Dove Diamondbacks (A-)
NYP 1 Donovan Solano Cardinals (A-)
NYP 3 Eric Taylor Astros (A-)
NYP 4 Evan Longoria Devil Rays (A-)
NYP 6 Kristopher Negron Red Sox (A-)
NYP 7 Jose Gil Yankees (A-)
NYP 8 Billy Rowell Orioles (A-)
NYP 10 Manuel Arambarris Red Sox (A-)
NYP 11 Justin Jacobs Marlins (A-)
NYP 12 Chih-Hsien Chiang Red Sox (A-)
NYP 13 Albert Laboy Pirates (A-)
NYP 14 Nathan Warrick Astros (A-)
NYP 15 Logan Morrison Marlins (A-)
NYP 2 Kyle Winters Marlins (A-)
NYP 3 Edgar Garcia Phillies (A-)
NYP 4 Woods Fines Devil Rays (A-)
NYP 6 Wilfreddy Aguirre Blue Jays (A-)
NYP 7 Jake Ruckle Mets (A-)
NYP 8 Gary Daley Cardinals (A-)
NYP 9 Francisco Castillo Yankees (A-)
NYP 10 Chris Lugo Nationals (A-)
NYP 11 David Qualben Astros (A-)
NYP 12 Luis Lebron Orioles (A-)
NYP 13 Aaron Jackson Nationals (A-)
NYP 14 Brendan Wise Tigers (A-)
NYP 15 Shane Benson Blue Jays (A-)
Appy 5 Luis Fernandez Blue Jays (R)
Appy 6 Sean Henry Mets (R)
Appy 8 Pedro Florimon Orioles (R)
Appy 10 Thomas Pham Cardinals (R)
Appy 11 Willie Cabrera Braves (R)
Appy 12 Ivan Naccarata Mets (R)
Appy 14 Concepcion Rodriguez Braves (R)
Appy 15 Richard Martinez Indians (R)
Appy 3 Tyree Hayes Devil Rays (R)
Appy 5 Ryan Mitchell Astros (R)
Appy 6 Chris Andujar Devil Rays (R)
Appy 9 Johnny Moreno White Sox (R)
Appy 11 Danny Hernandez Twins (R)
Appy 12 Andy Schindling Orioles (R)
Appy 13 Kris Medlen Braves (R)
Appy 14 Reid Kelly Astros (R)
Arizona 3 Alex Liddi Mariners (R)
Arizona 7 Cody Podraza Rangers (R)
Arizona 8 Jeff Bianchi Royals (R)
Arizona 11 Tyrone Wilson Royals (R)
Arizona 12 Clint Naylor Padres (R)
Arizona 13 Jose Flores Giants (R)
Arizona 14 Alwin Perez Royals (R)
Arizona 15 Matthew Klimas Giants (R)
AZL 2 Doug Salinas Mariners (R)
AZL 3 Jake Brigham Rangers (R)
AZL 4 Pablo Menchaca Padres (R)
AZL 5 Alex Torres Angels (R)
AZL 6 Robert Hernandez Cubs (R)
AZL 7 Jose Valdez Giants (R)
AZL 8 Luis Ramirez Brewers (R)
AZL 9 Rey Garramone Padres (R)
AZL 10 Rolando Pascual Brewers (R)
AZL 11 Leonardo Martinez Athletics (R)
AZL 12 Paul Raglione Royals (R)
AZL 13 Jose Guzman Athletics (R)
AZL 14 Nate Adcock Mariners (R)
GCL 2 Wilson Ramos Twins (R)
GCL 4 Cole Miles Braves (R)
GCL 6 Justin Jacobs Marlins (R)
GCL 7 Chih-Hsien Chiang Red Sox (R)
GCL 9 Ozzie Martinez Marlins (R)
GCL 10 Carlos Fernandez Red Sox (R)
GCL 12 Brian Mathews Dodgers (R)
GCL 14 Chris Marrero Nationals (R)
GCL 15 Hayden Parrott Tigers (R)
GCL 1 Angel Reyes Yankees (R)
GCL 3 David Bromberg Twins (R)
GCL 4 Jeanmar Gomez Indians (R)
GCL 5 Arturo Barradas Marlins (R)
GCL 6 Tyler Robertson Twins (R)
GCL 7 Felix Doubront Red Sox (R)
GCL 9 Steve Kent Braves (R)
GCL 10 Jarrod Freeman Phillies (R)
GCL 11 Hector Correa Marlins (R)
GCL 12 Jose Ortegano Braves (R)
GCL 15 Wuillys Bravo Nationals (R)
Pioneer 3 Carlos Santana Dodgers (R)
Pioneer 4 Helder Velazquez Rockies (R)
Pioneer 5 Joe Dickerson Royals (R)
Pioneer 7 Julio Perez Angels (R)
Pioneer 8 Kurt Mertins Royals (R)
Pioneer 9 Andrew Beshenich Diamondbacks (R)
Pioneer 10 Doug Brooks Dodgers (R)
Pioneer 11 Houston Summers Diamondbacks (R)
Pioneer 12 Danny Dorn Reds (R)
Pioneer 13 Tyler Chambliss Royals (R)
Pioneer 14 Riquy Pena Rockies (R)
Pioneer 15 Leo Calderon Angels (R)
Pioneer 3 Felipe Arredondo Angels (R)
Pioneer 4 Jordan Norberto Diamondbacks (R)
Pioneer 7 Zach Braddock Brewers (R)
Pioneer 8 Clevelan Santeliz White Sox (R)
Pioneer 9 Michael Rocco White Sox (R)
Pioneer 10 Daniel Stange Diamondbacks (R)
Pioneer 11 Josh Wall Dodgers (R)
Pioneer 12 Roque Mercedes Brewers (R)
Pioneer 13 Jordan Smith Reds (R)
Pioneer 14 Terrell Young Reds (R)
Pioneer 15 Jamie Arneson Reds (R)


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Aaron Brown , OF , Chatsworth HS, Calif.
Aaron Westlake , OF , Vanderbilt
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2 Alving Mejias , P , COL
3 Grabiel Hernandez , SS , STL
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Name POS Schools
1 Bryce Harper C Southern Nevada CC
2 Jameson Taillon RHP The Woodlands (Texas) HS
3 Anthony Ranaudo P LSU
4 Drew Pomeranz LHP Mississippi
5 Nick Castellanos 3B Archbishop McCarthy HS, FLA
6 Bryce Brentz OF Middle Tennessee State
7 AJ Cole P Oviedo HS, Orlando
8 Zack Cox 3B Arkansas
9 Austin Wilson OF Harvard-Westlake HS, CA
10 Deck McGuire RHP Georgia Tech
11 Karsten Whitson RHP Chipley HS, Bartow, Fla.
12 Christian Colon SS Cal State Fullerton
13 Matt Harvey P North Carolina
14 Levon Washington 2B/OF Chipola JC
15 Manny Machado SS Brito Prep, Miami
16 Josh Sale OF Bishop Blanchet HS, SEA
17 Chris Sale LHP Florida Gulf Coast
18 Jedd Gyorko 2B West Virginia
19 Brandon Workman P Texas
20 Stetson Allie 3B St. Edward HS, Lakewood, Ohio
21 Brian Ragira OF Martin HS, Arlington
22 Dylan Covey P Maranatha HS, Pasadena, CA
23 Derek Dietrich SS Georgia Tech
24 DeAndre Smelter P Tattnall Square GA
25 Kevin Gausman RHP Grandview HS, Aurora, Colo
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