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Keeping Dreams Alive

Today, one of the best personalities on the internet left the internet, kind of.
He says he'll still be checking in but I wonder if he will now do it under an anonymous handle, but however it happens, Kevin Goldstein has left the building. He is now the Pro Scouting Coordinator for the lowly Houston Astros. I say lowly because of their MLB record, but I really do think they are doing it right, building from the ground up. I think if you are reading this, you are aware of what I would have done with their system, whether everyone in the world thinks it was unrealistic or not. That said, I am happy for him. I will miss his podcast with the always #wet full of #want, Jason Parks. I was even mentioned on it once thanks to my insanity of ranking 2000 prospects. At least I know his knowledge is going to a good place.

I was a huge fan of the Astros when I was a kid. I'm looking forward to seeing them become a force again in the A.L.

To all of you baseball nuts and writers, hopeful am…

The 5 Tool Player

There was a 16 year old dominican in 2006 that I thought was a potential 5 tool guy. I knew he would lack power but for a shortstop, I thought he could have enough pop to be a good hitter for the position. His defense was stellar and would get him to the bigs quick. His speed was solid average, his contact was 55-60. He was a solid 53-55 type of player. This is a 5 tool player to me. Solid average to slightly above across the board. This is a guy that would have been a 1st rounder or a supplemental pick in the draft if he weren't an international guy.
This guy made it to the bigs by 20 years old, has 896 MLB AB's and has hit .271/.338/.336 in those AB's. He has 3.3 career WAR over these 3 partial seasons and I think he is a success as a big leaguer but if you expect more than this out of a 5 tool talent, you are mistaken. There are so few players that make it to the majors and make an impact, that anyone who puts up these kind of numbers is a clear success of scouting and …

Max Kepler, OF, Minnesota Twins

Max Kepler is an amazing athlete but had a slow start after signing out of Germany. Both his parents are ballet dancers, so the athleticism is obviously there. Shortly after signing, comparisons to elite athletes were being dropped, including Mickey Mantle. That is crazy but it says there is really something there. The results didn't come immediately but no one expected that.

This season he is repeating the Appalachian League and the skills are starting to really pop. His isolated power is up from .105 to .241. That is enormous. He has hit 10 HR's in 269 AB's and has very good secondary numbers.

Everything is going the right direction for the young German. It would not surprise me a bit if he is in many of the experts top 100 prospect list this spring. He was #86 on my pre-2011 list and #148 prior to this season with my new ranking that included amateurs. However you look at it, he projects to be a future starter in RF or LF and should produce well above average and be a s…

TJ Pecoraro, P, Vanderbilt

Daniel Palka, 1B, Georgia Tech

Under Armour Game at Wrigley

Clint Frazier Prospect Video, Loganville High School (via Steve Fiorindo)
The 2013 baseball draft prep class is hard to figure out. There are a few guys at the top that stand out with the bat but don't have a lot of defensive value. That makes this difficult. The clear talent was at the plate though.
1. Clint Frazier, OF, 6', 190, Loganville, GA
He has ridiculous bat speed. He isn't a physical presence like some others in this draft but the wrists and forearms create elite bat speed and plus power. He has great contact ability and plays like every play will be his last. He was the best player in this game and will be the best player in a lot of the games he plays until he retires.
2. Justin Williams, OF, 6'2", 215, Houma, LA
Williams is a physical presence. He is a good football player as well apparently but baseball is his future. His bat is really fast and his power is extremely impressive. He is a RF and should be a solid defensive outfielder. He has a…

Johnny Field, OF, Arizona

Dale Carey, OF, Miami

Zach Alvord, 2B, Auburn

Kevin Ziomek, P, Vanderbilt

Christian Arroyo, SS, Florida HS

Thomas Hatch, P, Oklahoma HS

Mark Ecker, P, Texas HS

Chris Kohler, P, California HS

Jonathan Denney, C/1B, Oklahoma HS

Kacy Clemens, P, Texas HS

Nick Ciuffo, 1B/P, South Carolina HS

Kevin Franklin, 3B, California HS

Colby Suggs, RHP, Arkansas

Keegan Thompson, P, Alabama HS

Andrew Mitchell, P, TCU

Marco Gonzales, P, Gonzaga

Stephen Gonsalves, P, California HS

John Simms, P, RIce

John Paul Crawford, SS, California HS

Ben Wetzler, P, Oregon State

Scott Frazier, P, Pepperdine

Jonathan Gray, P, Oklahoma

Konner Wade, P, Arizona

Andy McGuire, SS, Virginia HS

Rowdy Tellez, 1B, California HS

Trevor Williams, P, Arizona State