Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Draft Thoughts

Ryan Ripken is an obvious name to point out. Cal's son isn't a great prospect but he can hit a little.
I like Creede Simpson in the 25th. He is a solid college bar.

Red Sox:
Carson Fulmer and Alex Bregman are obvious favorites.
Jake Davies in an atheltic 1B that has a decent arm and could fall back to the mound but I think he has quite a bit at the plate that he hasn't proven yet.
Shaq Thompson is very raw but is an extraordinary athlete. He may be a two sport guy at Washington but he could be intriguing.
Holy, Khiry Cooper got drafted.  Another football player.
Kurt Schluter has been up to 94 in the past but who knows if that will happen again.
The name I like past the Bregman and Fuller is Xavier Turner. He is a Vanderbilt commit and man can he swing the bat. He could be an impact 3B at Vandy.

I like the Taylor Dugas pick. He is fun to watch.
Vince Jackson and Jose Mesa are intriguing names.
Ty Moore showed his skills at the NHSI this year including a big home run. He is intriguing.
Raph Rhymes had an amazing season at LSU but will likely go back now.
Eric Erickson has survived TWO Tommy John surgeries already and really knows how to pitch. He is 84-88 but I love the story and hope he does well in the minors.

Dylan Floro was a top recruit in '09 but has regressed at Cal State Fullerton.
Tommy Coyle was a top recruit as well and had a poor season at UNC.

Blue Jays:
Ryan Kellogg was probably the best player from Canada this year.
Cole Irvin is a projectable lefty that could be a top pick in 3 years at Oregon.
Brandon Lopez doesn't get much love for what he could be. He could be a power hitting 3B with plus defense. He should be an impact player at Miami.

Elander is underrated. He could be a solid backup catcher with a decent bat.
Fernelys Sanchez could still sign or would be eligible again next year. He is committed to Central Arizona CC. They could give him 300K without a cap penalty if everyone else is at slot or less. They are 175k under right now, so he could be an option.
Braden Bishop, Giovanni Brusa and especially Sean McLaughlin. He is a great athlete who could be an impact player at Georgia.

Ron Miller is one of the better power hitters in California.
Cody Gunter has an impressive bat and I would like to see him in pro ball. He is the top target I see after the 10th round.

Tomas Nido has a great bat but I'm not sure he's a catcher long term.
Jayce Boyd has never got a lot of hype but he's a solid bat and athletic enough to be a plus defender at 1B.
Stefan Sabol was once a potential 1st rounder but two years and injuries have slowed him but the power is still there. He could be an intriguing signing.
I like Mikey White as an athletic high school kid and would be my over slot signing target.

Steven Golden is a good late round pick. I don't think he is committed anywhere and could be an interesting signing.
Daniel Starwalt is a Stanford commit and Eric Hanhold is a Florida guy. Both could be top picks after 3 years of college.

Freddy Avis, Skye Blot and Cody Poteet were all supplemental type talents. I really don't think they can sign any of these guys but they are good choices just in case.

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