Wednesday, May 23, 2012

iProScout Baseball App Review

Scouting baseball and writing a report on a player is a time consuming and difficult job. After spending all day at the ball park, many scouts retire to a hotel room and write reports on the players they just watched. Filing them with their team at a later date. With the iProScout baseball app, it is much easier and you can do it from the park as you watch. The free app is a professional mobile baseball scouting software. With the use of the app is a $5.99/month subscription price. It allows scouts, recruiters, fans and anyone interested in evaluating baseball talent to easily enter scout data on their iPhone and iPad.   

The concept is great. You enter a player's name, biographical information, contact info, if need be, and graduation dates, commitments, advisor and any other useful information.

Once a player is created, you enter into the scout portion. From there you can grade out each pitch giving details velocity, movement, type and any other important information. It allows you to be as detailed as you want to.
As you grade a player out on his pitches, control and other abilities, an OFP is creates, which you can manually adjust as well.

You can grade out hitters in the standard, power, hitting, running, arm and fielding categories as well as allowing room for an OFP adjustment if need be. The positional players don't have quite as much depth and detail, but there is more than enough area to write in comments under each section.

When you are done in the scout section, you can go to reports and the iProScout app creates a well laid out and readable report that can be emailed to anyone as soon as it is created. It contains all of the information you entered in the scout portion. It is a great way to transfer information from one source to another.

The other options on the main screen are Teams and Data. You can sync players in the data portion. This is useful if you want to transfer reports from your iPhone to your iPad. The teams section is great for someone to document contacts for each team. At the bottom of the screen after clicking on a team allows you to push a button and call or email the contact.

It is very strong in options and details for entering the information that you want to. It isn't customizable but the options existing should cover anything that you would choose to add in a report. That is not a simple feat.

There are some weaknesses for what I would use it for. There is no way of importing information you already have. Each player needs to be created within the app and for many, I'm sure, that is not an issue, but I don't see a way to consolidate these reports so you can access other reports that have been generated by others, besides keeping an email file going.
The most glaring weakness for the scout is the Date of the viewing or a place to add multiple reports under one player.

Overall, it is a very useful app. It isn't as data rich as I'd like and has a few things missing but it is impressive and a unique product that no other product available to the public can match. 

Visit their website here to see more about the app, download it and subscribe.

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