Friday, May 25, 2012

Free MLB Draft Book with Additional information

Here is a document with most of my draft information that I have posted as well as some international signing stuff and minor leaguer rankings. 

There is data from a draft study I did to show the success rates of players by position and round to show the chance they become stars or major leaguers or busts.

Download it, share it, print it, I don't care. Free to anyone who wants it.

Next year, I plan on doing a more official book with more detailed write ups on many. I will charge a small amount for that but this year is kind of a trial run. Let me know your thoughts and how I could improve it.


  1. Hi

    What you think about Danny Bermudez who is committed to Western Carolina University?, You think you can enter the MLB Draft of 2012?

    Thank you

  2. Can you tell me anything about prep rhp Carlos pens from Columbus Ohio