Monday, March 26, 2012

Drew Ward, 2014 Draft Prospect

Drew Ward is an incredible player. But let me put this into context for you.

Something about Drew Ward is very unique that needs to be considered. I have 11/25/94 as his birth date(via Perfect Game). If this is accurate, he is just over ONE year younger than Francisco Lindor, a 2011 draft pick. Drew Ward is a 2014 draft pick. That is THREE years later.
Ward is playing against much younger competition and he should be smoking them. On the other hand Bryce Harper, another clear top prospect early in high school, has dominated OLDER competition. You can not compare the two.

CLARIFICATION: Ward isn't dominating younger competition as he is playing up against older competition at showcases, but he is still older than the majority of the players from his draft class and will eventually have to play down as he is just a sophomore now unless he opts to attend a JC or college early.
Ward is also about a month OLDER than currently hyped prospect Ronald Guzman. Guzman could be in Low A when Ward is a senior if all goes right. Age needs to be factored in to this, and heavily if his birth date is right.


  1. Hope I can shed some light on this for you. Drew is 17 now. Last summer he was 16 and the youngest player at every event he participated in. He was the 2nd youngest player (by age) that had ever participated in the Area Code games where he dominated 2012 draft pick pitching. In no way has he ever been older dominating younger players. Just the opposite. He turned 17 just this past December. Just wanted you to get a closer perspective of him dominating older players not the opposite. If fact he was the youngest player (By Age) at the Jupitor event as well

  2. I would love to help you spread accurate information about Drew. I believe he is in a position that he deserves that. I tried your email but it didn't work.

  3. I understand what you are saying. I should say he WILL be dominating younger competition instead of IS.

    I appreciate that and I don't want to say he isn't a hell of a player, because he is.

    The difference is that he will hit a time in the near future where he will be playing against inferior competition. If he can compete against older guys and do well now, that is great. I just would hate to see him regress or stagnate against lesser competition when he is as old or older than others in his class.

    He is at a disadvantage that way. Maybe he can take the Bryce Harper route and head to a JC early. I don't know. The point that I'm trying to make here isn't that Ward is a bad player but a player that will not have played against the best competition as early as he could have been.

    I hope that makes sense.

  4. I agree that in the long run there is definitely some disadvantages. Didn't mean for the posts to sound disrespectful. Not my intentions. I'm hopeful that he might choose a quicker path and maybe he will. I have seen players in Ward's situation that people try to figure a way that they are not really that good. Guess that is human nature. I understand that you are not saying that. I saw him perform in 18 and under tournaments after his 8th grade year and people were amazed that he was the best player at the event. Things could work out for him in the long run and he be recognized as a player that could move faster through the minor leagues.

    Where do you see him in the 2013 draft if he became available?

  5. No, no disrespect taken at all. I appreciate the candor and another set of eyes on what I write. I don't have a lot of people I talk to to come up with the ideas I have, so it's good to have back and forth.
    As for where he stands if he'd enter the 2013 draft, I'd have to say he's a top 5 high school talent.