Monday, February 20, 2012

Coming Very Soon..

I will have a ranking of thousands of players up within a week.

A brief overview:
I will have rankings of players from MLB down to sophomore in high school and everything in between.

It won't be too much different than I have done in the past, but it will be a little different.

The rankings will be fluid and I will update them occasionally when a significant amount of change has occurred.

About the ratings. It is a 20-80 scale. Floor is where a player is at now. Ideally it wouldn't decrease only increase. While ceiling is more likely to decrease than increase. It is averaged out to show the type of player that you can fairly expect them to be currently with ceiling as a near best case scenario. Some will exceed this ceiling but it won't be many. Quite a few should meet this ceiling but most won't. Most will be slightly better than there floor. This is an enormous list and I did as an individual, not a group. There are errors. If you see someone that is way off, let me know. I may have made an error.

I will use this to do draft projections as well.

If there is anything specific you want to see, let me know.

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