Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ravel Santana

Baseball America is very high on him and I have him pretty low on my list, so I took a look at him. He has big power and solid speed. The closest comp to him using all his skills was Abner Abreu. Not promising, but I liked him a lot at that point. Here is a list of others that put up similar numbers in the GCL since 2006. Nothing stellar but some solid prospects. If I had to guess looking at this group, he would be a below average MLB starter. My system predicts he could be in High A by the end of 2012 and has all-star potential. Go figure.

2010 C/DH Eric Arce Blue Jays Gulf Coast
2008 3B Wander Ramos Nationals Gulf Coast
2007 OF Kevin Patterson Blue Jays Gulf Coast
2008 OF Abner Abreu Indians Gulf Coast
2010 OF Miguel Mendez Pirates Gulf Coast
2007 2B Ravel Santana Yankees Gulf Coast
2006 OF Michael Burgess Nationals Gulf Coast
2011 DH/OF Brett Newsome Nationals Gulf Coast
2006 1B/OF Juaner Aguasvivas Tigers Gulf Coast
2007 OF Destin Hood Nationals Gulf Coast
2007 OF Matt Mcbride Indians Gulf Coast
2011 OF Chris Parmelee Twins Gulf Coast
2011 C Eugenio Suarez Tigers Gulf Coast
2007 DH/OF Edgar Lara Cardinals Gulf Coast
2008 OF Brandon Laird Yankees Gulf Coast
2007 3B Michael Crouse Blue Jays Gulf Coast
2007 3B Isaias Tejeda Yankees Gulf Coast
2009 OF Michaelangel Trinidad Pirates Gulf Coast
2011 OF Gary Sanchez Yankees Gulf Coast
2010 3B/DH Jonathan Schwind Pirates Gulf Coast
2010 3B/OF Yeicok Calderon Yankees Gulf Coast
2008 C/DH Jerry Sands Dodgers Gulf Coast

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