Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Year

I am changing things up a bit.
Due to the fact that so many talented young players fly through the minors and make it to the majors, while some stagnate and loose their prospect eligibility but still have upside, I am doing my lists as top players under 25 for each team.
I am using 7-21-12 for the date due to the fact that that is the date MLB uses for cutting off draft eligibility for sophomores. It is a good cut off date for age rankings. My top 2000 will also consist of MLB, MiLB, College and even high school players and will be more of an assessment of the future of baseball than simply a prospect ranking list.

The top 2000 I did this earlier this year will be archived but I want to add in the next wave, which I have no statistics for.

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