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Conference USA

East Carolina John Wooten 1B JR 2012
East Carolina Zach Wright C SR 2012
East Carolina Corey Thompson 3B SR 2012
East Carolina Zachary Wright C SR 2012
East Carolina Chris Gosik OF JR 2012
East Carolina Joseph Hughes RHP JR 2012
East Carolina Dennis Wright RHP SR 2012
East Carolina Jack Reinheimer SS SO 2013
East Carolina Chase McDonald 1B SO 2013
East Carolina William Chrismon RHP SO 2013
East Carolina Tanner Merritt RHP SO 2013
East Carolina Deshorn Lake RHP FR 2014
East Carolina Tyler Bolton 3B FR 2014
East Carolina David Lucroy RHP FR 2014
East Carolina Luke Lowery C 1B, OF HS 2015
East Carolina Travis Watkins C OF HS 2015
East Carolina Joe Brooks IF HS 2015
East Carolina Andrew Schorr LHP HS 2015
East Carolina Garrett Brooks OF HS 2015
East Carolina Andrew LaMura OF HS 2015
East Carolina Justin Taylor RHP HS 2015
East Carolina Quinn Carpenter RHP HS 2015
East Carolina Kyle Majette RHP HS 2015
East Carolina Jonathan Aparicio RHP MIF HS 2015
East Carolina Hayden White RHP MIF HS 2015
East Carolina Nicholas Thompson SS HS 2015
East Carolina Bryce Harman 1B LHP HS 2016
East Carolina Cameron Snow MIF RHP, MIF HS 2016
East Carolina Charlie Yorgen SS 2B HS 2016
Houston Chase Jensen SS JR 2012
Houston Jacob Lueneburg 1B JR 2012
Houston Matt Creel RHP/IF SR 2012
Houston Landon Appling OF SO 2013
Houston Cory Kay C FR 2014
Houston Ashford Fulmer CF FR 2014
Houston Aaron Garza RHP FR 2014
Houston Ryan Vruggink RHP FR 2014
Houston Jeremy Kivel RHP HS 2015
Houston Jacob Campbell C HS 2015
Houston Kyle Kirk IF HS 2015
Houston Cody Vasquez LHP HS 2015
Houston Dustin Cook RHP HS 2015
Houston Jacob Lemoine RHP HS 2015
Houston Avain Rachal SS HS 2015
Houston Joshua Vidales SS HS 2015
Marshall Michael Mason LHP SR 2012
Marshall Isaac Ballou OF JR 2012
Marshall Joey Church RHP JR 2012
Marshall Joe Church RHP SR 2012
Marshall Aaron Blair RHP SO 2013
Marshall Mark Esposito 3B FR 2014
Marshall John McConnell MIF FR 2014
Marshall Adrian Farris OF FR 2014
Marshall Brett Mays RHP FR 2014
Marshall Jared Knoll RHP FR 2014
Marshall Joe McGillicuddy RHP FR 2014
Marshall Lance Elder RHP FR 2014
Marshall Matthew Margaritonda RHP FR 2014
Marshall Travis Myers C HS 2015
Marshall David Diaz-Fernandez C 3B HS 2015
Marshall Micah Dunn LHP HS 2015
Marshall Zak Shockley LHP HS 2015
Marshall Chase Vogelbach OF HS 2015
Marshall Michael Taylor RHP HS 2015
Marshall Jesus Colon RHP HS 2015
Marshall Brandyn Sittinger RHP HS 2015
Marshall Chase Boster RHP HS 2015
Marshall Taylor Knicely RHP 3B, OF HS 2015
Memphis Dan Langfield RHP JR 2012
Memphis Ryan Holland LHP 5S 2012
Memphis Erik Schoenrock LHP SO 2013
Memphis Keaton Aldridge C FR 2014
Memphis Tyler Dailey LHP FR 2014
Memphis Craig Caufield RHP FR 2014
Memphis Dylan Toscano RHP FR 2014
Memphis Xander Helton 3B HS 2015
Memphis Victor Cole OF HS 2015
Rice Michael Ratterree 2B JR 2012
Rice Taylor Wall LHP SR 2012
Rice Jeremy Rathjen OF SR 2012
Rice Micheal Fuda OF SR 2012
Rice J.T. Chargois P/SS JR 2012
Rice Matthew Reckling RHP SR 2012
Rice Steven Simmons LHP 5S 2012
Rice Kevin Hahn LHP JR 2012
Rice Steven Sultzbaugh OF 5S 2012
Rice Tyler Spurlin P/OF JR 2012
Rice Ryan Lewis RF SR 2012
Rice Chase McDowell RHP JR 2012
Rice Tyler Duffey RHP JR 2012
Rice Austin Kubitza RHP SO 2013
Rice John Simms RHP SO 2013
Rice Tyler Pearson C SO 2013
Rice Brad Kottman LHP SO 2013
Rice Kyle Mueller LHP SO 2013
Rice Keenan Cook of SO 2013
Rice Connor Mason RHP SO 2013
Rice Shane Hoelscher ss/of SO 2013
Rice Derek Hamilton ss/P SO 2013
Rice Jordan Stephens RHP FR 2014
Rice Skyler Ewing C FR 2014
Rice Nick Bullington C FR 2014
Rice Carter Burgess IF FR 2014
Rice Zechariah Lemond RHP FR 2014
Rice Ryan McCarthy RHP FR 2014
Rice Trevor Simms RHP FR 2014
Rice Kevin McCanna RHP C HS 2015
Rice Blake Fox 1B HS 2015
Rice Hunter Kopycinski C RHP HS 2015
Rice Connor Teykl IF HS 2015
Rice Beau Rathjen OF HS 2015
Rice Leon Byrd SS HS 2015
Rice Dustin Theiss SS RHP, IF HS 2015
Southern Miss Kameron Brunty OF SR 2012
Southern Miss Geoff Thomas RHP JR 2012
Southern Miss Chase Fowler C JR 2012
Southern Miss Mason Robbins OF FR 2014
Southern Miss Taylor Nunez RHP FR 2014
Southern Miss Bradley Roney 3B FR 2014
Southern Miss Cody Carroll RHP FR 2014
Southern Miss Breck Kline SS FR 2014
Southern Miss Jake Winston IF HS 2015
Southern Miss Zachary Bird RHP IF HS 2015
Tulane James Bruno 1B SR 2012
Tulane Garrett Cannizaro 2B JR 2012
Tulane Adam Moskowitz 2B SR 2012
Tulane Jeremy Schaffer C SR 2012
Tulane Brennan Middleton IF JR 2012
Tulane Brandon Boudreaux OF JR 2012
Tulane Alex Byo P JR 2012
Tulane Kyle McKenzie RHP JR 2012
Tulane Ryan Doiron RHP SR 2012
Tulane Randy LeBlanc RHP SO 2013
Tulane Andrew Garner OF SO 2013
Tulane Jacques De Gruy P/3B SO 2013
Tulane Evan East C FR 2014
Tulane Jordan Gross LHP FR 2014
Tulane Cameron Neal OF FR 2014
Tulane Alex Massey RHP FR 2014
Tulane Ian Gibaut 1B RHP HS 2015
Tulane Chase Scott 3B OF HS 2015
Tulane Timothy Yandel 3B RHP HS 2015
Tulane Cameron Burns C HS 2015
Tulane Chris Lavorgna OF HS 2015
Tulane Daniel Rankin RHP 3B, SS HS 2015
UAB Dillon Napoleon RHP SR 2012
UAB Alex Luna 1B FR 2014
UAB Chase Davis OF FR 2014
UAB Jeff Schalk OF FR 2014
UAB Jacob Armstrong 3B HS 2015
UAB Nick Altobella RHP HS 2015
UAB Perry Rigby SS IF HS 2015
UCF Ronnie Richardson OF JR 2012
UCF Darnell Sweeney SS JR 2012
UCF DJ Hicks 1B/P SR 2012
UCF Christopher Matulis LHP SR 2012
UCF Ray Hanson RHP SR 2012
UCF Ben Lively RHP SO 2013
UCF Eric Skoglund LHP FR 2014
UCF Ryan Meyer RHP FR 2014
UCF Garrett Nuss RHP FR 2014
UCF James Vasquez 1B FR 2014
UCF JoMarcos Woods CF FR 2014
UCF Eric Barber OF FR 2014
UCF Jo Jo Woods OF/P FR 2014
UCF Tommy Williams SS FR 2014
UCF Chase Darhower SS FR 2014
UCF Zach Eflin RHP 1B HS 2015
UCF Hunter Wildes 1B/LHP HS 2015
UCF Alex Milne LHP HS 2015
UCF Troy Massaro LHP OF HS 2015
UCF Max Moroff MIF HS 2015
UCF Bo Decker OF HS 2015
UCF Connor Lien OF MIF HS 2015
UCF Tyler Martin RHP HS 2015
UCF Zac Favre RHP 1B HS 2015
UCF Jarrod Petree RHP RHP, SS HS 2015
UCF Ian McKinney LHP 1B, OF HS 2016
UCF John Sternagel MIF 3B HS 2016
UCF Eugene Vazquez OF 1B HS 2016
UCF Alan Archer OF RHP HS 2016
UCF Aaron Chesson RHP C HS 2016
UCF Kameron Gellinger SS RHP HS 2016
UCF Patrick Stephens RHP C HS 2017
UCF Kyle Marsh RHP IF HS 2017


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Names to Watch for 2011 and 2012 Draft

For more information on the draft, check out my new blog MLB Bonus Baby for more information regarding the draft.

Over the next month or so, I will be moving most Draft related info to MLB Draft Prospects. MiLB Prospects will be more focused on current minor leaguers.

These lists are far from perfect but it's a start

Aaron Brown , OF , Chatsworth HS, Calif.
Aaron Westlake , OF , Vanderbilt
Aaron Collazo , SS , Lady Bird Johnson, San Antonio, TX
Aaron Deguire , C , El Camino College
Aaron Dunsmore , OF , Dayton
Aaron Fanning , SS , Northwest (TX) HS
Aaron Gretz , C , Apple Valley, Apple Valley, MN
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Aaron Knapp , MIF , Granite Bay Granite Bay CA
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Top 300- 2010 MLB Draft Prospects

Name POS Schools
1 Bryce Harper C Southern Nevada CC
2 Jameson Taillon RHP The Woodlands (Texas) HS
3 Anthony Ranaudo P LSU
4 Drew Pomeranz LHP Mississippi
5 Nick Castellanos 3B Archbishop McCarthy HS, FLA
6 Bryce Brentz OF Middle Tennessee State
7 AJ Cole P Oviedo HS, Orlando
8 Zack Cox 3B Arkansas
9 Austin Wilson OF Harvard-Westlake HS, CA
10 Deck McGuire RHP Georgia Tech
11 Karsten Whitson RHP Chipley HS, Bartow, Fla.
12 Christian Colon SS Cal State Fullerton
13 Matt Harvey P North Carolina
14 Levon Washington 2B/OF Chipola JC
15 Manny Machado SS Brito Prep, Miami
16 Josh Sale OF Bishop Blanchet HS, SEA
17 Chris Sale LHP Florida Gulf Coast
18 Jedd Gyorko 2B West Virginia
19 Brandon Workman P Texas
20 Stetson Allie 3B St. Edward HS, Lakewood, Ohio
21 Brian Ragira OF Martin HS, Arlington
22 Dylan Covey P Maranatha HS, Pasadena, CA
23 Derek Dietrich SS Georgia Tech
24 DeAndre Smelter P Tattnall Square GA
25 Kevin Gausman RHP Grandview HS, Aurora, Colo
26 Cameron Bedrosian P East Coweta HS, Sharpsburg, GA
27 Jos…

Catchers By Age

The best way to analyze prospects is using their age in relation to the level they are playing at. Without taking too much of the level into account to start, I'll just be looking at age. I use a players age based on the date that MLB uses to define whether a player will be a draft eligible sophomore, because much of my analysis originates with a players drafted year. If a player is 26.01 on that date, he falls into the 26 year old age category. The age won't always match what is listed on Baseball Reference or FanGraphs but that is how I do it. If I don't have a players birthdate, I use the age listed on Baseball Reference.

Catchers typically progress slower than players at most other positions. The average time for a  college catcher to make it to the majors is 4.15 years. The average for a high school catchers is 5.27 years. This time can be reduced if a player has a higher skill level. Elite players only take 3.04 years out of college and 4.09 out of high school. These…