Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big South Conference

Commit Name POS class 2012 Draft Eligible
Campbell Erick Gaylord OF SR 2012
Campbell Jimmy Brennan RF SR 2012
Campbell Will Albertson C HS 2015
Campbell Jesse Simmons OF HS 2015
Campbell Colby Fox SS HS 2015
Charleston Southern Alex Tomasovich SS SO 2013
Charleston Southern Miller Bonds 3B HS 2015
Charleston Southern Zach Haralambis C HS 2015
Charleston Southern Andrew Tomasovich LHP HS 2015
Charleston Southern Kyle Dyson RHP HS 2015
Charleston Southern Kevin Hickey SS HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Josh Conway RHP/3B JR 2012
Coastal Carolina Teddy Blackman OF JR 2012
Coastal Carolina Daniel Bowman OF SR 2012
Coastal Carolina Jackson Geary RHP JR 2012
Coastal Carolina Jacob May OF SO 2013
Coastal Carolina Tyler Herb RHP SO 2013
Coastal Carolina Javier Reynoso LHP FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Brian Pruett MIF FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Adam Eggemeyer OF FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Joe Perricone RHP FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Patrick Corbett RHP FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Tyler Poole RHP FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Nicholas Molina RHP FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Tanner Wilt RHP FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Nate Kuhns SS/2B/MIF FR 2014
Coastal Carolina Connor Owings 3B HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Tyler Chadwick 3B RHP, C HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Nick Bell C OF HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Brady Arenson LHP HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Brock Hunter LHP 1B, OF HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Ronald Oberg MIF HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Mike Morrison RHP HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Nick McCoy RHP HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Seth Lamando RHP 3B HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Will Hurt SS OF HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Alex Cunningham SS RHP HS 2015
Coastal Carolina Jacob Roberts SS/C HS 2015
Gardner-Webb Beau Hilton LHP FR 2014
Gardner-Webb Ty Clark 1B HS 2015
Gardner-Webb Thomas Young 3B HS 2015
Gardner-Webb Blair Huggins C HS 2015
Gardner-Webb Nick Triplett OF HS 2015
Gardner-Webb Taylor Fisher OF HS 2015
High Point Josh Spano C FR 2014
High Point Omar Garcia OF FR 2014
High Point Michael Miedzianowski SS FR 2014
High Point Brett Gemmell 1B 3B, OF HS 2015
High Point Dominic Fazio 3B HS 2015
High Point Tyler Fox OF HS 2015
High Point Sly Edwards UT/OF HS 2015
Liberty Blake Forslund RHP JR 2012
Liberty Jerry Neufang C JR 2012
Liberty Tony McClendon CF SR 2012
Liberty Mike Robertson CF SR 2012
Liberty Michael Robertson OF SR 2012
Liberty Ryan Cordell OF/RHP SO 2013
Liberty Alex Close C FR 2014
Liberty Jared Lyons LHP FR 2014
Liberty Shawn Clowers LHP FR 2014
Liberty Josh Henderson OF HS 2015
Liberty Austin Bream 1B HS 2015
Liberty Todd Dunbar LHP HS 2015
Liberty Jake Kimble MIF HS 2015
Liberty Brandon Goodson OF HS 2015
Liberty Samuel (Sammy) Taormina SS HS 2015
Liberty Tyler Morris OF HS 2016
Presbyterian Brad Zebedis 1B/C SO 2013
Presbyterian Billy Motroni MIF FR 2014
Presbyterian Derek Long C HS 2015
Presbyterian Michael Trebendis MIF HS 2015
Presbyterian Trey Hayes SS HS 2015
Radford Eddie Butler RHP JR 2012
Radford Brett Mollenhauer 2B SR 2012
Radford Westyn Baylor RHP FR 2014
Radford Nykolai Ellis C HS 2015
Radford Jordan Taylor C SS, OF HS 2015
Radford Michael Boyle LHP HS 2015
Radford Mitchell Mackeith LHP HS 2015
Radford Tyler Swarmer LHP HS 2015
Radford Shane Johnsonbaugh OF HS 2015
Radford Dylan Nelson RHP HS 2015
Radford Daniel Bridgeman RHP 1B HS 2015
UNC Asheville Andrew Madden OF HS 2015
UNC Asheville Corey Randall RHP HS 2015
VMI Adam Lopez RHP SR 2012
VMI Mike Devine RHP SR 2012
VMI Gary LeClair OF FR 2014
VMI Red Dowdell C HS 2015
VMI Jason Stafford RHP HS 2015
VMI David Geary SS HS 2015
VMI Ray Lopez SS HS 2015
Winthrop Chas Crane 3B SR 2012
Winthrop Kenneth Monteith RHP SR 2012
Winthrop Elliott Caldwell 3B FR 2014
Winthrop Tony Brandner C FR 2014
Winthrop Josh Strong LHP FR 2014
Winthrop Michael Gilroy LHP FR 2014
Winthrop Patrick O'Leary RHP FR 2014
Winthrop Preston Johnson RHP FR 2014
Winthrop Kyle Edwards SS/P HS 2015
Winthrop Zach Sightler 3B HS 2015
Winthrop Devin Walker C HS 2015
Winthrop Michael Patrick OF HS 2015
Winthrop Nick Bateman OF HS 2015
Winthrop Joey Strain RHP HS 2015
Winthrop Jordan Crawford RHP HS 2015
Winthrop Kaden Hepler RHP HS 2015
Winthrop Ryan Owens RHP/3B HS 2015
Winthrop Stephen Wallace SS HS 2015

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