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2013 Freshman Commits - 2012 Draft Eligible

Bo Wilson    Air Force
Daniel Gallagher  RHP  Air Force
Drew Krassny  LHP  Air Force
Jack Berry , C , Air Force
Johnny Graham  OF  Air Force
Mariano Long  OF  Air Force
Spencer Draws  3B  Air Force
Steven Trojan  RHP  Air Force
Trenton Monaghan  LHP  Air Force
Tyler (Dillon) Bowers  RHP  Air Force
Zach Reks  OF  Air Force
Cale Giddings , 1B , Akron
Evan Jensen  C  Akron
Kris Simonton  IF  Akron
Michael Steensen  RHP  Akron
Nathan Allen  RHP  Akron
Colton Freeman  OF  Alabama
Jackson Stephens  RHP/3B  Alabama
Keaton Haack  RHP/OF  Alabama
Mitchell Greer  RHP  Alabama
Ray Castillo  RHP  Alabama
Mikey White  SS/2B  Alabama  
Colton Freeman , OF/P , Alabama  
Georgie Salem , OF , Alabama  
Kyle Overstreet , 2B , Alabama  
Mathew Goodson , OF , Alabama  
Mitch Greer  C/RHP  Alabama  
Alexis Olmeda  IF  Alabama State
Angel J. Ortega  SS  Alabama State
Brandon Castro  RHP  Alabama State
Christopher Sims  OF  Alabama State
Jan Luis Castro  SS  Alabama State
Jorge Fernandez  OF  Alabama State
Malcom Diaz  RHP  Alabama State
Martin Pagan  C  Alabama State
Ryan Thompson  OF  Alabama State
Tyler Howe  RHP  Alabama State
Tyler Howell  LHP  Alabama State
Victor Vazquez  LHP  Alabama State
Charlie Weaver  RHP  Alabama-Huntsville
Shaquille Cockrell  OF  Alcorn State
Conner Gunn  C  Amherst College
Robert Resac  C  Anderson (SC)
Zach Smith  MIF  Angelina College
David Goggin  C  Angelo State
Alex Barr  LHP  Appalachian State
Alex Minton  C  Appalachian State
Amos Wilmoth  RHP  Appalachian State
Caleb McCann  2B  Appalachian State
Clyde Tate III  RHP  Appalachian State
Dillon Dobson  MIF  Appalachian State
Dylan Richardson  MIF  Appalachian State
Jaylin Davis  OF  Appalachian State
Preston Tiller , OF  Appalachian State
Billy Mulcahy  RHP  Arcadia University
Nick Hynes  RHP/3B  Arizona
Ryan Koziol , SS/RHP/IF , Arizona
Brady Lail  RHP  Arizona
Cody Moffett  LHP  Arizona
Cody Ramer  IF  Arizona
Jackson Willeford  MIF  Arizona
Jesse Scholtens  RHP  Arizona
Kenneth Dalton Brown  RHP  Arizona
Kevin Elder  RHP/1B/3B  Arizona
Kevin Newman  MIF  Arizona
Nathan Bannister  RHP  Arizona
Sam Brown  OF  Arizona
Zach Gibbons  OF  Arizona
Clint Coulter , C , Arizona State
Mitch Nay  MIF/3B  Arizona State
Kieran Lovegrove , P , Arizona State
Willie Ethington  RHP  Arizona State
Paul Blackburn  RHP  Arizona State
Brett Lilek , LHP/1B/OF , Arizona State
Jordan Aboites , SS , Arizona State
Chris Beall  OF  Arizona State
Chris Flexen  RHP  Arizona State
Dalton DiNatale , 3B , Arizona State
David Graybill  OF  Arizona State
Eric Melbostad  RHP  Arizona State
Johnny Sewald  UT  Arizona State
Joseph Blanford  RHP/IF/OF  Arizona State
Joseph(Tony) Blanford  RHP  Arizona State
Nick Diamond  LHP  Arizona State
Tony DiMartino  1B  Arizona State
Trey Kamachi  RHP  Arizona State
Ryan Burr , P , Arizona State 
Ruben Ybarra , C , Arizona State 
Cullen O'Dwyer  OF  Arizona State 
Tony DiMartino  1B/LHP/OF  Arizona State 
Ty Buttrey  RHP  Arkansas
D'Vone McClure  OF  Arkansas
Blake Baxendale , C , Arkansas
Adam Meyer  1B  Arkansas
Isaac Hellbusch  RHP  Arkansas
Shilo McCall ,  OF , Arkansas
Willie Schwanke , 3B , Arkansas
Teddy Stankiewicz , 1B/P , Arkansas  
Trey Killian  RHP  Arkansas  
Garrett Rucker  SS  Arkansas  
Hunter Wood , P , Arkansas  
Jarred Greene , RHP , Arkansas  
Adam Grantham  RHP  Arkansas State
Derek Birginske  RHP  Arkansas State
Kevin Fitzpatrick  SS  Arkansas State
Logan Dollins  3B  Arkansas State
Tanner Ring  RHP  Arkansas State
Brock Davidson  1B  Army
Davis Marlar  C  Army
Grant Van Orden  3B  Army
Jack Verrill  RHP  Army
Jacob Page  OF  Army
Jonathan Thiess  RHP  Army
Justin French  RHP  Army
Patrick Gardner  LHP  Army
Ryan Levenhagen  1B  Army
Stephen Brooks , P , Army
Addison Russell  SS  Auburn
Rock Rucker , OF , Auburn
Trey Wingenter  RHP  Auburn
Cole Lipscomb  RHP  Auburn
Kyler Deese  C  Auburn
Matt Schultz  RHP  Auburn
David Dahl , OF , Auburn  
Addison  Russell , SS , Auburn  
Colin Rodgers , P , Auburn  
Jordan Ebert , MIF , Auburn  
Dylan Smith  3B/SS  Auburn  
Sam Gillikin , OF , Auburn  
Hunter Lindley  3B  Austin Peay
Jake Walters  IF  Austin Peay
Jared Carkuff  RHP  Austin Peay
Matthew Ferguson  RHP  Austin Peay
Tommy Hager , P , Austin Peay
Daniel Martin  MIF  Azusa Pacific
Alexander Rodriguez  LHP  Ball State
Alexis Cruz  OF  Ball State
Luc Rennie  RHP  Ball State
Ryan Spaulding , MIF , Ball State
Sam Tidaback  C  Ball State
Sean Eder  RHP  Ball State
Zachary Burger  3B  Barry
Ben Carl  IF  Baylor
Drew Tolson  RHP  Baylor
Matthew Menard , C , Baylor
Max Hogan  MIF  Baylor
Mitchell Price  1B  Baylor
Sterling Wynn  LHP  Baylor
West Tunnell  IF  Baylor
Cole Metcalfe  IF  Bellarmine
Nick Wright  C  Bellarmine
Austin Loyd  SS/3B/MIF  Belmont
Tyler Gates  C  Belmont
Clay Middleton  C  Bethune-Cookman
Cristian Munoz  C/3B  Bethune-Cookman
Marc Sanchez  RHP  Bethune-Cookman
Jack Fritz  RHP  Bloomsburg (PA)
Austin Solecitto  LHP  Boston College
Christopher Shaw  1B  Boston College
Jesse Adams  OF  Boston College
Joe Cronin  MIF  Boston College
John Nicklas  RHP  Boston College
Logan Hoggarth  MIF  Boston College
Stephen Sauter  C  Boston College
Luke Fernandes , SS , Boston College 
Brady Wilkin  OF  Bradley
Brent Stong  LHP  Bradley
Elliot Ashbeck  C  Bradley
Eric Scheuermann  RHP  Bradley
Nathan Stong  C  Bradley
Nolan Sponsler  SS  Bradley
Peter Resnick  RHP  Bradley
Tyler Leffler  SS  Bradley
Brandon Fischer  RHP  Briar Cliff University
Brendon Erickson    Brigham Young
Eric Gilstrap  OF  Brookhaven College
Austin French  LHP  Brown
Jake Levine  SS  Brown
Noah Shulman  2B  Brown
Tim McKeithan  MIF  Brown
Tony Gandolfo  SS  Brown
Austin Cashwell  RHP  Brunswick CC
Cameron Smith  RHP  Brunswick CC
Trevor Bradley  SS  Brunswick CC
Adam Zarozny  OF  Bryant
Bobby Morgenroth  3B  Bryant
Dan Palazzo , C , Bryant
Daniel Cellucci  SS  Bryant
James Davitt  RHP  Bryant
Kyle Wilcox  RHP  Bryant
Mike Marshall  RHP  Bryant
Rob Rinn  1B  Bryant
Jon Mayer  C  Bucknell
Max Kra  IF  Bucknell
Ryan Otis  OF  Bucknell
Tommy Pennington  MIF  Bucknell
Chris Marras  C  Butler
Drew Small  IF  Butler
Nick Bartolone  OF  Butler
Nick Saldutti  1B  Butler
Brian Mundell  C  Cal Poly-SLO
Casey Bloomquist  RHP  Cal Poly-SLO
John Schuknecht  MIF  Cal Poly-SLO
Mark Mathias  IF  Cal Poly-SLO
Peter Van Gansen  MIF  Cal Poly-SLO
Tyrone Taylor  OF  Cal State Fullerton
AJ Kennedy  C  Cal State Fullerton
Bryan Conant  1B  Cal State Fullerton
David Olmedo-Barrera  3B  Cal State Fullerton
Jake Jefferies  3B  Cal State Fullerton
Jake Meloche  LHP  Cal State Fullerton
Joseph Navilhon  RHP  Cal State Fullerton
Justin Garza  RHP/SS  Cal State Fullerton
Kyle Murray  RHP  Cal State Fullerton
Miles Chambers  RHP  Cal State Fullerton
Nico Darras  1B  Cal State Fullerton
Ricky Delgado  RHP  Cal State Fullerton
Thomas Eschelman  RHP  Cal State Fullerton
A.J. Kennedy , C/RHP/3B , Cal State Fullerton
Art Moran-Vidrio , P , Cal State Fullerton
Eric Hutting  C/3B  Cal State Fullerton
JC Cloney , P , Cal State Fullerton
Kenny Chapman , P , Cal State Fullerton
Anthony Lombardo    Cal State Northridge
Dominique Lemus  C  Cal State Northridge
Will Colantono  SS  Cal State Northridge
Cal Becker  RHP  California
Max Dutto , SS , California
Collin Monsour  RHP  California
Jake Schulz  LHP  California
Jordan Talbot  RHP  California
Mitchell Kranson  3B  California
Nick Halamandaris  1B  California
Ryan Mason  RHP  California
Zach Hoffpauir  OF  California
Colby Fox  SS  Campbell
Jesse Simmons  OF  Campbell
Will Albertson  C  Campbell
Tripp Whatley  SS  Central Alabama CC
Fernelys  Sanchez , OF/3B , Central Arizona CC
Fernando Perez  3B/OF  Central Arizona CC
Nelson Rodriguez , C , Central Arizona CC
Dylan Cozens  1B  Central Arizona CC
Luke Leftwich  RHP  Central Arizona CC
Nick Fatica  OF  Central Arizona CC
Trent Goodrich  SS  Central Arizona CC
Tyler Boxwell  C  Central Arizona CC
Zach Eflin  RHP  Central Florida
Connor Lien  OF  Central Florida
Jarrod Petree  RHP  Central Florida
Troy Massaro  LHP  Central Florida
Zac Favre , P , Central Florida
Alex Milne  LHP  Central Florida 
Bo Decker , OF , Central Florida 
Connor Lien , OF , Central Florida 
Hunter Wildes  1B/LHP  Central Florida 
Max Moroff  SS  Central Florida 
Tyler Martin , P , Central Florida 
Adam Collins  IF  Central Michigan
Alex Borglin  2B  Central Michigan
Dylan Goodwin  C  Central Michigan
Jason Gamble  RHP/1B  Central Michigan
Jimmy McNamara  LHP  Central Michigan
Logan Regnier  OF  Central Michigan
Matt Constance , P , Central Michigan
Ryan O'Shea  LHP  Central Michigan
Taylor Lehnert  RHP  Central Michigan
Reed Morton  3B  Central Missouri
Marcus Jones  RHP  Central Oklahoma
Parker Gallegos  SS  Chandler-Gilbert CC
Andrew Tomasovich  LHP  Charleston Southern
Kevin Hickey  SS  Charleston Southern
Kyle Dyson  RHP  Charleston Southern
Miller Bonds  3B  Charleston Southern
Zach Haralambis  C  Charleston Southern
Keelan Coltan Ramsey  RHP  Chattahoochee Valley CC
Henry Faunce  1B  Chesapeake College
Colin Hawk  MIF  Cincinnati
Devin Wenzel  SS  Cincinnati
Ian Happ  IF  Cincinnati
Jeff Murray  1B  Cincinnati
Mark Downs  LHP  Cincinnati
Michael Conrad  LHP  Cincinnati
Mitch Patishall  RHP  Cincinnati
Woody Wallace  C  Cincinnati
Forrest Perron , MIF , Cincinnati  
Caleb Jordan  2B  Clearwater Christian College
Glen Batson  SS  Clemson
Jackson Campana  3B  Clemson
Kevin Bradley , SS , Clemson
Matthew Reed , C , Clemson
Tyler Krieger  MIF  Clemson
Zack Erwin  LHP  Clemson
Lucas Sims , P/INF , Clemson  
Clate Schmidt  P  Clemson  
Matthew Crownover , LHP/OF , Clemson  
Andrew Cox , OF , Clemson  
Brody Koerner  RHP/1B/OF  Clemson  
Jackson Campana , 3B , Clemson  
Kyle Whitman  1B/RHP  Clemson  
Maleeke Gibson  OF  Clemson  
Steven Duggar  OF  Clemson  
Wales Toney  RHP/1B  Clemson  
Michael Morrison , P , Coastal Carolina
Brady Arenson  LHP  Coastal Carolina
Brock Hunter  LHP  Coastal Carolina
Connor Owings  3B  Coastal Carolina
Jacob Roberts  SS/C  Coastal Carolina
Mike Morrison  RHP  Coastal Carolina
Nick Bell  C  Coastal Carolina
Ronald Oberg  MIF  Coastal Carolina
Seth Lamando , P , Coastal Carolina
Tyler Chadwick  3B  Coastal Carolina
Alex Cunningham  SS/RHP  Coastal Carolina 
Nick McCoy  RHP  Coastal Carolina 
Will Hurt , SS , Coastal Carolina 
Alan Sandoval  RHP  Cochise College
Alex Pastorius  OF  College of Charleston
Blake Butler  MIF  College of Charleston
Carl Wise  SS  College of Charleston
Collie Bowers  RHP  College of Charleston
Lorenzo Wright  OF  College of Charleston
Nathan Helvey  RHP  College of Charleston
Player Loving  LHP  College of Charleston
Ray Murphy  C  College of Charleston
Shaun Herbert  RHP  College of Charleston
Martin Koon , 1B/3B/OF , College of Charleston
Derek Reed  OF  College of St. Rose
Jake Kuschke  C  College of St. Scholastica
Jordan Risse  MIF  College of St. Scholastica
Cody Hall  OF  College of the Ozarks
Adam Cline  RHP  Columbia
John Kinne  SS  Columbia
Kevin Roy  RHP  Columbia
Logan Boyher , C , Columbia
Nick Maguire  1B  Columbia
Thomas Crispi  LHP  Columbia
Willis Robbins  RHP  Columbia
Blake Edwards  SS  Columbus State
Sean Muller , RHP  Columbus State
Holt Cassada  MIF  Concord University
Jake Helms  MIF  Concord University
Joe Monica  RHP  Concord University
Collin McGee , C , Cornell
Eliot Lowell , MIF/RHP , Cornell
Matt Horton  LHP  Cornell
Garrett Kriston  RHP  Covenant College
Austin Groth , P , Creighton
Ryan Fitzgerald  MIF  Creighton
Sam Norman  1B  Creighton
Scott Byerley  RHP  Creighton
Austin Listi  MIF/OF  Dallas Baptist
Joseph Shaw  RHP  Dallas Baptist
Robert Guthrie  OF  Dallas Baptist
Joe Purritano  1B  Dartmouth
Nick Ruppert  OF  Dartmouth
Aaron Tovsky  RHP  Davidson
Aaron Huesman  1B  Dayton
Jordan Humfleet  LHP  Dayton
Josh Fisher  LHP  Dayton
Lucas Wolford  2B  Dayton
Matt Warren  RHP  Daytona State College
Alex Daniele  RHP  Delaware
Andrew Pechstein  RHP  Delaware
Brian Mayer  C  Delaware
Chad Martin  RHP  Delaware
Dalton McCarthy  RHP  Delaware
Joseph Frey  C  Delaware
Matt Golczewski  LHP  Delaware
Nicholas Moylan  RHP  Delaware
Servando Llanio  RHP  Delaware
Alex Vargas  RHP  Delaware State
Andrew Biggs  RHP  Delaware State
Chris Huk ,  3B/P  , Delaware State
Blake Molitor  C  DMACC
Brett Steinwagner  RHP  DMACC
Michael Hadden  RHP  DMACC
Shea Molitor  SS  DMACC
Juan C Figueroa  LHP  Dominican College (New York)
Mike Rizzitello  C  Dowling College
Jake Cosart  OF/RHP  Duke
James Marvel  RHP/IF  Duke
Michael Matuella  RHP  Duke
Nick Hendrix  LHP  Duke
Jalen Phillips , 1B , Duke  
Kenny Koplove , SS , Duke  
Andrew LaMura  OF  East Carolina
Andrew Schorr  LHP  East Carolina
Justin Taylor  RHP  East Carolina
Kyle Majette  RHP  East Carolina
Garrett Brooks  OF  East Carolina 
Hayden White  SS/RHP/2B/3B  East Carolina 
Jonathan Aparicio , RHP , East Carolina 
Luke Lowery , C/1B/OF , East Carolina 
Nicholas Thompson , SS , East Carolina 
Austin Denney  RHP  East Georgia College
Chris Mattison  C  East Stroudsburg
Griffin Krieg  RHP  East Tenn State
Jeremy Taylor , OF , East Tenn State
Kameron Miller  ,  3B , East Tenn State
Brady Cheairs  RHP  East Texas Baptist University
CJ Martin  RHP/C/1B  Eastern Illinois
Jake Johansmeier  RHP  Eastern Illinois
Jason Scholl  C  Eastern Illinois
Mitch Gasbarro  SS  Eastern Illinois
Nick Sharrow  SS  Eastern Illinois
Kenneth Hostrander  MIF  Eastern Kentucky
Kyle Nowlin  OF  Eastern Kentucky
Matthew Vorbeck  RHP  Eastern Kentucky
Trey Salisbury  1B  Eastern Kentucky
Mike Marsinek  LHP  Eastern Michigan
Joe Grato  1B  Eastern University
Chris Schaedel  MIF/OF  Elon
Dan Crowe  3B  Elon
Daniel Lynch  3B  Elon
Tyler Manez  LHP  Elon
Jake Cochrane  RHP  Embry-Riddle
Connor Strain  RHP  Evansville
Aaron Howell  RHP  Fairfield
Keith Skinner  C  Fairfield
Andy Bonifay  RHP  Flagler College
Frank Sagarese  OF  Flagler College
Mike O'Reilly  RHP  Flagler College
Steven Fleming  LHP  Flagler College
Corey Brown  C  Florence-Darlington Technical College
Kevin Bland  RHP  Florence-Darlington Technical College
Kyle Taylor  LHP  Florence-Darlington Technical College
John Magliozzi , RHP , Florida
Lance McCullers , P , Florida
Tucker Simpson , P , Florida
Christian Dicks  OF  Florida
Eric Hanhold  RHP  Florida
Gerald Bautista  3B  Florida
Max White , OF , Florida
Mike Vinson  RHP  Florida
Lewis Brinson , P , Florida  
Jesse Winker , OF/P , Florida  
Avery Romero , SS , Florida  
Richie Martin  SS  Florida  
Jonathan Sandfort , RHP , Florida  
Taylor Gushue , C , Florida  
Jason Carmichael , P , Florida  
Kevin Stypulkowski , C , Florida  
Parker Danciu , LHP , Florida  
Tyler Kendall , SS/IF , Florida  
Robert Whalen , P , Florida Atlantic
Alex Lavandero  RHP  Florida Atlantic
Billy Endris  OF  Florida Atlantic
Brandon Rhodes  LHP  Florida Atlantic
Brendon Sanger  SS  Florida Atlantic
Cain Spangler , SS , Florida Atlantic
Kyle Miller  RHP  Florida Atlantic
Lewis Spangler  SS  Florida Atlantic
Michael Emigh  LHP  Florida Atlantic
Trevor Maloney , OF/P , Florida Atlantic
Domenick Mancini  RHP  Florida Atlantic 
Esteban Puerta , IF/OF , Florida Atlantic 
Seth McGarry  P/IF  Florida Atlantic 
Alex Marquez  C  Florida Gulf Coast
Brad Labozzetta  RHP  Florida Gulf Coast
Nick Rivera  SS  Florida Gulf Coast
TJ Peterson  LHP  Florida Gulf Coast
Tyler Selesky  SS  Florida Gulf Coast
Brett Labozzetta , RHP/1B  Florida Gulf Coast
Alex Seibold  RHP/OF  Florida International
Alexis Rivera , OF/1B , Florida International
Andres Sanchez  MIF  Florida International
Antonio Rodriguez  1B  Florida International
Chris Elander  RHP  Florida International
Chucky Vazquez  C  Florida International
David Jervis  LHP  Florida International
Dillon Maya  RHP  Florida International
Edwin Gabriel Rios  OF  Florida International
Jeffrey Rehonic  LHP  Florida International
matt ferrera  RHP  Florida International
Nick Basto , SS/3B , Florida International
Reynaldo Ordonez  MIF/OF  Florida International
Victor Gonzalez , P , Florida International
Edwin Gabriel Rios  OF  Florida International 
Phildrick Llewellyn  C/IF  Florida International 
Tyler Pike  LHP/OF  Florida State
Bryan De La Rosa  C  Florida State
Hayden Hurst , P , Florida State
Tomas Nido , C/1B/3B , Florida State
Alfredo Escalera  MIF  Florida State
Andre Martinez  LHP/OF  Florida State
Dominic Reed  RHP  Florida State
Dylan Silva  LHP/1B  Florida State
John Sansone  MIF  Florida State
Kenneth Burkhead  RHP  Florida State
Ryan Valdes  MIF  Florida State
Jameis Winston , OF/P , Florida State 
Jamal Martin , OF , Florida State 
DJ Stewart  OF  Florida State 
Brett Kennedy  RHP  Fordham
Charles Galiano  C  Fordham
Cody Johnson  RHP  Fordham
Connor Fuller  LHP  Fordham
Ian Edmiston  MIF  Fordham
Joe Serrapica  SS  Fordham
Joey Runco  SS  Fordham
Joseph DeVito  MIF  Fordham
Ryan McNally  OF  Fordham
Doug Jenkins  MIF  Fort Scott CC
Cole Morris  MIF  Francis Marion
Michael (Chance) DuCharme  SS  Francis Marion
Anthony Dedona  C  Franklin Pierce
Mike Terzi  RHP  Franklin Pierce
Casey Clauss  OF  Frederick CC
Blake Quinn  , P , Fresno State
Brody Russell  OF  Fresno State
Connor Chase  LHP  Fresno State
Kevin Viers  IF  Fresno State
Louie Payetta  SS  Fresno State
Luke Wiechec  RHP  Fresno State
Preston Scott  MIF  Fresno State
Taylor Ward  C  Fresno State
Christopher Waddell , P , FSCJ
Griffin Davis  OF  Furman
Harry Norman  1B  Furman
Jordan Simpson  SS  Furman
Matthew Towarnicky  IF  Furman
Ryan Griffith  RHP  Furman
Steven Fondu  RHP  Furman
Ted Andrews  RHP  Furman
Blair Huggins  C  Gardner-Webb
Nick Triplett  OF  Gardner-Webb
Taylor Fisher  OF  Gardner-Webb
Thomas Young  3B  Gardner-Webb
Ty Clark  1B  Gardner-Webb
Cory Capaldi  OF  George Mason
Bobby LeWarne  RHP  George Washington
Eric Kalman  MIF  George Washington
Nolan Lodden  MIF  George Washington
Rob Costello  RHP  George Washington
Tyler Fairbanks  OF  George Washington
Gino Basso  LHP  Georgetown
Byron Buxton  OF  Georgia
Duane Underwood , RHP , Georgia
David Gonzalez  RHP  Georgia
J.T. Phillips  RHP  Georgia
Kyle Carter , OF , Georgia
Zack Bowers , C , Georgia
Austin Wallace , P , Georgia
Casey Moody  RHP/MIF  Georgia
Cody Kremer , P , Georgia
Daniel Nichols  IF  Georgia
Matt Taylor  SS  Georgia
Morgan Bunting , 1B , Georgia
Palmer Betts  3B  Georgia
Payson Smith  SS  Georgia
Joe DeCarlo , 3B , Georgia  
Sean McLaughlin  OF/RHP  Georgia  
Michael Peel , P , Georgia  
Stewart Rich , P , Georgia College & State
Stephen Mason  SS  Georgia Perimeter College
Douglas Nobles , P , Georgia Southern
Evan Challenger  LHP  Georgia Southern
Jason Richman  LHP  Georgia Southern
Kendrick Thompson  SS  Georgia Southern
Michael McClellan , C/1B/3B , Georgia Southern
Teft Hill , OF , Georgia Southern
Zach Schlosser  RHP  Georgia Southern
Brantley Burton  RHP  Georgia State
Josh Merrigan  OF  Georgia State
Matt McCloskey  RHP  Georgia State
Shane Gordon  OF  Georgia State
Dylan Dore  OF  Georgia Tech
Hayden Barnett  RHP  Georgia Tech
Jarred Jillson  RHP  Georgia Tech
Sam Clay  LHP/1B  Georgia Tech
Matt Gonzalez , MIF , Georgia Tech 
Cole Miller , 1B , Georgia Tech 
Grant Wruble  C/OF  Georgia Tech 
Blake Stine  RHP  Glendale CC
Taylor Jones , P , Gonzaga
Andrew Sopko  RHP  Gonzaga
Brandon Mahovlich  RHP  Gonzaga
Cabe Reiten , IF , Gonzaga
Caleb Wood  IF  Gonzaga
Jimmy Sinatro  C  Gonzaga
Michael Rucker  RHP  Gonzaga
Nelson Benjamin  OF  Gonzaga
Garrett Jeffries  LHP  Grand Canyon
Houston Edwards , P , Grand Canyon
Paul Panaccione  SS  Grand Canyon
Tommy Harding  RHP  Grand Canyon
Trey Marker  LHP  Grayson County College
Chandler Durham  C  Gulf Coast CC
Adam Touhey  SS  Hartford
Nicholas Dummar  SS  Hartford
Sam McKay  RHP  Hartford
Samuel Bellock  OF  Hartford
Daniel (DJ) Link  C  Harvard
Sean Poppen  RHP  Harvard
Andre Real , 2B , Hawaii
Carlos Martinez  OF  Hawaii
Jonathan Lopez  1B  Hawaii
Niklas Stephenson  C  Hawaii
Andy Eakes  1B  Hawaii Pacific
Cameron Engberg , P , Heartland CC
Dakota Miller  RHP  Heartland CC
Evan Bloomfield  SS  Heartland CC
frank waliczek  LHP  Heartland CC
Joe Gregory  C  Heartland CC
Brett Gemmell , 1B , High Point
Dominic Fazio  3B  High Point
Sly Edwards  UT/OF  High Point
Tyler Fox  OF  High Point
Ryan Withstandley  1B  Hillsborough CC
Kevin Brantley  MIF  Hofstra
Bobby Indeglia  OF  Holy Cross
Colin Brown  SS  Holy Cross
Connor Perry  C  Holy Cross
Jack Sexton  1B  Holy Cross
Avain Rachal  SS  Houston
Cody Vasquez  LHP  Houston
Jacob Campbell  C  Houston
Jacob Lemoine  RHP  Houston
Jeremy Kivel  RHP  Houston
Joshua Vidales , SS , Houston
Kyle Kirk  IF  Houston
Dustin Cook  RHP  Houston  
Stoney Moore  RHP  Houston Baptist University
JD Nielsen  LHP  Illinois
Kevin Duchene  LHP  Illinois
Nick Blackburn  RHP  Illinois
Ryan Castellanos  RHP  Illinois
Ryan Nagle  1B  Illinois
Tyler Jay  LHP  Illinois
Jason Goldstein , C , Illinois  
Chad Johnson  C  Illinois State
Jack Czeszewski , OF , Illinois State
Jack Landwehr  RHP  Illinois State
Will Headean  LHP  Illinois State
Christopher Leduc , OF , Indian River State College
Andrew Fuente  LHP  Indian River State College
Brendan Long , RHP , Indian River State College
Jabari Gayle , SS , Indian River State College
Kasey Ralston  RHP  Indiana
Nick Ramos , SS , Indiana
Sullian Stadler  LHP  Indiana
Will Coursen-Carr  LHP  Indiana
Zachary Haynes  RHP  Indiana
Nick Martin  RHP  Indiana State
Taylor Steen  C  Indiana State
Tony Roselli ,  SS/OF  , Indiana State
Anthony Asalon  2B  Indianapolis
Christian Choman  LHP  Iona
Joe Sessa  OF  Iona
Blake Hickman , C/1B/3B , Iowa
Calvin Mathews  RHP  Iowa
Canon Teague  OF  Iowa
Josh Martsching  SS  Iowa
Nick Roscetti  MIF  Iowa
Ryan Borucki  LHP  Iowa
Devin Pickett  3B/SS  Iowa  
Christian Abilla  SS  Iowa Central CC
Drake Robison  RHP  Iowa Western CC
MATT OLSEN  2B  Iowa Western CC
Nick Elmore  SS  Iowa Western CC
Jacob Terry  RHP  Jacksonville
Nate Ricci  OF  Jacksonville
Nathan Koslowiski ,  OF/P  , Jacksonville
Graham Officer  RHP  Jacksonville State
Bobby San Martin  C  James Madison
JT Root  RHP  James Madison
Michael Church  RHP  James Madison
Trey Jones  RHP  James Madison
Brian Read  RHP  Jefferson CC
DeJohn Suber  IF  John A. Logan College
John Hondlik  RHP  John A. Logan College
John Schram  C  John A. Logan College
Tyler McGowan  RHP  John A. Logan College
Yoonjae Nam  MIF  John A. Logan College
Colby Wright  3B  Kansas
Hayden Edwards  RHP  Kansas
Marcus Wheeler  3B  Kansas
Tommy Mirabelli , MIF , Kansas
Tyler Watson  LHP  Kansas
Blake McFadden  RHP  Kansas State
Blake McFarland , RHP , Kansas State
Jake Matthys  RHP  Kansas State
Jake Wodtke , MIF , Kansas State
Jordan Witcig  RHP  Kansas State
Matt Fultz , C , Kansas State
Dylan Scance  RHP  Kean University
Alex Liquori , OF , Kennesaw State
Brennan Morgan  C  Kennesaw State
Clint Wynn  RHP  Kennesaw State
Cole McArthur , P , Kennesaw State
Jordan Hillyer , P , Kennesaw State
Jordan Hilyer  RHP  Kennesaw State
Kal Simmons  SS  Kennesaw State
Kendall Hawkins  MIF  Kennesaw State
Michael Royal , P , Kennesaw State
Travis Bergen  LHP  Kennesaw State
Curtis Olvey  SS  Kent State
Justin Wagler  RHP  Kent State
Nick Jensen-Clagg  RHP  Kent State
Shane Biles  C  Kent State
Tucker Linder , RHP/1B/3B , Kent State
Zarley Zalewski , SS  Kent State
Casey Schroeder  C  Kentucky
Dylan Dwyer  LHP  Kentucky
Kyle Barrett  OF/MIF  Kentucky
Kyle Cody  RHP  Kentucky
Matt Pope  RHP  Kentucky
Ryne Combs  LHP  Kentucky
Thomas Weaver  SS  Kentucky
Zach Arnold  C  Kentucky
Zack Storm  2B  Kentucky
Chase Mullins  LHP  Kentucky  
Geoffrey Cielewitz  LHP  King College
Austin Clark  RHP  La Salle
Brandon Day  2B  La Salle
Joe Ravert  RHP  La Salle
Luke Reilly  LHP  La Salle
Shane Simpkins  RHP  Lackawanna College
Alex Nickles  OF  Lafayette
Ari Kaufman  LHP  Lafayette
Campbell Lipe  1B  Lafayette
Connor McMahon  RHP  Lafayette
Dan Dymecki  RHP  Lafayette
Jackson Kramer  SS  Lafayette
Mark Louis  OF  Lafayette
Mitchell Leeds  RHP  Lafayette
Ryan Callanan  LHP  Lafayette
Matthew Avromov  1B  Lake Erie College
Kevin Corton  2B  Lake Sumter CC
Steve McClellan  IF  Lake Sumter CC
Cam Hokanson  RHP  Lander
Steve Somerville  RHP  Lander
Trey West  C  Le Moyne
Zach Tucker  LHP  Le Moyne
Christopher Leach  C  Lehigh
Jake Spooner  3B  Lehigh
Joseph Kotler  RHP  Lehigh
Kevin Boswick  RHP  Lehigh
Zach Gray , 1B , Lehigh
Joe Sparacio  1B  Lewis
Josh Henderson  OF  Liberty
Austin Bream  1B  Liberty
Brandon Goodson  OF  Liberty
Jake Kimble  MIF  Liberty
Samuel (Sammy) Taormina  SS  Liberty
Todd Dunbar  LHP  Liberty
Austin Sistrunk  3B  Lipscomb
Christian Miller  LHP  Lipscomb
Dalton Keck  3B  Lipscomb
Ryan McNeil  RHP  Long Beach State
Conley Diaz  LHP  Long Island
Evan Emerich  SS  Long Island
Mark Hernandez , 1B , Long Island
Christopher Roth  2B  Longwood
Collin Lawless  C  Longwood
Matt Livingston  1B  Longwood
Travis Burnette  SS  Longwood
Jesmuel Valentin Diaz  MIF  Louisiana State
Chris Chinea , C/3B/1B/OF , Louisiana State
Andrew Stevenson  OF  Louisiana State
Chase Rivett , OF/RHP , Louisiana State
Christopher Chinea  C  Louisiana State
Geonte' Jackson  SS  Louisiana State
Hayden Jennings  OF  Louisiana State
Hunter Devall , P , Louisiana State
Hunter Newman  RHP  Louisiana State
Mitchell Sewald  RHP  Louisiana State
Joey Gallo , INF/P , Louisiana State 
Alex Bregman , SS/C , Louisiana State 
Chris Eades , C , Louisiana State 
Russell Reynolds , RHP/OF , Louisiana State 
Adam Derouen  RHP  Louisiana Tech
Hunter Travis  SS  Louisiana Tech
Taylor Love  SS  Louisiana Tech
Kolby Copeland  OF  Louisiana-Lafayette
Nick Thurman  C  Louisiana-Lafayette
Dalton Todd  C  Louisiana-Monroe
Josh Leone  RHP/OF  Louisiana-Monroe
Kodie Tidwell  IF  Louisiana-Monroe
Tanner Hebert  2B  Louisiana-Monroe
Anthony Kidston , RHP/C/3B , Louisville
Jonah Philley  SS  Louisville
Jordan Striegel , SS , Louisville
Michael Bollmer , P , Louisville
Robert Strader  LHP  Louisville
Zack Soria  C  Louisville
Kyle Funkhouser  RHP  Louisville  
Danny Rosenbaum , 3B/RHP , Louisville  
Nathan Mikolas , OF , Louisville  
Trevor Megill , RHP/1B , Loyola Marymount 
Cameron Retif  3B  Loyola University (Louisiana)
Kyle Blank  RHP  Lynn
Alex Gagne  RHP  Maine
Brenden Geary  1B  Maine
Burk Fitzpatrick  2B  Maine
Charlie Butler  RHP  Maine
Corey Lerche  1B  Maine
JD Marks  1B  Maine
Logan Fullmer  RHP  Maine
Luke Mogle  3B  Maine
Nicholas DeFrank  SS  Maine
Shane Bussey  SS  Maine
Anthony Seise  LHP  Manatee-Sarasota
Ryan O'Neil  LHP  Manatee-Sarasota
Casey Meyers  OF  Manhattan
Chris Liquori  RHP  Manhattan
Chris Reynolds  C  Manhattan
Robby Camastro  C  Manhattan
Wesley Custer  C  Mansfield
Anthony Hamlin  1B  Marist
Marty Martens  LHP  Marist
Matthew Belitz  MIF  Marist
Brandyn Sittinger  RHP  Marshall
Chase Boster  RHP  Marshall
Chase Vogelbach  OF  Marshall
David Diaz-Fernandez , C , Marshall
Jesus Colon , P , Marshall
Micah Dunn  LHP  Marshall
Michael Taylor , P , Marshall
Taylor Knicely  RHP  Marshall
Travis Myers  C  Marshall
Zak Shockley  LHP  Marshall
Jake Drossner  LHP  Maryland
Jared Price  RHP  Maryland
Kyle Moore  OF  Maryland
Alexander Robinson  LHP  Maryland
Brandon Casas  RHP  Maryland
Brandon Lowe  MIF  Maryland
Christopher Oliver  3B/P  Maryland
Connor Oliver  3B  Maryland
Jose Cuas  SS  Maryland
Kevin Martir  C/3B  Maryland
Kevin Mooney  RHP  Maryland
LaMonte Wade Jr.  OF  Maryland
Vincent Scifo  SS  Massachusetts
Sacha Urbach  3B  Massachusetts, Boston
Cameron Toole  C  McNeese State
Gabe Togna  LHP  MD-Baltimore County
Connor Breslin  SS  MD-Eastern Shore
Victor Cole  OF  Memphis
Xander Helton  3B  Memphis
Corey Kafka  RHP  Mercer
Howard Joe  RHP  Mercer
Joe Koehler  3B  Mercer
D.J. Davis  OF  Meridian CC
Dylan Sellars  RHP  Meridian CC
Carlos Correa  SS  Miami
Nick Travieso  RHP  Miami
Keon Barnum , 1B , Miami
Roger Gonzalez  C  Miami
Thomas Pannone  OF  Miami
Walker Weickel , P , Miami  
Albert Almora , OF , Miami  
David Thompson , 3B , Miami  
Brandon Lopez  MIF  Miami  
Adrian Marin , MIF/OF , Miami  
Edgar Michelangeli , 3B , Miami  
Eric Neitzel , 3B , Miami  
Nick  Travieso , P , Miami  
Frank Grandinette  RHP/3B/SS  Miami  
Ivan Pelaez , P , Miami  
Ricky Eusebio , OF , Miami  
Shane Crouse  RHP  Miami  
Thomas Woodrey , P , Miami  
Julian Flanary  OF  Miami (OH)
Reed Schlesner  OF  Miami (OH)
Tyler Perkowitz  SS  Miami (OH)
Kevin Ross  3B  Michigan
Matt Dacey , 1B , Michigan
Cam Wysocki  RHP  Michigan
Daniel McKinney , P , Michigan
Evan Hill  LHP  Michigan
Jacob Cronenworth ,  SS/P  , Michigan
Matthew Dacey  1B  Michigan
Tim Shannon  RHP  Michigan
Travis Maezes , SS , Michigan  
Alex Rapanos , P , Michigan State
Anthony Misiewicz  LHP  Michigan State
Cameron Gibson  OF  Michigan State
Justin Alleman  RHP  Michigan State
Peter (PJ) Nowak  SS  Michigan State
Tyler Bowers  C  Middle Georgia College
Dathan Prewett  SS  Middle Tennessee State
Garrett Ring  RHP  Middle Tennessee State
Mike Kollhoff  LHP  Millersville
Pat Pittman  RHP  Millersville
Troy Traxler ,  C/SS  , Minnesota
Connor Schaefbauer  SS  Minnesota
Dalton Sawyer  LHP  Minnesota
Dan Motl  OF  Minnesota
Matt Stemper  MIF  Minnesota
Eric Peterson  MIF  Minnesota State
Hunter Harnisch  C  Minnesota State
Mitchell Bauer  RHP  Minnesota State
Trevor Patterson  RHP  Minnesota State
Stryker  Trahan , C/1B/3B/OF , Mississippi
Gavin Cecchini , SS , Mississippi
Ty Hensley , RHP , Mississippi
Chase Nyman  MIF  Mississippi
Jacob Waguespack  RHP  Mississippi
Matt Denny  LHP  Mississippi
Brady Bramlett , P , Mississippi  
Cameron Dishon , OF , Mississippi  
Zach Irwin , P , Mississippi  
Alex Deise  LHP  Mississippi State
Callahan Brown  RHP  Mississippi State
Cody Brown  OF  Mississippi State
Jacob Shempert , OF , Mississippi State
John Marc Shelly  RHP  Mississippi State
William DuPont  SS  Mississippi State
Daniel Garner  C/RHP/1B  Mississippi State 
Bralin Jackson  ,  OF , Missouri
Alec Rash , P , Missouri
Gerrion Grim  IF  Missouri
Griffin Goodrich  RHP  Missouri
Hunter Haynes  LHP  Missouri
Paxton DeLaGarza  SS  Missouri
Peter Fairbanks , C , Missouri
Sean Ullrich  OF  Missouri
Tate Matheny , OF , Missouri State
ANDY CHERAY  LHP  Missouri State
Jonathan Harris , P , Missouri State
Matt Dezort  OF  Missouri State
Matt Hall , P , Missouri State
Matthew Hasenbeck  RHP  Missouri State
Spencer Johnson  OF  Missouri State
Tayler Ross ,  3B/P  , Missouri State
Tyler Harris , C , Missouri State
Payton Scarbrough  C  Missouri Western State
Anthony Ciavarella  LHP  Monmouth
Connor White  C  Monmouth
Danny Shea  OF  Monmouth
Frank Trimarco  1B  Monmouth
Harry Paytas  RHP  Monmouth
Christopher Laporte  RHP  Morehead State
Jordan Lawson  LHP  Mount St. Mary's
Thomas Quealy  2B  Mount St. Mary's
Dalton West  C  Murray State
Clay Brast  RHP  Navarro College
John Dale (JD) Hammer  SS  Navarro College
Andrew Bartek  RHP  Navy
Brendan DelMonte  LHP  Navy
Conner Adamski  C  Navy
Drew Hayes  C  Navy
Michael McCormick  RHP  Navy
Payden Honeycutt , INF , Navy
Ryan Turner  2B  Navy
Samuel Sorenson  RHP  Navy
Sean Gallagher , 1B  Navy
Justin Black  OF  Nebraska
Jeremy Mansur  LHP  Neosho County CC
Kristian deluzio  RHP  Neumann College
Beau Cullen  RHP  Nevada
Collin Theroux  C  Nevada
Jeffrey Hardy  RHP  Nevada
Michael Fain  RHP  Nevada
Shaun Mize  SS  Nevada
Nick Nunziato  SS  New Haven
Eric Moul  LHP  New Jersey Tech
Ian Bentley  LHP  New Jersey Tech
Nicholas Rabasco  2B  New Jersey Tech
Zack Renna  C  New Jersey Tech
Hunter Blaylock  C  New Mexico
Trevor Whitmire  SS  New Mexico
Tyler Rowe  RHP  New Mexico
Austin Aslin  RHP  New Mexico Junior College
Alex Tucker  C  Nicholls State
Cole Wilson  MIF  Nicholls State
Jacob Valadez  OF  Nicholls State
Justin Sinibaldi  RHP  Nicholls State
Seth Stevens  2B  Nicholls State
Anthony Alford , OF , No school 
Andre Angle-Bello , C , No school 
Brandon Viceral , C , No school 
Gabriel Aurrecoechea , OF , No school 
Michael Abreu , SS/RHP/OF , No school 
Steven Golden , OF , No school 
Ben Legath , P , No school 
Ben Sego , SS/RHP , No school 
Blake Burkett , P , No school 
Brady Roberson  3B/UT  No school 
Brett Byrum , P , No school 
Brian Daphney  LHP/1B  No school 
Caleb Hamrick  P  No school 
Christian Morris , P , No school 
Chuckie Lopez  RHP  No school 
Cody Mazzatenta , P , No school 
Cole Miraglia  P  No school 
Collin Yelich , C , No school 
Colyn O'Connell , P , No school 
Connor Smith  LHP/C  No school 
Daniel Amos , P , No school 
Frailyn Paez  3B  No school 
Henry Omana , RHP/3B , No school 
Jack Spohn  1B/3B/OF  No school 
Jamie Paulding  RHP/1B  No school 
Jess Posey , MIF , No school 
Jesse Copeland , P , No school 
Jimmy Wallace , P , No school 
John Kresta , C/RHP/IF , No school 
Jonathan Camp , IF , No school 
Josh Palet  RHP/1B  No school 
Joshua Schubert  OF/RHP  No school 
Kaelan Jacobs , 3B , No school 
Karl Keglovitz , P , No school 
Kert Woods  OF/SS  No school 
Mack Menendez  1B/RHP  No school 
Mark Gottsacker  OF/C  No school 
Miguel Frias  OF  No school 
Nicholas Locascio  RHP/OF  No school 
Nick Grant  RHP  No school 
Nick Scahill , RHP/IF/OF , No school 
Palmer Betts , P , No school 
Ryan Perez  BHP/1B/3B  No school 
Stewart Machado  C/3B  No school 
Troy Lewis , MIF , No school 
Troy Mulcahey  RHP/UT  No school 
Tyler Thomas , 1B , No school 
Xander Maddox  IF  No school 
Kayden Porter , P , North Carolina
Alex Raburn  3B  North Carolina
Dallas Newton  RHP  North Carolina
Kevin Wise  OF  North Carolina
Korey Dunbar , C , North Carolina
Landon Fraley  LHP  North Carolina
Matt Lowry  C  North Carolina
Michael Massardo , INF , North Carolina
Trent Thornton , OF , North Carolina
Zach Daly , OF , North Carolina
Zack Mozingo  RHP  North Carolina
Matthew Smoral , P , North Carolina 
Taylore Cherry , P , North Carolina 
Skye Bolt , OF , North Carolina 
Jack Geraghty , P , North Carolina 
Landon Lassiter , MIF , North Carolina 
Matt Campbell  MIF/RHP  North Carolina 
Reilly Hovis , MIF/RHP , North Carolina 
Christian Triplett  3B  North Carolina Central
Brad Stone  LHP  North Carolina State
Brett Phillips  OF/RHP  North Carolina State
Connor O'Brien , P , North Carolina State
John Mangum  C  North Carolina State
Jonathon Olczak  RHP  North Carolina State
Matt Tenuta  , P , North Carolina State
Ryan Warner , P/OF , North Carolina State
Travis Watkins  C  North Carolina State
Will Gilbert  LHP  North Carolina State
Dean Fleitman  RHP  North Central Texas College
Andrew Favaro  RHP  North Dakota
Aaron Janz  OF  North Dakota State
Adam Lambrecht  RHP  North Dakota State
Adam Moorse  RHP  North Dakota State
Alex Bray  RHP  North Dakota State
Brian VanderWoude  RHP  North Dakota State
Sean Terres  IF  North Dakota State
Tanner Schumacher  RHP  North Dakota State
Zach Mayo  LHP  North Dakota State
Corbin Olmstead , 3B , North Florida
Donnie Dewees  OF  North Florida
Jake Fossick  OF/RHP/UT  North Florida
John Silviano  C  North Florida
Kyle Brooks  MIF  North Florida
Patrick Ervin  SS  North Florida
Sean Moore , P , North Florida
Alex Karriker  OF  North Georgia College & State
Devin Gearhart  SS  North Georgia College & State
Edward Willemse  C  North Georgia College & State
Jake McCurry  MIF  North Georgia College & State
John Lamay  OF  North Georgia College & State
Tyler Woolbright  RHP  North Park University
Mike Piscopo  3B  Northeastern
Nick Cubarney  RHP  Northeastern
Ronnie Sessa  OF  Northeastern
Shane Allen  SS  Northeastern
William Dougherty  SS  Northeastern
Bobby Kutzendorf  LHP  Northern Illinois
Brett Chappell  SS  Northern Illinois
Brian Sisler  IF  Northern Illinois
Danny Seiton  SS  Northern Illinois
John Zubek  C  Northern Illinois
Logan Spurlin  C  Northern Kentucky
Lucas Brown  RHP  Northwest Florida State College
Colby Bragdon  RHP  Northwest Missouri State
Rod Schmidt  RHP  Northwest Missouri State
Joshua Perlmutter  OF  Northwestern
Matt Portland  LHP  Northwestern
Conner Hale , C  Notre Dame
Connor Hale  C  Notre Dame
Jack Flaherty  MIF  Notre Dame
James Nevant , OF , Notre Dame
Kevin Connolly  OF  Notre Dame
Kyle Richardson  OF  Notre Dame
Mike Hearne  LHP  Notre Dame
Nick McCarty  RHP  Notre Dame
Ricky Sanchez , OF , Notre Dame
Zak Kutsulis  LHP  Notre Dame
Casey Kopec  LHP  Nova Southeastern
Corbin Weeks  C  Nova Southeastern
Austin Brodowsky  RHP  Oakland
Jonah Lakatos  C  Oakland
Mike Brosseau  SS  Oakland
Shane Brown  OF  Oakland
Cameron Bahr  C  Oberlin College
Machmud Makhmudov  RHP  Oberlin College
Alex Corna  OF  Ohio
Craig Nennig  MIF  Ohio State
Jacob Bosiokovic , 3B , Ohio State
Jacob Brobst  OF  Ohio State
Jake Post  RHP  Ohio State
Jimmy Lough  RHP  Ohio State
Joey Stoll  LHP  Ohio State
Logan Bowles  RHP  Ohio State
Luke McGee  LHP  Ohio State
Troy Kuhn  MIF  Ohio State
Zach Ratcliff , OF , Ohio State
Kolbey Carpenter , SS/RHP , Oklahoma
Anthony Hermelyn , C , Oklahoma
Carson McPherson  C  Oklahoma
Craig Aikin  OF  Oklahoma
Enrique Oquendo  OF  Oklahoma
Hayden Jones  LHP  Oklahoma
Henry Weiler , P , Oklahoma
Hunter Haley , MIF , Oklahoma
Jacob Evans  LHP  Oklahoma
Justin Burba  OF  Oklahoma
Ralph Garza , MIF , Oklahoma
Taylor Hearn  LHP  Oklahoma
Blake Brown , OF , Oklahoma State
Austin Schotts  SS  Oklahoma State
Blake Brom  OF  Oklahoma State
Brent Williams  C  Oklahoma State
Daniel Young  3B  Oklahoma State
Griffin Russell , P , Oklahoma State
Reed Bastie  RHP  Oklahoma State
Michael Klement , C/IF , Oklahoma State 
Alex Kowalczyk  C  Old Dominion
Brian Beard  3B  Old Dominion
Conner Crookham  IF  Old Dominion
Connor Myers  OF  Old Dominion
Frank (Tommy) Alexander  RHP  Old Dominion
Jake Joseph  LHP  Old Dominion
Pat Kane  IF  Old Dominion
Patrick Higgins  C  Old Dominion
Patrick Phillips  RHP  Old Dominion
Carson Kelly , 3B/RHP , Oregon
Andrew Pullin  OF/RHP  Oregon
Conner Baits , RHP , Oregon
Garrett Cleavinger  LHP  Oregon
Nick Catalano  OF  Oregon
Cole Irvin , P , Oregon  
Henry Gigeous , P , Oregon  
Dylan LaVelle  3B  Oregon State
Zach Green  OF  Oregon State
J.Q. Folena  SS  Oregon State
Marty Luckenbach  RHP  Oregon State
Mason Felt , P , Oregon State
Paul Martinez  SS  Oregon State
Logan Frandsen  OF  Oregon State 
Zachary Green , SS , Oregon State 
Brett Sullivan  C  Pacific
Drake Atlee  SS  Pacific
Gabe Araj  LHP  Pacific
Giovanni Brusa  OF  Pacific
Jacob (Jake) Jenkins  RHP  Pacific
Louis Mejia , 2B , Pacific
Christopher Barr  OF  Palm Beach State
Marcus Mooney  SS  Palm Beach State
Chase Clarke  LHP  Panola College
Colin O'Neil  SS  Paradise Valley Community
Ryan Grant  SS  Paradise Valley Community
Caleb Leach  LHP  Parkland College
Chase Armstrong , OF , Parkland College
Blake Estep  RHP  Penn State
Matt Gosik  OF  Penn State
John Hlavinka  C  Penn State-Erie
Brian Schwarzbach  RHP  Pennsylvania
Marshall Harden  RHP  Pennsylvania
Trey Williams , 3B , Pepperdine
Jayson Balades , LHP , Pepperdine
Cody Nulph  SS  Pepperdine
Jackson McClelland  RHP  Pepperdine
Devin Carter  OF/RHP  Pepperdine  
Breck Davidson  1B  Piedmont College
Zach Thompson  SS  Pittsburg State
Greg Schneider  RHP  Pittsburgh
Harrison Bader  OF  Pittsburgh
Stephen Liu , C , Pittsburgh
Ryan Labrador  OF  Polk State
Sam Machonis  OF  Polk State
Jackson Lockwood  3B  Portland
Lucas Hunter  MIF  Portland
Ryan Barr  OF  Portland
Charles Philpott  RHP  Prairie View A&M
Derek Long  C  Presbyterian
Michael Trebendis  MIF  Presbyterian
Trey Hayes  SS  Presbyterian
Dan Hoy  OF  Princeton
Luke Strieber ,  SS/P  , Princeton
Cody Strong  C  Purdue
Eduardo De La Riva  RHP  Purdue
Isaac Sampen  SS  Purdue
Jack Amaro  OF  Purdue
Jack Picchiotti  C  Purdue
Josh Estill  C  Purdue
Karson Bender  OF  Purdue
Kyle Johnson  OF  Purdue
Mike Lutz  RHP  Purdue
Mike Mullen  SS  Purdue
Patrick Kenney , P , Purdue
Stefano Belmonte , 3B , Purdue
Eduardo De La Riva  RHP/SS  Purdue  
Jordan Minch , P , Purdue  
Justin Thomas  LHP  Quinnipiac
Steffen Herter  C  Quinnipiac
Daniel Bridgeman  RHP  Radford
Dylan Nelson , P , Radford
Jordan Taylor , OF , Radford
Michael Boyle  LHP  Radford
Mitchell Mackeith  LHP  Radford
Nykolai Ellis  C  Radford
Shane Johnsonbaugh  OF  Radford
Tyler Swarmer  LHP  Radford
Jesse Lee  OF  Rhode Island
Louie Distasio  SS  Rhode Island
Nick Murray  SS  Rhode Island
Nolan Long  RHP  Rhode Island
TJ Lynch  3B  Rhode Island
Kevin McCanna  C  Rice
Beau Rathjen  OF  Rice
Blake Fox  1B  Rice
Connor Teykl , IF , Rice
Dustin Theiss  SS  Rice
Hunter Kopycinski , C , Rice
Leon Byrd  SS  Rice  
Douglas Kraeger  3B  Richmond
Ryan Donnelly  OF  Richmond
David Goldberg  OF  Rollins College
Taner Goodwin  SS  Rose State College
Kyle Driscoll  RHP  Rutgers
Matt Tietz , SS , Rutgers  
Sutter McLoughlin    Sacramento State
Richard Guglielmi  C  Saginaw Valley State
Jordan Leinweber  OF  Salt Lake CC
Robert Grilli  MIF  Salt Lake CC
Cordell Castleberry  RHP  Sam Houston State
Ford Moore  OF  Sam Houston State
Jordan Church  RHP  Sam Houston State
Miles Manning  MIF  Sam Houston State
Spence Rahm  RHP  Sam Houston State
Anthony Gonzalez  MIF  Samford
Blake Hibbitts  RHP  Samford
Danny Rodriguez  SS  Samford
Frank Navarette  SS  Samford
Parker Curry  SS  Samford
Richard Greene  C  Samford
Zach Lovvorn  RHP  Samford
Zach Nitzel , C , Samford
Charles Moorman  C  San Diego
P J Conlon  LHP  San Diego
Preston Caldera  OF  San Diego
Troy Conyers , LHP/1B , San Diego
Wes Judish  3B  San Diego
Tanner Rahier , SS , San Diego 
Mitchell Brown  RHP  San Diego 
Joe Munoz  SS  San Diego State
Jose Munoz  3B  San Diego State
Nolan Gannon , P , San Diego State
Bowdien Derby  SS  San Diego State
Collin Orellana  OF  San Diego State
Dylan McDonald  RHP  San Diego State
Jake Pintar  RHP  San Diego State
Mark Seyler  RHP  San Diego State
Ty France , 3B , San Diego State
Tyler Sapp  C  San Diego State
Zach Quintana  RHP  San Diego State
Zachary Quintana , INF/P , San Diego State
CJ Saylor  C  San Diego State
Michael Robards  LHP  San Diego State
Trey Rodriguez  MIF  San Jacinto CC
Paddy OBrien  C  Santa Clara
Reece Karalus  RHP  Santa Clara
Andrew Fuentes  LHP  Santa Fe CC
Mendez Elder  C  Savannah State
Jose Mesa Jr  RHP  Seminole State College
Mike Boghos  MIF  Seminole State College
Derek Jenkins  OF  Seton Hall
Steven Lombardi  RHP  Seton Hall
Brett Connors  MIF  Siena
Tom O'Brien  LHP  Siena
Tyler Martis  2B  Siena
Matthew Arguello , P , South Alabama
Cole Billingsley  OF/LHP  South Alabama
Hayden Jones  SS  South Alabama
Hunter Soleymani  RHP  South Alabama
John Austin Harville  OF  South Alabama
Matthew Sharp  RHP  South Alabama
Corey Seager , SS , South Carolina
Jamie Jarmon , OF/1B  South Carolina
Jermyll Jarmon  OF/RHP  South Carolina
George Iskenderian , 2B , South Carolina
Hamilton Heatly  LHP  South Carolina
Jack Wynkoop  LHP  South Carolina
Ryan Ripken , 1B , South Carolina
Tyler Jackson , RHP  South Carolina
Weber Pike  3B  South Carolina
Jamie Callahan  RHP/3B  South Carolina 
Curt Britt , P , South Carolina 
Austin LaBounty , OF/3B/P , South Carolina 
Brandon Hester , RHP/OF , South Carolina 
DC Arendas , MIF , South Carolina 
Max Schrock , MIF , South Carolina 
Zak Wasilewski , P , South Carolina 
Austin Goss  RHP  South Carolina-Upstate
Robbie Morris  C  South Carolina-Upstate
Joe Erickson  RHP  South Dakota State
Derek Martin  RHP  South Florida
Dylan Drawdy  RHP  South Florida
James Herget , OF , South Florida
Jimmy Herget  RHP  South Florida
Joe Altieri  C  South Florida
Justin Patrick  RHP  South Florida
Luke Maglich  MIF  South Florida
Nathan Hahn  RHP  South Florida
Tommy Peterson  RHP  South Florida
Vincent Leto  OF  South Florida
Walker Lockett  RHP  South Florida
Joe Altieri , C , South Florida 
Sam Hamlett  LHP  South Mountain CC
Dylan Meyers  C  Southeastern Louisiana
Jameson Fisher  SS  Southeastern Louisiana
Kyle Cedotal  LHP  Southeastern Louisiana
Alberto Arce  MIF  Southern
Shane Watson  RHP  Southern California
Chase DeJong , P , Southern California
Kyle Twomey , P , Southern California
Brooks Kriske  RHP/1B/3B  Southern California
Rio Ruiz  ,  3B/P  , Southern California 
Vahn Bozoian , OF , Southern California 
Brent Wheatley , P , Southern California 
Alexander Wichmann  OF  Southern Connecticut State
Jacob Paul  1B  Southern Connecticut State
Joseph Uccello  OF  Southern Connecticut State
Anthony Shimkus  RHP  Southern Illinois
Jacob Williams , P , Southern Illinois
Zach Stoner  1B  Southern Illinois
Zachary Stoner  C  Southern Illinois
Caleb Wilkerson  OF  Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
Justin Williams  RHP  Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
Jake Winston  IF  Southern Miss
Zachary Bird  RHP  Southern Miss
Stephen Fortuna  RHP  Southern New Hampshire
Blue Sanderson  OF  Spartanburg Methodist College
Erich Knab  RHP  Spartanburg Methodist College
Wesley Rogers  OF  Spartanburg Methodist College
Alex Bell  C  St. Bonaventure
Josh Martin  , C , St. Bonaventure
Joshua Martin  C  St. Bonaventure
Alex Caruso  OF  St. John's
Alex Katz  LHP  St. John's
Anthony Rosati  RHP  St. John's
Gianni Zayas  RHP  St. John's
Jamal Clarke  OF  St. John's
Joseph Burns  C  St. John's
Matthew Clancy  LHP  St. John's
Michael Sheppard  RHP  St. John's
Ryan McCormick  RHP  St. John's
Jason Holcomb  2B  St. Joseph's
Joey Gorman  LHP  St. Joseph's
Johnny Brue  OF  St. Joseph's
Shane Marvel , RHP , St. Joseph's
Taylor Perez  SS  St. Leo
Braxton Martinez  3B  St. Louis
Jake Henson  C/OF  St. Louis
Josh Moore  LHP  St. Louis
Matt Eckleman  RHP  St. Louis
Mike Bozarth  MIF  St. Louis
TJ Verdun  MIF  St. Louis
Gary Cornish  RHP  St. Mary's
Ian McLoughlin  , C , St. Mary's
Nick Cardamone  OF  St. Peter's
Freddy Avis  RHP  Stanford
Daniel Starwalt  RHP  Stanford
Jonny Locher , OF/1B/LHP , Stanford
Austin Barr  C  Stanford
Bobby Zarubin  MIF/3B/P  Stanford
Gabriel Cramer  RHP  Stanford
Logan James  LHP  Stanford
Marcus Brakeman  RHP  Stanford
Drew Jackson , SS , Stanford  
Marc Brakeman , P , Stanford  
Blake Rhodes  IF  Stephen F. Austin
Justin Arrington  SS  Stephen F. Austin
Brandon Diaz  LHP  Stetson
Bret Lashley  2B  Stetson
Buck McCarthy  C  Stetson
Garrison Banas  LHP  Stetson
Josh Thorne  RHP  Stetson
Kevin Fagan  2B  Stetson
Konner Lutz  1B  Stetson
Matt Pisciottano  RHP  Stetson
Patrick Mazeika  C  Stetson
Jacob Cryts  RHP  SUNY-Binghamton
Reed Gamache  2B  SUNY-Binghamton
Austin Shives  MIF  SUNY-Stony Brook
C.J. Schildt  LHP  SUNY-Stony Brook
Chad Lee  3B/RHP/IF/OF  SUNY-Stony Brook
Tyler Honahan , P , SUNY-Stony Brook
Oscar Leong  RHP  Swarthmore College
Jonathan Taylor  C  Tacoma CC
Will Thompson  LHP  Tallahassee CC
Mitchell Traver , P , TCU
Jake Thompson , P/1B , TCU
Austin Aune  SS  TCU
Austin Fairchild , P , TCU
Alex Young  LHP  TCU
Boomer White , OF , TCU
Brian Trieglaff  RHP  TCU
Colton Turner  1B  TCU
Kody Eaves  SS  TCU
Tejay Antone  RHP  TCU
Travis Hennessey , RHP , TCU
Riley Ferrell , P , TCU  
Clayton Kovar  OF  Temple College
Vincent Jackson  OF/LHP/1B  Tennessee
Vance Vizcaino , SS/OF , Tennessee
A.J. Simcox  SS  Tennessee
Andrew Lee  3B  Tennessee
Andy Cox  LHP  Tennessee
Christian Stewart , C , Tennessee
Christin Stewart  C  Tennessee
David Houser , C , Tennessee
Davis Aiken  MIF  Tennessee
Derek Lance  2B  Tennessee
Drake Owenby  LHP  Tennessee
Michael Parrish  C  Tennessee
Nick Dawson , MIF , Tennessee
Christopher Flores  LHP  Tennessee-Martin
Wes Piersall  MIF  Tennessee-Martin
Jay Gonzales  C  Texarkana College
Joseph Gammon  LHP  Texarkana College
Courtney Hawkins , OF , Texas
Spencer Edwards  SS  Texas
Tyler Gonzales , SS , Texas
Ben Johnson , C , Texas
Chad Hollingsworth , P , Texas
Holden Helmink  RHP  Texas
Steve Bean  C  Texas
Austin Dean , 3B , Texas  
Wyatt Mathisen , C , Texas  
Cory Geisler , P/OF , Texas  
Travis Duke  LHP  Texas  
Hunter Melton , 3B/P , Texas A & M
AJ Minter  OF  Texas A&M
Andrew Vinson  RHP  Texas A&M
Cory Raley  SS  Texas A&M
Danny Holst  SS  Texas A&M
Drew Featherston  SS  Texas A&M
J.B. Moss  OF/SS/RHP  Texas A&M
Rex Hill  LHP  Texas A&M
Ryan Rand  OF  Texas A&M
Grayson Long , P , Texas A&M 
Brandon Guilford  2B  Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Chris Cano  RHP  Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Clayton Davis , OF , Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Nolan Holland , SS , Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
O'shea Dumes  RHP  Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Zacarias Hardy , OF , Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Darien McLemore  MIF  Texas Arlington
E K Everett  RHP  Texas Arlington
Jacob Huckabay  C  Texas Pan Am
Clayton Kovar  OF  Texas State
Jack Finnegan , P , Texas State
Brandon Baeckel  SS  Texas Tech
Conner Smith  OF  Texas Tech
Guillermo Trujillo  RHP  Texas Tech
Johnathon Tripp  RHP  Texas Tech
Joseph Zurawik  SS  Texas Tech
Luke Downs  RHP  Texas Tech
Matthew Withrow  1B  Texas Tech
Jovan Hernandez , P , Texas Tech 
Byron Ferguson  ,  OF , The Citadel
Austin Livingston  LHP  The Citadel
Austin Mason  1B  The Citadel
Billy Ferguson  IF  The Citadel
Bret Hines  SS  The Citadel
Drew Joiner  SS  The Citadel
Jason Smith  LHP  The Citadel
Layton Meacham  RHP  The Citadel
Nate Brecklin  LHP  The Citadel
Ryan Manore  OF  The Citadel
Skylar Hunter  C  The Citadel
Skyler Hunter  C  The Citadel
Stephen Windham  C  The Citadel
Tim Holmes  RHP  The Citadel
Zach Lavery  RHP  The Citadel
Zachary Wimmer  RHP  The Citadel
Elijah Sanabria  2B  Tiffin
Billy Plante  C  Towson
Garrett Walther  3B  Towson
Kevin Ross  3B  Towson
Nolan Schultz  C  Trinity College (Connecticut)
TJ Wood  OF  Truman State
Tyler Spencer  1B  Truman State
Cameron Burns  C  Tulane
Chase Scott , 3B , Tulane
Chris Lavorgna  OF  Tulane
Daniel Rankin , P , Tulane
Ian Gibaut  1B  Tulane
Timothy Yandel  3B  Tulane
Patrick Schultz  SS  Tusculum
Jacob Armstrong , 3B , UAB
Nick Altobella  RHP  UAB
Perry Rigby , SS , UAB
Spencer Henderson  1B  UC Davis
Tanner Bily  OF  UC Davis
Andrew Potter ,  P/3B  , UC Irvine
Elliot Surrey  MIF  UC Irvine
Kevin Grendell  LHP  UC Irvine
Timmy Lopes , INF , UC Irvine
Timothy Lopes  MIF  UC Irvine
Tyler Brashears , P , UC Irvine
Angelo Lingos  RHP  UC Riverside
Dennis Morton  IF  UC Riverside
Keymon Thomas  OF/P  UC Riverside
Tanner Kiest  RHP  UC Riverside
Tyler Musgraves  RHP  UC Riverside
Zachary Jemiola  RHP  UC Riverside
Corey Oswalt , 3B , UC Santa Barbara
Andrew Calica  OF  UC Santa Barbara
Anthony Shew  RHP  UC Santa Barbara
Connor Baits  RHP  UC Santa Barbara
Dalton Kelly  1B  UC Santa Barbara
Dillon Tate  RHP  UC Santa Barbara
Eric Fuller  IF  UC Santa Barbara
Joseph Duffin  1B  UC Santa Barbara
Justin Jacome  LHP  UC Santa Barbara
Sam Ayala  C  UC Santa Barbara
Nick Williams , OF , UCLA
Daniel Robertson , 3B , UCLA
Darrell Miller , C , UCLA
James Kaprielian  RHP  UCLA
Lucas Giolito , P , UCLA  
Max Fried , P , UCLA  
Hunter Virant , P/INF , UCLA  
Cody Poteet , P , UCLA  
Felipe Perez , P , UCLA  
Ty Moore , OF , UCLA  
Bob Melley  1B  UCONN
Christian Colletti , P , UCONN
Jed Robinson , LHP , UCONN
Matt O'Neil  SS  UCONN
Matthew D'Ariano  RHP  UCONN
Maxwell McDowell  C/OF  UCONN
Michael Niego  LHP  UCONN
Vinny Siena  SS/2B  UCONN
William Nastasi  RHP  UCONN
Andrew Madden  OF  UNC-Asheville
Corey Randall  RHP  UNC-Asheville
Danny Dopico  RHP  UNC-Asheville
Adam Huffman  3B  UNC-Charlotte
Kory Shumate  MIF  UNC-Charlotte
Nick Daddio  C  UNC-Charlotte
Ryan Clark  RHP  UNC-Greensboro
Andy Austin  1B  UNC-Wilmington
Christian Wolfe  OF  UNC-Wilmington
Evan Phillips  RHP  UNC-Wilmington
Gavin Stupienski  C  UNC-Wilmington
Jared Gesell  RHP  UNC-Wilmington
Joe Bertone  OF  UNC-Wilmington
Nick Monroe  RHP  UNC-Wilmington
Ryan Foster  3B  UNC-Wilmington
Terrence Connelly  SS  UNC-Wilmington
Anthony LoBrace  RHP  Union College
Ben Mele  OF  Union College
Zachary Borglum  RHP  Union College
Jason Morozowski  IF  University of South Carolina-Sumter
Taylor McCuen  1B  University of South Carolina-Sumter
Will Thompson , SS , University of South Carolina-Sumter
Zach Bridgeman  RHP  University of South Carolina-Sumter
Collin Yelich  C  UNLV
Ron Miller , 1B , UNLV  
A.J. Young  C  Utah
Caleb Frare , P , Utah
Cam Zollinger  RHP  Utah
Connor Williams  OF/RHP  Utah
Beau Kallas , 3B , Utah Valley State
Brittan Wren  RHP  Utah Valley State
Clint Carr  C  Valdosta State
Ryan Lawlor  LHP  Valdosta State
Drew Hasler  RHP  Valparaiso
Jake Hanson  C  Valparaiso
Scott Jerge  RHP  Valparaiso
Carson Fulmer , RHP , Vanderbilt
Xavier Turner  3B  Vanderbilt
Luke Stephenson  RHP  Vanderbilt
Matt Olson , 1B , Vanderbilt
Stephen Gant , P , Vanderbilt
Christian Raasch  RHP  Vanderbilt
Collin Wiles  RHP  Vanderbilt
Dansby Swanson  SS  Vanderbilt
Kyle Smith , P/OF , Vanderbilt
Patrick Delano , P , Vanderbilt
Tommy Ferguson , C , Vanderbilt
Tyler Ferguson  RHP  Vanderbilt
Walker Buehler  P  Vanderbilt  
Rhett Wiseman  OF  Vanderbilt  
Cody Acker  OF  VCU
Craig Lopez  RHP  VCU
Dan Black  RHP  VCU
Hunter Absher  RHP  VCU
Mike Carpenter  RHP  VCU
Walker Haymaker  C  VCU
Adam Goss  SS  Villanova
Bobby Slagle  C  Villanova
Emanuel Morris  2B  Villanova
Eric Lowe  SS  Villanova
John Goss  MIF  Villanova
Kevin Jewitt  3B  Villanova
Luke Emling  OF  Villanova
Max Beermann , P , Villanova
Michael Mecca  OF  Villanova
Nick Coutre  2B  Villanova
Brandon Waddell  LHP  Virginia
Cameron Tekker  RHP  Virginia
Joe McCarthy  OF  Virginia
Kevin Doherty  LHP  Virginia
Robbie Coman  C  Virginia
Trey Oest , P , Virginia
Tyler Carrico  RHP  Virginia
Nathan Kirby , P , Virginia  
Cameron Tekker  RHP/OF  Virginia  
David Rosenberger , P , Virginia  
Josh Sborz , RHP/1B/3B , Virginia  
Robbie Coman , C , Virginia  
Scott Williams , C , Virginia  
Andrew Mogg  C  Virginia Tech
Andrew Velazquez  OF/MIF  Virginia Tech
Josh Moore  SS  Virginia Tech
Kit Scheetz  LHP  Virginia Tech
Luis Collazo  LHP  Virginia Tech
Matthew Tulley , P , Virginia Tech
Saige Jenco  OF  Virginia Tech
Sean Kennedy  LHP  Virginia Tech
Timothy Kelly , C , Virginia Tech
Gabe Gunter , P , Virginia Tech 
David Geary  SS  VMI
Jason Stafford  RHP  VMI
Ray Lopez  SS  VMI
Red Dowdell , C , VMI
Billy Walker , C , Wake Forest
Christian Bartholomew  RHP  Wake Forest
Jack Curtis  SS  Wake Forest
Jake Maziar  C  Wake Forest
Jimmy Redovian  SS  Wake Forest
Joey Rodriguez  OF  Wake Forest
Luke Czajkowski  OF  Wake Forest
Mark McCoy  LHP  Wake Forest
Max Tishman  LHP  Wake Forest
Carlos Garmendia , MIF , Wake Forest 
Colton Bottomley , OF , Wake Forest 
Josh Cushing  MIF  Washington
Will Ballowe  LHP  Washington
Braden Bishop  OF/RHP  Washington  
Austin Rei  C  Washington  
Mitchell Gueller  OF  Washington State
Trek Stemp  SS  Washington State
Collin Lawrence  C  Weatherford College
Trooper Reynolds  ,  3B , Weatherford College
Greg Kalogridis  OF  West Florida
Kyle Hamner  C  West Florida
Andrew Witte  SS  West Georgia
Danny Bermudez  , C , Western Carolina
Blake Sides  3B  Western Carolina
Brian Donovan  LHP  Western Carolina
Dillon Bray  LHP  Western Carolina
Jason Smith  3B  Western Carolina
Jay Smith ,  3B , Western Carolina
JD Long  SS  Western Carolina
Zach Winkler  RHP  Western Carolina
Aaron Michel  LHP  Western Illinois
Gabriel Acevedo  IF  Western Illinois
Robert Nunn  RHP  Western Illinois
TJ Schrader  RHP  Western Illinois
Alex Mercer  RHP  Western Kentucky
Anderson Miller  OF  Western Kentucky
Josh Bartley  RHP  Western Kentucky
Trevor Lowe  RHP  Western Kentucky
Tyler Hogan  C  Western Kentucky
Brett Sunde , C , Western Michigan
Gabe Berman  RHP  Western Michigan
patrick haynes  RHP  Western Michigan
James Hoofnagle  OF  Wheaton College
Gage Matuszak  1B  Wichita State
Parker Zimmerman  C  Wichita State
Tanner Kirk  RHP  Wichita State
Andrew White  LHP  William & Mary
Brian Lee  MIF  William & Mary
Charley Gould  C  William & Mary
Connor Henderson  RHP  William & Mary
David Belt  MIF  William & Mary
Jonathan Sarty  2B  William & Mary
Mitchell Aker  RHP  William & Mary
Ryan Hissey  C  William & Mary
JORDAN RICE  SS  William Jewell College
Beau Horan  SS  Williams
Bill Krebs  OF  Wingate
CJ Harris  RHP  Wingate
Andrew Geislinger  2B  Winona State
Tyler Nehring  SS  Winona State
Devin Walker  C  Winthrop
Joey Strain  RHP  Winthrop
Jordan Crawford  RHP  Winthrop
Kaden Hepler  RHP  Winthrop
Kyle Edwards ,  SS/P  , Winthrop
Michael Patrick  OF  Winthrop
Nick Bateman  OF  Winthrop
Ryan Owens  RHP/3B  Winthrop
Stephen Wallace  SS  Winthrop
Zach Sightler  3B  Winthrop
Demetrius Jennings  2B  Wofford
Derek Hirsch  MIF  Wofford
Jacob Condra  RHP  Wofford
Joshua Simpson , P , Wofford
Will Stillman  MIF  Wofford
Evan Trapino  LHP  Wright State
Jason DeFevers  C  Wright State
Trevor Swaney  OF  Wright State
Andre Jernigan  SS  Xavier
Nathaniel Adams  MIF  Yale
Thomas O'Neill  SS  Yale


  1. Caleb Hamrick, RHP/1B, of Cedar Hill HS committed to Dallas Baptist University.

  2. See other Dallas/Fort Worth commits:

  3. Good list, I've personally seen Andre Jernigan play and I think you should check him out sometime. with his ability, it's very possible he could end up on the high follow lists during spring

  4. Nick Altobella - UAB is a LHP


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