Saturday, June 25, 2011

MLB Draft - Success Rates of Prospects by Position

Every year a new group of draft picks are chosen and enter the professional ranks. Many won't make it to the majors, but maybe your team chose a future star or even a Hall of Famer. If you wonder what the chances are that your pick will make it to the majors, or become a star, here it is.

It is broken down by position, round and experience. There are a few outliers in here because a rare player turned out to be a star in the 7th or 8th round, so compare to the numbers around it to see if it seems to be true or not. This study covered from the 1987 to the 2001 draft. This gave the players plenty of time to reach their potential.

Here is a link to a PDF via Google docs.

Here is the excel document via Google docs

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  1. will the names for the 2013 draft prospects get drafted that year in 2013?