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Some High School Draft Prospect Reports

I will be working on longer write ups with more information on these players for my draft prospect book that will be available, hopefully, just bbefore the draft, but here is a little information on about 50 of the best high school players available this season. They aren't in any specific order. The season is still young and I don't have a lot of updated information on many of these guys. It is mostly where they were last season but some have been updated this spring.

Daniel Norris, P , Science Hill HS, Johnson City, Tenn.: Norris has a 92-96 MPH FB with a plus CB and a good change for a HS pitcher, especially a lefty. He has room to get better and he needs polish.

Travis Harrison, OF/3B , Tustin (Calif.) HS:(draft prospect book write up) Harrison is right handed swinging power hitter and that is becoming more valuable all the time. There are fewer and fewer right handed power hitters all the time and that is his calling card. He is physically mature for a high school hitter…

Washington State vs California Game Notes

Top 2011 Guys

Erik Johnson, RHP, California

Johnson has a bulldog mentality and challenges hitters. His fastball is hittable when it is straight, though Washington had a hard time in this game. He got better as the game went on throwing 112 pitches over 8 shutout, one-hit innings. He threw a 2 seamer that had arm side run and it looked good but wasn't consistent. I didn't have radar available but I would bet sitting at 90-92 maxing out at 94. He had a no-no thru 4 1/3. His changeup had some armside run and his curveball lacked movement early in the game. It looked like a below average offering but threw a few in the later innings that flashed potential. He is not a dominant guy but he could eat innings and be a back of the rotation guy at his best. He is 6'2, 240 so he has a durable frame. He's a sure fire top 10 round guy and could go as high as the 3rd if someone saw more there.

Taylor Ard, 1B, Washington State

Ard is a strongly built right handed hitting 1B. He hit …

Updates for some 2011 Draft Picks

It's early in the season but it's time to update how some of the high end talent is doing.

Anthony Rendon, who most believe will be the 1st overall pick, is hitting .343/.495/.600 with 3 HR's in 70 AB's. It has been a bit of a slow start for Rendon, but nothing has changed in him and it still looks like he will be the top pick in the draft.

Gerritt Cole is also in the conversation for the 1.1 pick. Cole has K'd 37 in 30 1/3 IP while walking only 5. I think his draft stock is as high right now as it will get. The question is if he can keep it up. His stuff is unquestioned. He sits in the mid 90's and has run it up to triple digits in the past. He has 3 above average MLB pitches right now. The Pirates are fortunate to be in the position they are.

George Springer has the tools to be a 30-30 player in the majors in a perfect world, but he can't get going this spring. Considering he plays for UConn, he should get a free month, or at least a couple weeks, compare…

Community Scouting Database

There are too many players in the minors to compile scouting information on every player in pro and amateur ball by myself, so I'm reaching out to you. Anyone can edit this document, download it or do whatever you want with it. Just help me add to the collection of information. My goal is to get as much info on as many players as possible. I set up a google document here.
Any defensive ratings for hitters and pitcher velocity in MPH's, control and movement ratings from 1-100 would be much appreciated.
I think this could be a great tool for all of us. Thanks to everyone who helps out.

International Top Prospects

The MLB draft is the most crucial way for a team to build a farm system. If you look at the Baseball America Prospect book, about 150 players that were drafted in the 1st 10 rounds this season are now top 30 prospects. Another 15 or so were drafted after the 10th round. Another 16 were signed this season from across the globe.

I'm speaking in generalities here because I don't have the exact count, I'm just using the information I have but it is within a few players. These numbers would be on the low end of the actual number.

Looking at the players signed in 2009, 129 were top 10 round picks, 18 were latter round players and 18 were international players.

Another jump in international players happens with players signed in 2008 where 109 were top 10 round picks, 22 were after the 10th round and 25 were international players.

The peak of the international players making their way into the book is the 2007 season where only 71 players drafted in the top 10 rounds remain in t…